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De Longhi: Bottoms Up To A Healthier You!

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If you find it difficult to get your recommended servings of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, you might benefit from juicing. Not only does juicing provide you with your daily dose of fruits and veggies, it’s a fresh, healthy alternative to store-bought juices which are often laden with tons of sugar and preservatives.

The DeLonghi Juice Extractor is the perfect tool for making fresh juices quick and easy, therefore making it easier to make juicing a part of your daily diet. Try the following easy and delicious juice recipes and drink your way to better health:

Go Green Elixir: (this is also said to be a great cure for a hangover!)

-1 cup of fresh spinach

-2 cups of kale

-2 cups of parsley

-1 whole cucumber

-3 celery stalks

-ginger to taste

Fresher-than-fresh Apple Juice:

-3 large apples

Tip: Try mixing the sweet and tart varieties to get the best-tasting apple juice.

Citrus Morning Pick-Me-Up

-3 oranges

-1 grapefruit

Tip: add in some of the orange pulp to increase the fiber content of the juice.