Q&A with The Finance Sisters!

Core Value #7: Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit
And thats one thing these sisters do best. Not only does Katie and Sarah work for the same awesome company they work in the same crazy department! When they arent jumping around or hanging out with random statues, you can find them working hard in our Finance Dept. I was lucky enough to catch up with them and ask them a few random questions!

What was your favorite childhood show/book?

Sarah: Popples or the Care Bears! We owned everything they made!

Katie: My Little Pony forever and ever!

What do you like about working at Zappos?

Sarah: I like how friendly everyone is. It makes the day go by fast and makes me in a good mood. Also the food! I was addicted to the Peanut Butter granola bits for the longest time. Now that they are gone I have moved onto peanut butter cups. How healthy is that for health month!

Katie: Zappos takes care of its employees and treats us with respect…it’s really amazing. I used to work at a hotel and my egotistical boss used to send me to fetch him coffee(not in my job description)…very demeaning and he seemed proud of the fact that he could make you feel that way. So glad that I found Zappos!

If we were to press play on your ipod/cd player what would we hear?

Sarah: Tegan and Sara. My ipod is new so I haven’t had time to get more on!

Katie: Possibly bagpipe music

What was your craziest call taken during CLT Training?

Sarah: I haven’t been through CLT yet, but im sure ill get some crazies!

Katie: This lady kept me on the phone for about 45 minutes talking about how her husband used to beat her. It was really sad, but I think she just needed someone to talk to.

What do you think you would be doing if you didn’t work_at Zappos?_

Sarah: I would probably be sitting at home wishing I was working here!

Katie: Poisoning my old boss’s coffee.

1 word on you mind at this very moment!?

Sarah: Sweaty!!! ( just got done with random acts)

Katie: Twitter

Dress for Success

In keeping with the core values, our supervisor on B shift Receiving decided to embrace “Create Fun and a Little Weirdness” by making a bet. We were facing around 50,000 pieces on back log and were looking at overtime on Saturday. CJ, our supervisor, made a bet with us to help boost production. The terms were simple; if we hit over 18,000 pieces for the day he would show up the next day in a dress. Of course we all jumped on the opportunity to see our boss walk around in a dress all day, so we rushed to hit that goal. By the end of the shift we not only hit our goal, but we surpassed it with flying colors. Our supervisor, being a man of his word, showed up wearing not only a dress the next day, but also brought a purse too.

Q&A with the Kids CLT Business Unit

One of the ways we like to WOW our customers at Zappos is by having specially trained CLT members available to answer category-specific questions by dialing them direct between 6 am and 6 pm Monday through Friday. The CLT business unit teams sit on the Merchandising floor alongside our buyers so that they can get answers for customer inquiries directly from the source!

From the left: Heather, Priscilla, and Sarah

Since our CLT business unit teams are here to answer questions all day, I decided to turn the tables on them by asking them a few questions. Please find their candid responses below:

Question: If you
could be 5 years old again for 24 hours, and could do anything, what would you

Priscilla: “I’d probably play with all 500 Barbies I had for the entire day. I miss those good ol’ days!”

Sarah: “I am going to have to be generic on this one and say go to Disneyland! I love that place!”

Heather: “Eat as much ice cream as I could!”

Question: Have you ever received a phone call to the Kids line from anyone under the age of 10 (approximately)? If yes, what were they trying to buy?

Priscilla: “Haha yes! It was really cute! She wanted these Roxy straight leg jeans and
just wanted to make sure they were long jeans and not capris!”

Heather: “Yes, Heelys.”

Question: What is the
most ridiculous question you have been asked by a customer?

Priscilla:“I’m 5 months pregnant and want shoes for him when he is 2 years old. What size should I get?”

Sarah: “I’m looking for a shoe. Do you have it? Ummm…..... sure! We
have two million, which one would you like?!”

Heather: “Do you take cash?”

Question: What is the most common question asked by our customers?

Priscilla: “How do these shoes run, true to size?

Sarah:“How does this brand run and how do I figure out what size my child wears?”

Heather: “What size does my kid wear?”

Question: What activity do you do that makes you feel like a kid again?

Priscilla: “Hmm… I would say, using the ‘paint’ accessory on my laptop! I use to spend hours on that when I was younger, and still do!”

Sarah: “I feel like a kid every day! I like to jump on the trampoline!”

Heather: “*Bringing my son to the playground & playing with him.”

Question: I know a lot of customers call in asking what size of shoe their kids wear. Where did your clairvoyant powers originate from?

Priscilla: “WIKI is my best friend!”

Sarah: “In my past life, I was a child and I memorized every size, age, measurement of every child’s foot that could possibly be. hahaha Well…... I have two kids, so it helps!”

Heather: “Being a mom.”

Question:If you had to pick one department in the company that acted most like kids, what would it be?

Priscilla: “CLT, all the way!”

Sarah: “CLT.”

Heather: “CLT.”

Question: What do you love most about your job?

Priscilla: “I love, love, love how amazing everything and everyone
is. I’ve been here for quite some time (my longest job ever) and look forward
to it everyday! The team I’m with is so awesome! It’s a home away from home!”

