How To Sharpen Your Knives With The Chef's Choice 1520

Clay: Hi, my name is Clay and today I'm going to show you how to sharpen a knife using the Chef's Choice 1520 Angle Select sharpener. OK, for today's demonstration, we've got the Chef's Choice 1520 AngleSelect knife sharpener and we have a seven inch chef's knife. OK. This is the front view of the knife sharpener. This particular knife sharpener can sharpen an Asian style knife, or a Euro-American style knife. And then it strokes it or strops it to an extreme sharpness. That's the stroking stage, and this is the sharpening stage. The Asian style knives typically have a 15 degree edge to them, such as this one. This is the santoku knife. The blade edge is 15 degrees whereas a typical European or American knife will have a 20 degree edge. If you want, you can convert a European American style knife by an Asian style knife by using Stage 1, instead of Stage 2. So, in this demonstration I'll be using the Asian, Stage 1. This particular knife sharpener is great for all types of knives. You can use kitchen knives. You can even use scissors that detach, pocket knives, sporting knives, hunting knives. It's a versatile sharpener that requires virtually no maintenance. OK, during Stage 1, the honing stage, we pull the knife through about 10 times for each pair. So, start with the left side, and then the right side. Pull it through 10 times, about 5 seconds long, depending on the length of the knife blade. As you do this, check from time to time for a burr on the edge of the knife. If you feel a burr, then it's time to move on to the stropping stage, that would be Stage 3. The guides make it very convenient to pull the knife through because you don't have to worry about the angle or how you're holding the knife, just simply pull it through slowly and the knife sharpener will do all the work for you. Stage 3, this is the stropping and polishing stage. Make 4 pairs of pulls for about 5 seconds each, just like you did in Stage 1. Then 4 pairs of pulls quickly, about 2 seconds each side. As you can see, this sharp knife cuts through this tangerine with ease, and I don't have to worry about it slipping off the skin and onto my finger. So now you can see how easy it is to keep your knives sharp in the comfort of your own home. A sharp knife is a pleasure to use and it reduces the risk of injury. Happy slicing.

How To Use The Zappos App On The Apple iPad

Hey everybody I'm Najum, and today I'm here to show you how to do the Zappo's app on your Apple iPad. Alright so you can see here we have the Zappo's App on the Apple iPad, loaded up. Over here we have the home screen here as you can see on the left side, we've got our categories going down there and the right down here we have some featured items that you can go ahead and click into. Up here at the top we have a search button so you can go on ahead and search through any items. As you can see there's a really cool feature we have here, you can take it, and if you rotate it around, it'll change the display for you. So you're actually able to turn it and view it vertical or horizontal, depending on which way you want to get your shopping done. But let's go on ahead and start browsing through some of the shoes, over here as you can see it brings up more categories here for you. We have women's, men's, going through, and we'll go ahead and take a look at some of the men's shoes. And I think today, we're gonna take a look at, let's go on ahead and look at some of the sneakers, as you can see there. And then it goes on ahead and loads up all the sneakers here that are available, and you can just slide it right through there and go on ahead and find the one that you want. And I'm liking these adidas here so we'll go on ahead and click on one of those. And over here, we actually have our multi-view here, so you can go on ahead and slide through and take a look at all different angles for the product. Over here, we have the product description, you can go ahead and read that, as well as you can take a look at the reviews and take a look at the about texts with the brand if you're curious about the brand's history at all. Over here at the top area we have the various different colors that are available for the shoe, you can look at that and then go on ahead and take a look at the different multi-view views and the different colors. You can go ahead and select your size here. The greyed-out ones are the ones that are out of stock, so be sure you choose a size that is bolded, and once you've got your size selected you can go on ahead and down here at the bottom you can either add it to your favorites, or you can go on ahead and add that to the shopping cart. So we'll go on ahead and add it to the shopping cart, and as you can see it popped up really quickly here with our cart, the item in there. Our quantity, our price, and all the information there, if you're logged in already it should calculate your tax for you, but if you're done shopping, go on ahead and hit proceed to check out and as you can see, right then and there, its going to ask you to log in so you can go on ahead and process the check out, and you can get your shopping done on the go. And there you have it! You now know how to use the Zappo's App on your Apple iPad. Go ahead, get some shopping done on the go, but like always, stay tuned for more how-to videos.

