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Tune in to the Zappos Family Q3 All Hands LIVE!

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In the spirit of our 6th Core Value: "Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communication", make sure to watch the livestream of today's Zappos Family All Hands! It will be streaming LIVE today at 1 PM PST.

Our customer loyalty phone lines will be closed from 11 AM-8PM (PST) today so that everyone in the company can attend this quarterly event.

You can even watch the livestream and interact with other Zappos fans on our Facebook Zappos Fan page! We never know what's in store at these All Hands meetings, so be sure to join us to see all the fun and surprises!

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Aug 13, 2011 at 11:29 pm dominiquer65532 said:

i get that you guys like to celebrate. But I think you'd really be better off getting more work done. I just had the worst shopping experience on the internet I've ever had. It took 4 hours to order shoes from you. You got the order, so I guess you could celebrate that. I started out ready to order 27 pairs of shoes. I ended up with 16. but here's the thing, I will never consider Zappos customer friendly again. And I will actively be telling people about this unbelievably bad experience. So maybe, celebrate less and try actually working on the MANY overwhelming problems that you are imposing on would-be customers more. [and obviously am heading back to buying shoes from Nordstrom who has a far better customer experience...and no, I don't work for Nordstrom, or in retail at all...just a person who's really busy and wanted some new shoes for her birthday. had heard good things about Zappos so was excited to try you out. HORRIBLE experience.]