Fun with C-Life!

Andrea C. brought these spiffy sunglasses to the last Zappos Happy Hour and managed to get shots of many interesting people wearing them. This series is of members of Merchandising’s Casual Lifestyle time (C-Life). At the happy hour there were many things to celebrate, one of which being Shyloh’s promotion to Buyer. Another one: Galen, Mr. Capital G himself, was promoted to Senior Director of both Casual Lifestyle and Performance! Way to go, boss!

More sunglasses photos will follow! I understand there’s one or two of our VP of Merch as well as our Senior Corporate Counsel. Great job, Andrea!

For the Love of Gum....Sugarless Indeed

We here in CS enjoy the finer things in life: poetry, abstract art,
throwing objects at co-workers, throwing large objects at Co-Workers, the Chicken Dance, The Money Pit (or any movie Shelley Long or anyone related to Shelley Long has appeared in) and….......Sugar-less Gum.

In particular, Brett H. and Alex K., love gum like no other grown men have ever
loved gum. They are connoisseurs of the finest, the best; we have literally traveled all over the world in search of a flavor that will fill we hearts with glee. We take photos of gum in other countries and pass them along. It all began years ago when Brett decided to cease his nasty smoking habit and began collecting gums of all different flavors….seriously, it was beginning to near an illegal amount at one point. I think someone might have called the authorities. But soon it caught on and we have been spreading the good word of our sugar-less addiction.
Below is a random snapshot of our very own Laurie-Bear enjoying Brett’s
new flavor discovery. Just wanted to make you all are aware.

Good Day…..

I said Good Day, Sir!

Zappos HR's Dancing Queen (or, a couple of THESE!!)

Howzit, faithful followers?!

I really hated to title this latest HR / Training pulsating post as I did, (waaaay too many ABBA references his week for some reason), but what choice did I have??? Feast your ogling ojos on this:

That’s Zappos HR’s very own ninja prom queen, Heaven “Heavenless” T. showing us what she’s got. ‘nuff said.

Oh wait, that’s not true!! I also managed to score a pic of Jamstar’s recent glittering gift from one of her joie de vivre vendors:

Perhaps coming to a Zollar Store near you!! Sweeeeeet……

Some parting notes!

Jobs@zappos ! Come getcha some!

Special thanks to Tony “Gender Bender” H. , Zappos CEO , for letting me post Heaven’s performance here, instead of snatching it from my archives for his own sinister purposes, and waiting ever so patiently for me to get it out. Yer the best Tony. Love ya. Mean it.

Coming Soon!
-How HR’s Monthly Outing literally rocked! (promise this one’s coming really soon)
-An update from Training! (sorry, really needed to get Heaven’s routine up!) Powered by Hope! (and another Dancing Queen!!)
-Random Rozzy Thoughts! (building anticipation…it’ll be worth it!)
-The Benches Are Here!!!!! (or, “Why We Love Rozzy and Rebecca L.!”)
-What’s all this about Twitter , then?!!

Until we meet again, “Yes! A brain transplant!...I don’t need it; take my brain!”
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Have any ideas on how this crazy, kooky thing we call a blog could evolve? They don’t even need to be good ones! Have a burning question, or a need to wax philosophical? Need some sage advice? I’m here for you, citizens of the intarweb, and my sustenance is your comments!!!

Z Big Ball Sets the Record Straight...

Z Big Ball of Kentucky was elated to find that someone finally recognized him in the blogosphere; muchas gracias to Maggie M. and her blog post “Who Has the Biggest Ball at Zappos” ( ).

However, he was also very embarrassed at being UNDER-represented at a measly 10 pounds. Z Big Ball is proud to represent his Zappos coworkers in Kentucky with the following stats (as gleefully measured on 4/25/08):

  • 302 pounds
  • 72 and 3/16 inches in Circumference

Z Big Ball would like to extend an invite to all of his Zappos buddies in Las Vegas to stop by and say hi. Pose for a picture with him. And by all means, put on some more rubber bands!

Who Has the Biggest Ball at Zappos?

I came across a large rubber band ball during a recent visit to our KY fulfillment center, located right at the entrance of the facility. The ball had to weigh at least ten pounds as it definitely required more than a nudge to get it moving! There are extra rubber bands scattered around the ball if any curious suspects want to try and stretch a rubber band around the ball to make it bigger. I shied away from the opportunity as I was too afraid it was going to break and go flying across the room or hit me in the eye!

With competitive balls on the mind, my thoughts wandered to the name badge balls that we have in the lobbies of both of our office locations in Las Vegas. Luckily for the LV employees these balls require no safety provisions. Every visitor of Zappos places his or her name badge on the balls. It all started back in 2004 at our Warm Springs office with one name badge that had been crumbled and left in a large basket. This name badge ball is currently located at our main building and has become so big it needs a bigger basket!