How To Use The Zappos App On The Apple iPhone

Hey everybody I am Najum and today I am here to show you how to use the Zappos App on your Apple iPhone. So lets get started. So as you can see here I have already downloaded the Zappos App and if you just want to go ahead and open that up and it will take you right here to our home screen. You can browse through featured items; you can browse through various items you have already viewed. If you are not sure which brands we carry on Zappos you can view them alphabetically right there. And below down we have a nice menu set here which has a home button, which will take you back to the screen. Browse, you can browse through items. Search, you can access your shopping cart as well as a button with more options there. But today we are going to look at browse and this is a really cool browsing feature here. The top here we got a main category, we got a general sub category, a style sub category. Now if you notice here up at the top shoes, say you don’t want to look at shoes. Say you want to look at clothing, you swipe across here at the top, it’s going to change all categories to fits in with whatever your main category is. Lets say I am not looking for women’s; I am looking at men clothing. You swipe across there, you look at the bottom and you swipe across the bottom. As you swipe across to the bottom and you can look at bottoms. It’s really simple to use and it’s really cool searching option. If you go up here we have more basic categories, you just go ahead and tap through the various things that you want to search for. Now, in here just to show you what the search looks like through here. You just hit go, it’s going to take you to our search and this is actually really cool search window here. Up here you have a larger image of the product. You can swipe across and view some of the other products from the larger image. You can browse real quickly through down at the bottom here. But say you like to look more into these shoes, just tap the larger image. It’s going to take you to the product page. Now the product page up here once it loads up, you are actually going to see it’s our multi view. So you can take a look at all the different angles right up here. Down here you can select for color, you can select your size right here. Just know that which ever number is grayed out we do not carry that size right now, we are sold out. So you want to make sure you find the size that’s got the bolded number in there. You can go ahead and select your width, you can add it to your favorites you can go ahead and add it to your cart. You can go on ahead and click in here and view the product description. You can read reviews if there are any reviews for the product. If you want to learn more about the brand, we even got about the brand at the bottom. But my favorite feature on this app, look closely; add to the shopping cart, it actually launches up and kind of umbrellas its way down into your shopping cart. If you go and view in there, you will see that the item is in there. If you are already logged in on the app to your Zappos account, the tax information and everything will fill in depending on whether there is any tax that needs to be collected. And you can actually go and click purchase; it will ask you to log in. Just go ahead and log in. If you have a gift card, go on ahead and click up there. And you can go on ahead and checkout and get all of your shopping done right here on your phone just with this simple app. And there you have it. You now know how to use Zappos App on the Apple iPhone. Go ahead and get some shopping done on the go. But like always stay tuned for some more how to videos.

How To Find Slip Resistant Shoes For Your Infant

how's it going? My names Najum and I am here to show you how to find slip resistent shoes for your infant on Now in order to complete this how to all you will need is a computer with internet access. Now let's get started. First things first let's pull up When you have the home page pulled up. Go on ahead and click into the search field and type in "infant shoes" and perform a search. When you've got your search results, on the left side you should have a series of options to further narrow your search down. Go on ahead and narrow it down by your childs gender and size group. Once you've got your search further narrowed down, go on ahead and select the product you are interested in. Once you have selected the product, you should be on the product page. In the product page, go ahead and click the button that says "View Larger Image & Additional Views". Once you click this button it will create a pop up window, which is what we call the "multiview". In the multiview, you can select a variety of different angles and view closeups of this product. Go on ahead and select the icon for the outsole. This way we can take a look at the outsole in full detail. The particular shoe that I have selected has a rubber outsole, so I know these should provide some form of slip resistance. But remember, they do not need to be rubber to provide slip resistance. Any fabric that interrupts a smooth surface can provide your child with some form of slip resistance. Even though they have a rubber sole, these shoes remain soft and flexible, but provide a bit more slip resistance. Now that we have visually inspected the shoe, let's take a look at the written and video descriptions for further information on if these shoes are slip resistant. Another good sign of slip resistance is to see if the shoe has received a Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). The APMA tests for a variety of characteristics such as safety, comfort, quality, and health benefits! A few brands we have available on Zappos that have been approved by the APMA are Robeez, Pediped, and See Kai Run Kids!

