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Welcome 2014!

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The entire Zappos Family would like to wish you and yours a very happy and healthy New Year! Here's to a great year ahead!

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Merry Christmas from The Zappos Family!

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Naot and Zappos Give Back

One of the great advantages to working with Naot Footwear and their United States distributor, Yaleet Inc., is getting involved with their charitable donations. Every year they partner with their dealers like to give away free shoes. Yes, FREE shoes! Thousands and thousands of free shoes and sandals every year are given to those in need. 

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Many of these donations take place at homeless shelters across the country. This year (Zappos' 3rd consecutive year), we chose to partner with Shade Tree of Las Vegas, a shelter dedicated to helping women that in some cases are escaping domestic abuse or just need help getting a fresh start.  Oftentimes, these women are leaving their living situation with just the clothes are on their back and the shoes on their feet.  This simple gesture is kind of like giving a hug through a new pair of shoes. and the folks at Yaleet Inc. see these donation events as some of the most important and meaningful things that a business can do because of the joy that it brings to those in need.

Check out one of our footwear buyers, Cameron, and Mark, a sales rep for Naot footwear as they load up the Zappos shuttle with this year's batch of donations to Shade Tree:

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Happy Thanksgiving from the Zappos Family!

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Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

A few Zapponians share their favorite Thanksgiving dishes in the video below. Is anyone getting hungry???

Here's to good food, great friends, family, and football (or at least a Thanksgiving day parade)!

Alex C. wins MOQ award!

MOQ award,Zappos Culture,Zappos Merchandising, Inc., Zappos Content team, awards,Zappos employees,recognition,Fresno,Zappos Campus,Zappos Merchandiser of the Quarter Award,Alex C., a Merchandising Assistant for the Athletic Performance Department, was recently recognized as the recipient of the MOQ (Merchandiser of the Quarter) award for Q3. It is given to an individual who consistently goes above and beyond what is asked to make everyone's life a little bit easier.  We caught up with Alex and he shared some thoughts on the award, as well as a glimpse into the windows of his soul.  Okay, it wasn't that dramatic.  We asked him some questions and he thoughtfully answered them!

Congratulations, Alex!  How does it feel to be recognized by your Content peeps?

AC: It feels amazing to be recognized by such an awesome team.

If you were mentoring a new Merchandising Assistant on your team, what one thing would you stress is important to a successful work relationship with Content?

AC: Appreciate, respect and understand your content team. Collectively, they are your right-hand man or woman.

Share with us the single most crazy-busy day you have experienced so far and how you persevered, WOWing those around you.

AC: My first day at Zappos was my craziest day here. Going from line showing to line showing, meeting to meeting and being introduced to so many new people that day, it was pretty overwhelming. I can honestly say though, without being cliché, staying calm and carrying on did get me through that day.

Having graduated from CSU-Fresno, you may or may not know Fresno is the fifth largest city in the state of California.  Can you name five of your most favorite places or things about Fresno?


 1) The Tower District! It's an awesome place to hangout, meet up with friends, grab a bite to eat, check out a show or have a drink at one of the awesome bars in the area.

2) The food! Fresno has great local spots that can't be beat! Not to mention the fresh fruit and vegetables that are grown in Fresno that go into the great local dishes.

3) Fresno also has great culture in both the art and music scenes. There are weekly and monthly art exhibits that rival those of Los Angeles and San Francisco. Fresno is also a destination for big music acts but is still rich in its great local music scene.

4) Being in the middle of California, Fresno is only a few hours away from destinations like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Yosemite, the Central Coast and my favorite, Disneyland!

5) Lastly, you can't talk about Fresno without mentioning CSU Fresno or as we call it, Fresno State. It's a great university and home to the Fresno State Bulldogs. GO DOGS!

What is your favorite word in the Japanese language?

AC: Ganbatte - Good luck

Finally, the big question!  Rap luminary T-Pain, author Truman Capote and actor Tony Hale (Buster Bluth on TV's Arrested Development) all share a birthday with you.  Of these three, whom would you most like to meet and why?

AC: Truman Capote. I'm sure he would have some very interesting stories to share.

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Another Zappos Family Birthday Prank!

Mauricio’s team is at it again this year! You may remember the awesome prank that his team lovingly played on his birthday last year. Well, this time, the birthday “surprise” is more elaborate and involved an even bigger mess!

This is why it’s probably best to stay home on your birthday… IF you happen to work at! ;)

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Western Day at Zappos

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Last week, a few Zapponians pulled on their best cowboy boots and had a good ol’ time at our first ever Western Day. 16 of our Western brand partners came out to help us celebrate including Ariat, Frye, American West, Lucchese, Stetson, Durango and more.

There were games, demonstrations, a Wild West Western Fashion Showdown, mugshot photo booth, and of course, some delicious BBQ!

Want to get a taste of the Wild West? Well, saddle up and check out the Zappos Western page where you’ll find the best names and styles in boots, clothing and accessories.

american west, ariat, country style, cowboy boots, cowgirl boots, Dan Post Boots, Dingo Boots, Durango, frye, Justin, justin boots, Lucchese.Stetson, western, Western Day, Western day at Zappos, western style, zappos events, zappos hq

Lots of country fun for everyone on Zappos Western Day!

american west, ariat, country style, cowboy boots, cowgirl boots, Dan Post Boots, Dingo Boots, Durango, frye, Justin, justin boots, Lucchese.Stetson, western, Western Day, Western day at Zappos, western style, zappos events, zappos hq

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We've Got Tunes! : Songza Zappos Audio Happiness Playlist

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Music has such an uncanny ability to lift spirits, brighten moods and sometimes, inspire spontaneous dancing in the office… if you’re lucky! A few of us here in our new Downtown Las Vegas headquarters put together a collective playlist on Songza* with tunes that make us feel happy.

We hope you enjoy some of our favorite feel-good music. Turn up your speakers (or headphones) and have some fun!

The Zappos Audio Happiness Playlist

*Songza is a super awesome music listening experience that you can check out at and you can download their app in the app store (iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire). They focus on curated playlists made by celebs, musicians and music junkies to fit your mood. It's 100% free and there are no audio ads.