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Two Ten and Zappos Team Up!

Two Ten Footwear Foundation has supported the footwear industry and their families for over 70 years by providing financial relief, social services, scholarships and so much more. To support Two Ten, we are launching Zappos 4-210, a fundraiser to help their relief efforts. Almost 100 of our brands are participating and have pledged to donate to Two Ten. Some brands are making a flat donation, while others will donate $1 per item from all or a portion of their sales on during the month of August.

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About Two Ten:

Two Ten Footwear Foundation began as a community of footwear people helping each other at 210 Lincoln Street in Boston, MA.  Now, nearly 75 years later, Two Ten continues its mission to provide services and programs to shoe people in need.  The Foundation is funded solely by companies and individuals within the footwear industry. Two Ten is one of a kind -- in any industry.

Relief Services

  • In 2012, Two Ten fielded more than 1800 calls for help;
  • Last year, $1.74 million was given in financial assistance to more than 1,400 footwear families;
  • Staff responds to calls for help within 48 hours, often as soon as within 24 hours;
  • Financial assistance is provided for housing, utilities, car repairs and medical assistance during times of crisis
  • Counseling services and community resource referrals are also provided.


  • Started in 1969, over $18 million in higher education scholarships has been awarded to about 7,000 students;
  • Footwear Design Scholarships are awarded to those students studying footwear design.

Two Ten fosters community building and volunteerism within the industry, such as:

  • Women In Footwear Industry (WIFI) – With the mission to inspire, support, mentor and educate women in footwear, Two Ten WIFI looks to advance emerging and established women leaders;
  • Young Professionals for 210 (YP210) – Offers social networking opportunities and events to engage the next generation of footwear professionals;
  • #footwearcares – an entire month of community service activities for the footwear industry designed to provide positive impact through neighborhoods and communities across the country.
  • HR Leadership Committee – Two Ten creates networking for Human Resources Professionals that work to strengthen the footwear community.
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Community Day with Boys Town Nevada and the UFC

Community Day with Boys Town Nevada and the UFC

On July 3, Zappos joined Boys Town Nevada and the UFC for the community day that kicked off the UFC’s International Fight Week—an annual event that included a two-day fan expo and culminated in UFC 162. Volunteers helped 100 at-risk boys and girls select a new pair of Nike, Converse, adidas, Vans, DC, or Stride Rite shoes from

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Once their shoes were chosen, the kids and their families enjoyed a provided lunch at the recently opened The Learning Village in downtown Las Vegas. There was even a Sno Cone truck on hand to provide some relief from 115-degree heat!

addidas, Benson Henderson, Carlos Condit, charity, community, converse, Daniel Cormier, dc, downtown las vegas, Forrest Griffin, joseph benavidez, Luke Rockhold, nike, Phil Davis, stride rite, UCF, Urijah Faber, vans

UFC fighters Phil Davis, Luke Rockhold, Forrest Griffin, Benson Henderson, Carlos Condit, Urijah Faber, Joseph Benavidez and Daniel Cormier were on hand to answer questions, take pictures and sign autographs.

Despite going a few rounds with the heat, it’s safe to say this bout resulted in a huge win for the kids!

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9th Annual Zappos Bald and Blue Event

Blue Man Group, create fun and a little weirdness, zapponians, Zappos Bald and Blue Event, zappos culture, zappos employees, zappos hq

It’s a Zappos Family tradition that from the outside may look a bit, well, weird. Every year, just when the Las Vegas weather starts to ramp up for summer, we here at the Zappos HQ celebrate our fun (and yes, sometimes weird) company culture with Bald and Blue.

A Zappos tradition that started in our first Las Vegas office back in the summer of 2005, Bald and Blue has grown into a great charity event where guys and gals can get their heads shaved, and Zappos in turn donates money to a charity—this year being PROJECT WE. We upped the ante this time around by adding leg shaving and chest/back waxing for the guys, and even eyebrow shaving for some really brave souls!

zappos culture, Zapponians, Zappos employees, create fun and a little weirdness, Blue Man Group, Zappos Bald and Blue Event, Zappos Culture, Zappos HQ,

For Zapponians who are really attached to their hair (including yours truly), we still got participate in the fun and team spirit with blue hair spray and temporary Zappos tattoos.

zappos culture, Zapponians, Zappos employees, create fun and a little weirdness, Blue Man Group, Zappos Bald and Blue Event, Zappos Culture, Zappos HQ,

To make this awesome event even more memorable, we had some very special guest stop by—The Blue Man Group! They’re bald and very blue, so they definitely fit right in. These guys are a little on the weird side, so they didn’t think anything at all of people shaving their heads and painting themselves blue at the office.

zappos culture, Zapponians, Zappos employees, create fun and a little weirdness, Blue Man Group, Zappos Bald and Blue Event, Zappos Culture, Zappos HQ,

photo credit: Jia Tse

In total, 22 guys shaved their heads for Bald & Blue, which totaled $2,200 donated to PROJECT WE. 12 brave ladies got their heads shaved for a total of $3,000 donated. The total amount donated from the event was a little under $10,000!

