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Stinky Gorgonzola !

Melissa tries to find the funny, but gets heckled by her friends Brandis and Vanessa.

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Pat on the Phone

I am eager to help answer the phones, but really should have taken the refresher course.


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The Office Joker!

Oh, don't you just love joking around in the office? We sure do!

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Amazing Zappos Family Vendor Party 2010

Zappos had an amazing vendor party this year, and we also celebrated the launch of Tony Hsieh's new "Delivering Happiness" bus tour. Fun times!

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Tony Hawk Talks about Delivering Happiness

Every summer the Zappos Family throws a party for our vendors to show them how much we appreciate their passion and determination to accomplish our goals.  This year we had a few celebrities , one of which was skateboarding pioneer and philanthropist Tony Hawk. Check out the video below to find out what delivering happiness means to him! Stay tuned this week for more Vendor party video action!

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Zandwich Showdown

Thomas C. and myself battle it out in the bistro to see who can conjure up the most delicious deli creation.

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Seriously, I can't believe the Blog Bus has been turned into a men's bathroom.

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And the Makeup Drama Continues!

Melissa's make up is still insane, and there's almost nothing Pat or Vanessa can do about it.