How To Attach A Shimano SPDSL Cleat

How To Attach A Shimano SPDSL Cleat Hey this is Brian from Shimano and I am here to show you how to attach a SPDSL cleat to a SPDSL shoe. Alright, for installation you will need your 4mm allen wrench, your SPDSL cleat, and of course your shoe. So just a quick note on this outsole. This outsole has SPD & SPDSL compatability. SPD compatibility are these two bolts here in the middle. And the SPDSL are the three bolts out here that we will be working with today. So in the SPDSL packaging comes your cleat, your fixing bolts, and your cleat washers. Alright, so step one is inserting the cleat washers into the cleat. Then take your fixing bolts and drop them in as well. Now, again, you want to put some grease on these bolts before you install them, just to make sure you can get them out later when you need to replace your cleats. So once the cleat is assembled, now it is time to put it on to the outsole. So take your cleat, drop it on in here, and then take your 4mm allen and just tighten them on. Not too tight, but just enough so you can move it around and get it all straightened out. Again, we have lots of adjustability here, so we recommend you start off in the neutral position and make adjustments as necessary. Make sure you get all three nice and tight. Move it around here. There is also guides on the outsole to make sure you are lined up correctly. Once you are good, tighten it up, and you are good to go. And there you have it, you now know how to attach an SPDSL cleat to an SPDSL shoe. Take these tips, try them out, and like always stay tuned for some more How To videos!

How To Attach A Shimano SPD Cleat

Hey, this is Brian from Shimano and I'm here to show you how to attach and SPD cleat to an SPD shoe. So you'll need your four mill allen-wrench, your cleat-nut, your SPD cleat, and of course, your shoe. So the SPD cleat package comes with your fixing bolts, your cleat-adapter, and your cleat. So the first step is to install the cleat-nut. So, some shoes will have the cleat-nut here already, and it'll be visible. This particular shoe doesn't. So we're going to go ahead and pop it in. So you take the insole out, you can see here, really get in there that there's slots wide open at the bottom. So installing this, you want to put the flush-side up so you don't feel it on your foot. Slide it on in, turn the shoe over, and here you have the cleat-nut exposed. So now that we've got the cleat-nut in place, now its time to put together the SPD cleat. So you put the cleat-adapter right in there as such, put your fixing bolts, drop them right on in there, now you've got your cleat ready to install. So the third step is installing the cleat onto the cleat-nut. Now typically, you'd want to put some grease on these bolts because these do wear out, and you want to make sure you're able to get these bolts back off when you're ready. Put the bolts in there, from there you take your 4-ml, just screw them on in, you're good to go. Now what you want to do is, you don't want to tighten them right away, you want to make sure that you have all this adjustability here. We're recommending that you go ahead and just put it in the neutral spot, right in the middle, and then tighten it down and make adjustments as necessary. Once you're tightened down, you're good to go. Put your insole back in, and its time to ride. So there you have it. Now you know how to install an SPD cleat on an SPD shoe. Take these tips, try them out, and as always, stay tuned for more how-to videos.

How To Wrap A Gift

Hi, I’m Eric with the Zappos customer loyalty team and I’m here today to show you some holiday gift wrapping. The materials that we’re going to be using today are some heavy stock wrapping paper, a yard stick, some regular tape, and an exacto knife. First we want to have a clear area. Preferably something that’s padded or with cardboard underneath since you’re going to be doing a lot of cutting and using an exacto knife. Next you want to go ahead and roll out your wrapping paper and measure the gift that you’re going to be wrapping. I like to use a yard stick, it makes it easier for me to hold down the paper and cut at the same time. You’ll go ahead and lay you’re gift out and then you’ll proceed with the cut on the paper. Afterwards you’ll go ahead and you will start to tape the main body of the gift and you’ll go ahead and fold it over to make sure the entire box or item is covered. Now what you’ll do is you’ll trim the excess of the gift wrap. What you’ll then do is now you will fold the middle part of the excess over and you will go ahead and cut that against the wall of the side of the gift. Go ahead and use double sided tape for this if you like, a glue gun, I just use regular tape that’s found around the house. Go ahead and you tape it and you do a fold on the tape. The reason for this is so that the tape itself is not shown on the gift wrap and it’s hidden. Once you’re done with that you go ahead and fold the edges in on the side of the boxes. Afterward go ahead and fold down the flaps that you’ve created and again using that same technique, with the tape, folding down the tape, tape down those edges. A little bit of tape goes a long way, so you don’t have to use a whole role when wrapping a gift. Finally, at the end once you’ve got your wrapped gift, you want to go ahead and do what I call “edge” the side of the boxes. Edging the paper makes it look crisp and neat. And that’s how you wrap a gift. Thank you and have a happy holiday.

How To Apply The Stila One Step Correct

I love using Stila's new one step correct on my on my client's skin to prime for makeup. It helps to smooth out the texture and inhibits the pores from absorbing the makeup. It's very healing on the skin. It has vitamins A, C, and E, camellia extract. Helps to keep your skin balanced and control oil all at the same time. Its three color correcting pigments brighten and correct salinous, hyper pigmentation, redness, and brightness of skin all at the same time. Oil free, fragrance free, and keratin free, this amazing product will help to treat, brighten, and prime the skin all at the same time.