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You Could Win $100!

Want to win a $100 Zappos Gift Card? Of course you do! Play our fun and simple video blog scavenger hunt for a chance to win $100 to!

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Melissa really wants "One Time" to share Justin Bieber's "My World" with Vanessa and Brandis. All the cool kids are talking obsessed with Justin Bieber...right?


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Ever wonder what the Easter Bunny does the other 364 days a year? Works at, of course. Check out his new single, "Core Values Bunny" 


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Lady Gaga Obsessed!

Melissa on our Blogs team has become a bit obsessed with Lady Gaga and it's really starting to get to her coworkers. 


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Who's Pat?

Pat has played some pretty terrible pranks on Melissa and she wants revenge! So, she hired a new Pat to help get back at him. 


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Bunny Interrupts Meeting

All I have to say is that Bunny has got some moves!


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Will Pat Return to the Office?

After Melissa laid down the health food law and banned all junk food – especially bacon – from the the 'blog bus', Pat decided that he'd rather keep his bacon than to keep his job. And as we all know, without Pat the Zappos blogs might very well shrivel up and die...ok, maybe that's a bit much, but we would miss his mullet.

Will Pat return to the team? Will Melissa allow the blog team to eat junk food again? Well, I guess you'll just have to watch the video to find out.


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Bacon Is Good For Me!!

Melissa bans ALL junk food from the office and Pat plans a rebellion.