We also have a second Zappos office in Las Vegas where they too have created their own name badge ball. It is less than a year old, so the circumference of this ball pales in comparison to the others. But, if I took actual measurements and did some projections, I would say they are off to a strong start!

This ball thing seems to be a reoccurring theme here at
Zappos so one must ask, “Who has the biggest ball of them all?”

KY Fulfillment Center Ball

2300 Building Badge Ball

2280 Building Badge Ball

In my opinion Kentucky
wins the “Biggest Ball” contest. Please cast your votes.

Out of the Office - Gone Fishin'

Team building is a vital part of our company and department culture, especially with the growth and change that we’ve experienced over the past few months. Our teams are encouraged to spend 10-20% of our time outside the office walls, whether it’s for specific team building activities or just hanging out. Developing these personal relationships actually helps our teams become more effective by breaking down the typical office barriers.

Well, what better way to get to know your team members than a little fishing trip out to Lake Las Vegas? Thanks to Miss Britni and Miss Ashley we had the pleasure of learning how to fly fish for the April marketing team outing! Fly fishing in the desert? Yes, it can be done! And boy do we have fishing stories to tell?!

It wasn’t a surprise that our resident superman Darrin wins the prize for the first fish. Ask him how he felt about getting the first one and he says, “Darn, it feels good to be gangsta!” Darrin, who knew?!

Our gal Rachel wins the reward for the biggest fish! Come to find out, she grew up fishing with her dad. Fair? I think not! Her fish may not be a frog, but will it turn into prince charming someday? Only time will tell!

Since it was one of the few times he had been fishing in his life, it didn’t matter to Ned that he didn’t catch a fish. “I almost caught myself…does that count?”

And ever the optimist, Robert’s quote of the day: “It’s not the size of the fish that counts; it’s the size of the fight!”

Andy looked the part of a fisherman but was more interested in feeding and watching the ducks. “I dunno – I think they’re kinda cute!”

Did we accomplish building a stronger team? Did we build upon our personal relationships? I would say so…all in all it was a great day out at the lake. Watch for the May marketing team outing – coming soon!

Batter Up!!

There are countless reasons why people move to Las Vegas and, while each of our justifications are wildly different, here are my top five:


2) The weather from October thru May

3) 24/7 partying

4) The Shopping

5) You can get a direct flight to almost any location from
here and vice versa.

My top two reasons for living in Las Vegas came into perfect harmony on Sunday afternoon at a Kids’ team tailgate prior to the Las Vegas 51’s game. Members of the Kids team and their families came together to eat, drink, and be merry while cheering on our local team.

Zappos has made community involvement a huge priority, and in
the small realm of baseball, we not only sponsor the 51’s, but we are also active
sponsors of the Henderson Little League program ! Moreover, we have a team of Zappos folks that get together weekly for a softball league.

We sure serve up a fine balance of work and play around
here! Everyone had a great time at the tailgate
and at the game (the proof is in the pictures B-) ).



Thank you to everyone involved in this great event!

Pluns? Fabio? What's a Plun?

Fabio is a Web Producer. Fabio’s brain works in a special way….and, because of this fact, he (allegedly) invented, Pluns.

*A plun, in this reporter’s terms, is free association within a normal
conversation that barely threads together two objects, subjects,
vegetables, primates, lamps, etc. (Fabio loves lamp) that don’t
actually have any reality-based association, but only a semantic
Confusing enough? Here is Fabio’s example of a Plun:

Person 1: “Don’t put product on that page!”
Person 2: “Not unless it’s 2-in-1.”
+*Why it’s funny: *
Product in the context of hair care should not be applied to a webpage unless it’s of the 2-in-1 variety.+
*The cue: *The initial statement should correctly read “Don’t put the product on that page!”
+*Explanation: *Because the speaker left out the word “the”,
product can be taken as referring to product, as in hair product (gel,
conditioner, etc.).+
+*The plun: *2-in-1 is more efficient than simple product,
so if you’re going to put product on a page, you may as well be more
efficient and use 2-in-1.+

Confused yet? Yeah, I am too.
Fabio is one of our favorite elements of the Web Production team. If
web production was a chicken pot pie, he would be the carrots and peas.
I’m telling you that he is the vegetable element of our favorite
poultry/pastry combination….that’s an important part of any meal. And
make no mistake, the pot pie is a meal in and of itself…..and…what was I talking about? Oh yeah…
Fabio will be back next week to give you the Plun of thy Week with his dancer friend, Vubbles Van Pancake.

Fabio, we salute you….thanks for being in our pot pie.
Good Day, Fine Citizens.