All in all, it was another fun and successful Zappos Bald & Blue event, and a few good Zapponians can start the summer off with a light, breezy hairdo for a great cause!

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Zapponian Spotlight: Beth M.

Today's Zapponian Spotlight, Beth M., is a ZCLT rep on the graveyard team. So, if you happen to call our customer service lines at night, you just might get Beth helping you on the other line!

We decided to get to know Beth a little bit by asking her a couple of questions:

  zapponian spotlight, zappos customer loyalty team, Zappos customer service, Zappos Family,zappos graveyard team, zappos hq,ZCLT, What brought you to Las Vegas?

B: I was living in Portland, OR and had just lost a job of 8 years. I came here to visit my mom at Thanksgiving, shortly after my Dad had passed away. By the time I left, I decided that there was nothing holding me in Portland, and job opportunities were probably better in Vegas. Plus, I was a little worried about my mom being alone, and I wanted to live closer to her. I moved here in January of 2009, and got hit with the lucky stick by Zappos in August.  Surprisingly, I love it here. I grew up in So Cal, and came here a lot on weekends, but never imagined I'd live here!

What is your favorite musician or band?  

B: I love classic rock, like Santana, the Stones and Eric Clapton. I also love Kid Rock!

What 3 words describe your personality?

B: Silly, off-the-wall, and happy.

What do you like to do for fun?  

B: I'm a home body a lot of the time! I like hanging out with friends, going out to eat, gambling.  I love to garden, too, but all I have is gravel now so everything is in pots.

Working the Graveyard shift means I sleep most of the day, and I'm working when most people are out having fun, like on the weekends.

I really look forward to Zappos events like the awesome picnic we just had because I get a chance to reconnect with my Zappos Family!

What is your favorite core value and why? 

B: #3 - Create Fun and a Little Weirdness!  Anyone who knows me understands why. LOL 

What is your most embarrasing moment?  

B: Actually, not too much embarrasses me. However, I went to a Harvest Festival in Oregon with a friend who was visiting from L.A. There was one of those sling-shot things where you launched a pumpkin and there was a target to hit wayyyy off in the distance.  I was pulling it back really hard for a good launch, when my friend thought it would be a good idea to pull ME back (to help). The minute she pulled me, my feet slipped and I was flat on my back in a pool of mud. When I finally got up, there was a line of people who watched it happen. I was horrified! I had to finish the day walking around with the entire backside of me covered in mud!

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Content Does it Again!

The Content department decided to bring back its long-lost tradition of “Picnic Olympics” this year on Tuesday, April 9th.  What a windy day it turned out to be!  At least I didn’t get slapped in the face by a flying hamburger again this year! 

The fun-filled shindig took place at Pecos Legacy Park, where everyone donned their Content t-shirts and creatively decorated themselves in their team colors.

While Dickey’s BBQ set up the catered spread of beef brisket, pulled pork, potato salad, baked beans and other picnic favorites, six teams feverishly scoured the park for scavenger hunt clues.  There was no actual hidden temple, but it was Team 1, the Purple Parrots, who claimed victory in this event. 

zappos IP inc., Zappos Content Team, Zappos Content Department, team building, Zappos Core Values, Zappos fun, Zappos employees, Zappos picnics, Zappos Content Picnic, build a positive team and family spirit

With bellies too full for any intense physical activity, the next round of competition involved five Minute to Win It-inspired games.  This fast-paced event really had everyone cheering each other on!  From fishing pennies out of pantyhose to stacking dice on Popsicle sticks, the hidden talents of some Content members became all too apparent.  Team 3, Vitamin C-ya, pulled ahead of all others in this round.

Department, team building, Zappos Core Values, Zappos fun, Zappos employees, Zappos picnics, Zappos Content Picnic, build a positive team and family spirit

No one was safe from humiliation during the final round of competition!  Teams battled it out in several relay race games, which included jumping rope, running like a chicken, hopping like a frog, and more.  Team 4, Cruel and Unusual Content Chaos (AKA: Your Worst Nightmare), took first place.

zappos IP inc., Zappos Content Team, Zappos Content Department, team building, Zappos Core Values, Zappos fun, Zappos employees, Zappos picnics, Zappos Content Picnic, build a positive team and family spirit

As you can see, team and family spirit was in full swing at the Spring 2013 Content Picnic Olympics.  Some great prizes were awarded not just to the overall winning teams of the games, but also to these honorable mentions:  Team 5, Green Eggs and BAM!, for best team name and Team 2, Pinky and the Brains, for best use of team color.  A great time was had by all, and hopefully history will repeat itself at Content’s next Picnic Olympics this fall!

