Popsicle Diet/Shirt

So a group us from the KY Content team decided to participate in a weight loss competition of sorts. We call Fat Loss ’08. Fat Loss 08 is whole other blog in itself that we will be posting in a couple of weeks, but this story would have never happened if it wasn’t for Fat Loss ’08.

In the first week, Jon, (I know Jon is the star of our department) had lost 5 pounds! He lost 5 pounds, by not exercising, counting calories, or drinking shakes. Instead, he ate like 15 Popsicles a day. He ate a few other things as well, but nothing you would consider a diet item. Then he constantly insisted it was good for you. Not the sugar-free kind either. He does NOT like the sugar-free, hands down!

Lisa, another senior in the Images department, found the perfect shirt for Jon. A couple of us pitched in and got him the polar garden tee shirt. (a garden of popsicles) The best thing about doing this for him is he never would and didn’t expect it. That also makes it the best part, because he thought it was another trick waiting to happen, as we handed him the brown package. He totally deserved it, because we do give him a lot of trouble at times. Putting him on the spot and embarrassing him all the time. Yay Jon! Keep it up with your funny ways.

Bubbles From Memphis/Blue Skies in KY

Laurie and I are back in the madness that is the KYImages room again today, and things are getting even stranger. A wrestler named Bubbles Van Peterson Jr. entered the room today, and she will not leave us alone. She choked-slammed me and my shoes came off. It was terrible.

Below is her pictured when she attacked Dr. Vik while in Vegas….she came after him with the crown and a billy club shortly after this was taken. She toured the Memphis circuit for many years before being kicked out of the tag team, the Dueling Omblongadas. She actually ate an opponent alive….it was a terrible sight. She claimed that the deceased tasted like no-bake cookies….fyi. (Bubbles is pictured below)

Laurie and I continue to work with our friends out here in the beautiful state of Kentucky. Blue Skies, Allman Brothers style…..I should go, Laurie and Bubbles are grappling near Receiving. This might be bad. Real bad.

Quotes out of context:

So… as I promised before… I am going to share with the world some of the very random things we say in the live photo studio…..

To us, these statements make complete sense. Not one person thinks twice. We just “get it”. That doesn’t mean we are crazy, we have just learned to adapt to our environment, like mutated animals working for survival of the fittest. Outsiders may find us confusing, inappropriate or just down right odd, but don’t judge too soon… we get the job done day after day, and I must say, we can bring it when quality AND quantity of our products combine!

Mannequin related quotes out of context:

“I can’t find the hole, which leg is it in?”

  • This occurs often. Our mannequins have holes in the bottom of one foot to place them on stands. When holding the mannequins in the air, sometimes we have trouble getting them on their stands without being able to see which foot has the allotted hole.

“I have to feel her butt to know where the square is.”

  • Again with getting the mannequins on their stand. The females have corresponding holes in the butt cheek and bottom of foot for stands to hold up the mannequins. We typically only use the ones in the foot, but the one in the cheek can provide guidance when the mannequin in lifted up as to which leg will match up with the stand.

“Do you know who’s arms these are?”

  • Pretty simple. The mannequins arms come off for an easier change of clothes, however, if too many mannequins have their arms removed at the same time, it can get confusing!

CS-On Location/Strange Ghosts From Beyond

Laurie W. and I are in the land of KY this week helping our comrades
here with a few new processes….but the room is full of strangeness.

There are naked ghosts standing all about the room, and we are
frightened to the point of complete paralysis. Our imagery and photo
studios are actually located deep within the Zappos warehouse. It’s a
strangely quiet room and a very tall, demon-like creature lurks about.
(who has an awful lot of Transformer toys at his desk, I might add).
His name is Max the Terrible, and this reporter knows better than to
come into his treacherous field of vision. We will be here all
week….I will keep you posted on our condition and whereabouts.

Tonight, Rico C. and I will venture out into the hills of Kentucky near
the Zappos warehouse and see what trouble awaits us. A great deal, I
would imagine.
Your friend in Indiucky, Brett.

Flag Football Team BBQ

The first ever Zappos.com flag football team had a very successful season finishing 5-5, just missing the playoffs. With only a couple months of playing together under their belts, they were no slouches. Most teams in their league have been playing together for years. That kind of chemistry takes time to develop and Zappos.com put up a fine effort in their short time playing together.

Here are those dapper guys!

From left to right: Top: Derek L., Zack D., Jaime A., Anand D., Kevin W., Aaron T., Norbinn R. *Bottom:* Paul P., Rico N., Mike F., Jay D., Nick P.