Sarah: “It’s ZAPPOS! ....One must experience it to truly understand. If I had to pin-point one thing, it would be the people and all of my awesome friends that I have made!”

Heather: “The fact that I can come here & be who I want & not be judged for it. Even though I
think I’m pretty normal…for the most part.”


Why does Brett – hard core rock ‘n roller, natural born Hoosier and wavy-haired God – look so sad? Look closely. Look carefully.

A rock God doesn’t wear a baby tee-sized sweatshirt. Baby tees, yes. But not a midriff-baring sweatshirt where the sleeves don’t even quite make it to his wrists.

You might be asking, “So, does Brett shop at Baby Gap?” The answer is maybe, because I don’t know Brett that well, but I do know that this sweatshirt is too small because his Mama put it in the dryer for a bit too long.

And he is sad about it. Clearly.

“I love my Mama…but I really loved that sweatshirt,” he said this morning. Lesson learned: a mother’s laundering skills fade over time.

Who's that Doggie on the Confirmation Page?

Ever wonder what the story is behind the basset hound that looks at you with those droopy eyes, thanking you for your order on Zappos? Wait no more! World…meet Fletch!

Name: Fletch

Birthday: September 15, 1999

Likes: filet mignon treats and long walks in the park with Ned and Andy

We at Zappos love our furry friends and since his arrival into our lives, Fletch has gained quite a following. So much so that he was one of the guests of honor at the recent 1st Annual Basset Hound Picnic.

Andy, Fletch’s owner, said that he was expectedly very excited for this function. When they received the invitation in the mail, there was a sense that he knew exactly what was in store for him. He’d get to spend some quality time with his old friends from the rescue; Gary – the brown and white droopy eyed senior citizen, Henrietta – the blind 5 year old with a plucky spirit, and Boscoe – the quiet, reserved gentleman.

“Like any reunion, the atmosphere was electric when we got there,” said Andy. “Old friends and new ones approached Fletch and I right away, I could sense fear and anxiety in Fletch.”

Fletch certainly wasn’t used to this sudden bombardment of creatures that looked like him. A few standoffs, and nervous urinations later, Fletch finally relaxed. He began gravitating to his old social circle.

Boscoe and Fletch appeared to pick up where they left off. Telepathically Fletch told Boscoe about how he became this big Internet star and how his life was never the same…constant requests for interviews, award shows and endorsement opportunities. Boscoe, not one to be impressed by this, responded by laying a ‘deuce’ next to Fletch’s feet. Un-phased by this, Fletch went on talking about himself, often referring to himself in the 3rd dog.

Fletch has quite a following and you never know…he might just join the conversation on Twitter! ( twitter.com/fletch_thedog )

P.S. Check out more of our Zappos.com Critters!

Snack Attack!

When the going tough, the tough get snacking. At least, that’s what Aria does. She reaches over to her drawer and looks for her favorite snack . There are many choices, but what would you choose?

This started as a prank where some fiendish fiends (great description, yeah?) went around the lunch room and collected every snack that was randomly on tables and elsewhere. They filled Aria’s desk to the brim and now she has a veritable store house 2 feet away. Please be aware that by now, most, if not all, the food in this drawer has expired and may not be that good for you. Was it good for you to begin with? Mmmmmm…..I’m hungry either way ;)

Smurf Invasion!!!

Today is the day of the Smurf here at Zappos! The halls of our offices were invaded by dozens of Smurfs just after lunch. Word has it that the Kids team was responsible for the random act of Smurf but no one will confirm for sure. ?:|

Not only did the Smurfs steal the attention of every department here, they also overhauled the Zappos Core Values! Find a few words of the wise from the creatures in blue below:

  1. Deliver SMURF through service
  2. Embrace and drive SMURF
  3. Create SMURF and a little SMURFiness
  5. Pursue SMURF and SMURF
  6. Build SMURF and honest SMURF with SMURF
  7. Build a positive SMURF and family SMURF
  8. Do more with SMURF
  9. Be passionate and SMURF
  1. Be SMURF

Meet Your CSer: Kris Likes Morrissey, Billy Likes Soda

Kris is a happy young man full of creativity, guitar knowledge, excitement and has a love of organic foods that rivals Ed Begley, Jr., and that’s serious business. Kris formerly worked in our Kentucky warehouse as an image processor before moving to Las Vegas to pursue his love of grape leaves, expensive health food and organic tea. Kris focuses on the categorization of product and on reciting Adam Sandler movie quotes….constantly.

Kris is also the king of the smooth jazz guitar..he can seduce you with just a minor 7th chord or two…it takes not long, my friends. He loves Morrissey and Ween, as well. (On a side note, I think I heard him banging his head to 80’s hair metal recently, when I saw an evil fire in his eyes, but it was probably just all the pesticide-free food releasing it’s goodness into his bloodstream)

Kristopher is a fine individual and is insanely dedicated to Zappos…his car might be freakishly small and economical, but he has the heart the size of the fiercest lion.

Here is the interview with the man, this reporter refers to as Mr. Lippy.