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2013 Zappos Peeps Contest

bunnies, easter, easter bunnies,easter candy, Easter fun, Easter Peeps,office fun, peeps,zapponians, Zappos emoloyees,Zappos Family,zappos hq,

Just when we thought last year’s entries for the annual Zappos Peeps Contest couldn’t get any better, this year’s 30 “peeptacular” entries proved us wrong!

In the spirit of Easter bunnies, chicks, marshmallows and all things sugar coated, Zapponians flexed their creative muscles to create some impressive Peeps™ dioramas depicting all kinds of pop culture themes—from Justin Timberlake’s hot new “Suit & Tie” video, to the ubiquitous “Harlem Shake” phenomenon and everything in between!

2013 Zappos Peeps Contest

The grand prize winner went to team S.S. with their ode to the classic Converse Chuck Taylor® All Star® sneakers.

Great job everyone! Can’t wait to see what next spring’s Peeps Contest has in store!

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Order Confirmation Emails Pretending to be From

Today, we received a number of calls and e-mails from individuals stating they received an email from confirming an order they never placed. These emails were not legitimate order confirmations from, but were actually phishing attempts directing users to other sites when they clicked on the links. These are known malicious sites that should be blocked by your antivirus software or your browser.

If you didn’t place an order with today and you received a suspicious order confirmation, please do not click on any of the links and immediately delete the e-mail.

This is a common tactic used by bad guys when trying to get you to unknowingly provide your username and password on a site that looks exactly like a legitimate retailer.  The email template will look the same, the pictures and logos will look identical, and even the wording will be a perfect match; however, if you look a little closer, you’ll notice something funky with the blue-highlighted links. If you hover your mouse over any of these links, you’ll see the REAL site you’ll be sent to. For instance, in the phishing emails being sent out today, the links don’t say when you place your mouse cursor over them, but instead a fraudulent website, which is a site not affiliated with”

If you’re ever in doubt, please proceed with caution. You can always contact us if you receive a suspicious e-mail that looks like it was sent by us. We want to know what our customers are experiencing, so we can provide the best service possible. We’re here for you 24/7 at and 1-800-927-7671.

Trish C. Wins MOQ Award

Trish C., a Receiving Exceptions Coordinator, was recently recognized as the recipient of the MOQ (Merchandiser of the Quarter) award for Q4. It is given quarterly to an individual who consistently goes above and beyond what is asked to make everyone's life a little bit easier and a whole lot more awesome.  We caught up with Trish and she shared some thoughts on the award and her shrewd thrifting skills, among other things.  She has a big heart, a warm personality and is a real team player.  It's easy to see why Trish was recognized for the MOQ award!

awards, MOQ award, recognition, zappos campus, zappos content team, zappos culture, zappos employees, zappos family, Zappos Merchandiser of the Quarter Award, zappos merchandisingCongratulations, Trish!  How does it feel to be recognized by your Content peeps?

TC: I love Content!  Each department at Zappos is entwined in some way or another, but I like to think of Content as being one of my closest siblings.  It is such an honor to have them say I’m a superstar!

You are part of a very unique team as a Receiving Exceptions Coordinator.  Can you briefly describe what you do and how it relates to the Content and Merch departments?

TC: Briefly?  Oy.  LOL!  Basically, I communicate very closely with our fulfillment centers to ensure that product that gets stuck in the system somewhere gets resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible.  Product comes in that either wasn’t ordered, doesn’t have a PO (purchase order) attached to it, is the wrong color or isn’t even in our system.  I work with both Content and Merchandising to figure out what it is, why we have it and where it goes.

Share with us the single most crazy-busy day you have experienced so far at Zappos and how you persevered, WOWing those around you.

TC: I am nothing without my Peeps... and the ZCafe!  These are the things that keep me sane.  Crazy-busy day?  With 333 unassigned tickets in our queue, every day is a crazy-busy day!  LOL!

What is the coolest thing you’ve ever acquired from a garage sale?

TC: Probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever gotten at a garage sale would be an electrical insulator bought for $2 that I turned around and sold for $2500!  Wooohoooo!

As a fan of the written word, which book has offered the greatest impact in your life?

TC: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Finally, the big question!  NFL quarterback Peyton Manning, actress Alyson Hannigan and actor Steve McQueen all share a birthday with you.  Of these three, whom would you most like to meet and why?

TC: Steve McQueen would be my choice.  He was a great actor, he drove a motorcycle and he starred in epic films like The Blob (1958)!