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Happy National Pretzel Day!

April 26th is an exciting day!  It's Hug an Australian Day, Audubon Day, Kids & Pets Day, Poem in Your Pocket Day, Richter Scale Day, Take Your Daughter to Work and, most importantly,  National Pretzel Day!

We're are all about trying out new recipes, so Brooke and I decided to whip up some pretzels for National Pretzel Day!

As an added twist (excuse the pun) we decided to make bacon pretzels in honor of our dear friend and coworker April, whose birthday is today and who LOVES bacon!

You will need:
1 teaspoon of sugar

2 teaspoons of salt

1 packet of yeast

2 oz of butter of margarine

4 1/2 cups of flour

Oil of your choosing

Bacon or cheese (optional)

Plus 2 hours of free time

*Some recipes call for an egg yolk that is mixed with cold water and brushed over the pretzels at the end, but we didn't have one (they were all boiled for Easter), so we just brushed ours with butter.

We hope you enjoy the video! If you look closely you might even catch a cameo from my cat Oliver (but don't look too closely, we accidentally left a microphone cable in the shot - oops!)


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Apr 26, 2012 at 10:54 pm AlisonM138135 said:

Who doesn't love pretzels!!! I have to make this recipe!