After the season, the team decided to have a bbq at Nick P’s house. Nick played center/defensive line during the season. Many times in preparation for each game Nick could be heard saying, “I just want to hit people!” He certainly brought that nasty streak you look for in a lineman. He knows his way around a grill as well.

The bbq was quickly planned, but did not lack variety. Teammates had their choice of 3 different kinds of bratwurst, burgers, bbq chicken (the Quarterback’s specialty), bbq pork and ribs (pre-marinated, store bought by the Free Safety, boo). Drinks were flowing and food was consumed on an easy Sunday afternoon. Even a couple games of H.O.R.S.E. got pretty competitive for these guys.

It was definitely a good time. Here’s looking forward to next season. If anyone loves some football, we’re sure to be even better the next time around!

Artsy We Are!

Thursday at 3:30pm we all walked into the training room, which had been transformed into an awesome art show! Some rad people in the photo department put together our second Creative Services Art Gala. Some team members in our KY Content team put in their art masteries for all of us to see. I was truly amazed by everyone’s talent. There was so much more than just photography and paintings. People also displayed sculptures, drawings, mixed media, and even fashion! They also provided delicious snacks for us. Sparkling grape juice, meats, cheeses, crackers, and desserts! The desserts ranged from chocolate covered strawberries to pineapple cake. We love food.

Quite a few people from the photo department put in their work. We did however, have one person from our very own images team submit work. I know, it’s sad we didn’t all participate, and we’re lame.. losers.. L7 weenies..I know. We are our own worst critics, and we don’t think our work is great, yadda.. yadda… except for Erin Ryan (our supervisor). Her piece was amazing and she does awesome work. Way to go Errrin! Her piece is a painting of sorts. She’s been writing poems since she was little and thought she would give life to them by taking actual tangible things from the poems and putting them on canvas and using her favorite art medium, Liquitex Gloss Medium and Varnish. This particular piece titled, “The Woman,” is based on a poem she wrote about a 1920’s prostitute. She used almost all vintage pieces to construct a collage of sorts to give life to the poem. For example a few vintage portraits, a handkerchief, jewelry, and a powder case are just a few of the items that represented the life that this fictional character endured. This is just one of a series of these types of “paintings.” We look forward to seeing more of Erin’s work in the future and maybe work from the rest of us as well…yes.. ?

Here is Erin’s work and a video of us walking around and looking at art!

Artsy We Are! -Posted May 2nd 2008

If your in the Kentucky warehouse anytime between now and May 9th, you should stop by.

Thanks to everyone who put this show together, it looked great! I cant wait until next year!

Art Gala 2008

Last night, myself, the photographer heading up the Gala (Abby), and our assistants set up for our art show. We were cutting wires + strings, twisting, tying, hooking, taping and labeling 41 pieces! Once everything was prepared, they had to be displayed on a table, mannequin or in the air without putting anything on the walls!! Eight glorious hours later we had our beautiful presentation ready for the public.

The Gala is a small representation of what the KY Content Team ( which includes both Photo and Imaging Departments) can create in their spare time. We had submissions ranging from paintings + photographs to three dementional pieces such as sculptures and a handmade designer dress!

Our official show opening was today at 3:30, made complete with catered snacks from Lady Fingers Catering, some jazz music, and the rest of the team joining us. The show was a raging success!!

Our hard work payed off and everyone had a great time. Winners will be announced later this month.

For any KY employees reading, and any Vegas employees visiting Kentucky right now, the show will be open until May 9th, so please swing by the training room and take a look at our creations. All we ask is that you please not touch any of the submitted pieces.


Meet Your CSer Part 2. The Wolf:Mythic Creature of the Night

The Wolf is a Production Assistant here in on our Creative Services team. He claims to be part tomato. We fear that he is lying to us. The Wolf actually came to us from our Customer Loyalty Department almost a year ago, many moons indeed. We chose him for his quick wit, archery skills and Photoshop mastery. Upstairs in our Vegas headquarters, adorned upon a wall, is a large graffiti Zappos logo that the Wolf spray painted for our CLT friends. He is a wild beast with a spray paint can, let me tell you.

The Wolf comes from the wilderness, and he shows not his face due to the poaching threat. (He also is just having a bad hair day and forgot to wear his hat, that might have something to do with it) Jenn B. stood up for an interview with this fine man-beast to ask him of his love of Zappos, Pigs and smooth 70’s arena rock.

Wolf: We salute you.