How To Dial The SIDI Fit

SIDI cycling shoe are wonderfully adjustable! Here are a few of the many ways you will custom fit your shoes when you get them for maximum comfort and efficiency. First, let's start with the buckle. This compact intuitive closure system allows you to quickly open and snug up the shoe as well as make small fit adjustments on the bike. To tighten the shoe, lift the large central buckle like this. As you ride your feel may swell a bit. You can loosen the buckle by pushing down on the central clip. To completely open the straps, lift both side buckles at the same time. The Ultra SL Buckle looks like this. To tighten the shoe, lift the large central buckle. As you ride, your feet may swell a bit. So you can slightly loosen the buckle by pushing down either of the side clips. To completely open both straps, push down on both side clips at the same time. Make sure you are pushing down, not squeezing both side clips. The SIDI Soft Instep Closure System combines a wide anatomical strap with a soft thermal formed pad, to distribute pressure evenly over the arch area. The pad is adjustable from both sides for perfect centering. Here is how to get it centered for your foot comfort. Pull the pad away from the shoe and wiggle the strap back and forth to center it. Push it in or pull it out, depending on what you need for proper centering. OK, you're fitted up right, now it's time to watch these two more helpful videos.