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HOPE Home Foundation Helps a First-Time Home Buyer from Zappos

Earlier this year, Zappos launched a new benefit for our team members through a non-profit organization called the Hope Home Foundation. This organization is locally based and helps our employees find their perfect home or apartment by offering financial education, coaching, and even down payment assistance!

This past week, one Zapponian who took advantage of this program just signed the papers and received the keys to his very first home! The Zappos Benefits team along with a few folks from the Hope Home Foundation congratulated Matt T. on this huge milestone.

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We asked Matt a couple of questions about his home shopping experience with the help of HOPE Home Foundation:

When did your journey to home ownership start and what made you decide to purchase a home rather than rent?

M: I started looking for a home in late May and really got serious in early June. I had rented since college and always dreamed of owning a home. The housing market is Vegas was really hit hard in 2008 and it finally became feasible for me to buy a home at the current prices and interest rates. I figured this was as good a time as any to buy a home and decided to see what was out there!

How did you get in touch with the HOPE foundation?

M: Bhawna (from the Zappos Benefits team) and I are friends and I take the yoga class she set up at work. I happened to mention I was looking at buying a home. She said she had this cool program called the Hope Home Foundation and they work with Zappos employees. My interest was really piqued when Bhawna mentioned I may be eligible for down payment assistance.  The rest was history!

How did they make the home buying experience easier for you?

M: I really knew nothing about home buying when entering the program. Dawn, the HOPE foundation director, hooked me up with Tanya, my realtor and Melissa, my loan officer. The framework was all in place before I even came along which was cool. I was concerned about home buying because I didn’t want to get taken advantage of but immediately after meeting everyone over there I knew I was in the right place. They honestly want to help new home owners with finding a new home and improving the Las Vegas community. I’m really still amazed with how much they are dedicated to helping people.

Now that you have the keys in your hands, how does it feel to be a first-time homeowner?

M: Pretty awesome. Instead of throwing my money away every month in rent, I can reinvest into my new home. I have a lot of ideas with how I can really make my house a home and am very excited to experiment!


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May 15, 2013 at 3:22 pm Douglas228253 said:

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