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3 Ways to Wear a Sarong/Pareo Wrap

The sarong (or “pareo”) is a versatile and must-have accessory that will serve you well during beach and pool season. They’re perfect for throwing on over your swimsuit while grabbing a bite to eat or a drink at the pool bar.

Check out these three easy ways to wear your sarong wraps this summer!

Sarong/pareo featured in this video: UGG Fray Ikat Pareo Wrap

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3 Ways to Wear a Square Head Scarf

If the summer heat and humidity often leave your hair falling flat and lifeless by midday, a square silk scarf can totally be your best friend! It’s also a great option for sprucing up day-after hair.

Below are our three favorite ways to rock the head scarf:

Scarves featured in this video: Echo Design Lots of Lemons Scarf, Betsey Johnson Key to My Heart Scarf

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3 Cool Ways to Wear A Long Scarf

One of our favorite year-round accessories is the long scarf. This versatile piece can instantly transform even your most barebones, casual outfits into something special.

Check out three ways we love wearing our long scarves!

Scarf featured in the video: Love Quotes Linen Hand Knotted Tassel

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Beauty School: Matte Nails

We’ve been seeing a lot of matte-finish nails in both the runways and beauty editorials lately, and we think this trend definitely deserves the spotlight going into summer and into fall.

It’s a lot easier to achieve than you think! Just apply a matte top coat (like Butter London Matte Finish Top Coat ) over your favorite colors, and voila!---you’ve got a totally of-the-moment look!

A fun way to infuse matte nails is through pattern. Apply your nail polish as usual and let it dry completely. Then, apply clear tape in any desired pattern and paint on the matte top coat. When you peel off the tape, you’re left with a subtle but cool shiny/matte pattern!

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Beauty School: How to De-Stress Your Skin

The daily stress of everyday life can wreak havoc on your skin. That’s why we love that Skyn Iceland products are specifically formulated for stressed skin of all types.

New to Skyn Iceland? We suggest the three products featured in the video below as your introduction to the brand.

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1) Skyn Iceland’s Glacial Cleansing Cloths are perfect for busy lifestyles and travel. They quickly cleanse and detoxify skin without the need for water (or even a sink!).

2) The Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels transform the delicate undereye area in just ten minutes. Puffiness and fine lines are instantly reduced, helping you look more awake and refreshed, even if you’ve had a long sleepless night.

3) Last, but certainly not least, the amazing Icelandic Relief Eye Pen is a convenient way to soothe the eye area. The refreshing, lightweight formula combats puffiness, dark circles and fine lines day and night.

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Beauty School: How to Get a Healthy, Natural Tan


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As much as you crave a nice summer tan on your face, every beauty expert (and dermatologist for that matter) would urge you to avoid the sun’s harmful rays as a means to an end. Instead, we suggest using these fabulous Alpha Beta Glow Pads from Dr. Dennis Gross to get an enviable, natural-looking glow that’s totally customizable.

Why would you ever risk wrinkles, sun spots or worse when these pads are so easy to use and so effective? Trust us; your skin will thank you!