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Santa gives out the BEST CHRISTMAS GIFTS EVER!

Today, Santa will be played by Melissa and The Grinch will be played by Patrick.

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Wong Gone!?!

Matt announces he’s leaving the blog team…or is he bleeding? Maybe he’s cleaning. Either way, he’s taken the camera equipment with him and we’re all sad he’s gone.

Wishing you the best over in Insights!

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Can't Remember Your Co-Worker?

Melissa and Pat have a hard time remembering Loren…even though he’s sat next to them for 7 years.

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The Weirdest Office Presentation EVER!

Pat gets a bit nervous speaking in front of People, so he asked Brett to help him out with this one.

Coworkers with smelly feet! FUNNY!

Do you hate coworkers with smelly feet? Melissa does, especially if the feet are salty!

Mullet Intervention

It’s business in the front and party in the back when the gang gives Pat an Intervention.

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Should Of Been Eggs aka S.O.B.E

When Coworkers live together and enjoy breakfast on a regular basis,
they occasionally like to express themselves through song. Myself,
along with the help of my Roommates, Scott J. and Loren B ., and some premium breakfast ingredients, S.O.B.E. was born. I speak for all of us when I say the most important meal of the day was our biggest inspiration.

S.O.B.E Lyrics

I sit at the table, I sit down and say
Tell where are the biscuits and give me some gravy
All I know is that I like to smell some bacon in the pan
Or maybe sausage, or little chunks of ham

I like bacon cooked just right
I like pancakes stacked up high
I like orange juice freshly squeezed

Should of been eggs on a Sunday morning there on my Plate
No time for sausage, or sausage links

I Cry out to God Nestle Quik is so delicious
But the Kitchens dirty and I don’t like doing dishes

Should of been eggs on a Sunday morning there on my Plate
No time for sausage, or sausage links

The Ballad of Melissa

The gang writes a song for Melissa, whether she wants them to or not…