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How To Place a Bet on the Kentucky Derby

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Planning to attend the Derby this year?  There is one thing you will definitely want to do before the big race: place a bet!

Once you approach the betting window, be sure to follow these simple steps to ensure your bet is placed properly:

 1. State the name of the track where the race is being held.   Remember there are many tracks around the world that are operating on any given day, so clarifying which track you're referring to is important.  If you’re at the Kentucky Derby, then you’ll want to say, “Churchill”.

 2. Present the race number you're betting on.  Typically, there are anywhere between 9 and 12 races ran per day, so make sure you get the race number correct.

 3. Specify the dollar amount of your wager and the type of bet you’re placing.  Many tracks offer different types of wagers.  Some of the easiest for beginners are "win", "place", and "show" bets.  For one of these three bets the amount you wager is the amount you pay the teller.

 *Beware that the money you wager doesn’t always equal the total cost for the bet.  For instance, if you were to place a $2 bet on what is called a "trifecta wheel", with the winner over three “wheeled” second or third place picks, the total cost to you would be $12.  When you “wheel” your bet, your odds of winning are increased, hence the additional $10.  With this bet, you would only win what the official $2 trifecta payout was according to the final odds after the race is over.

Remember:  When mentioning the horses you want to bet on, be sure to refer to the numbers that are listed in the racing program, and not their actual names. 

 Once you’ve completed these steps, the teller will print out the ticket.  Double-check your ticket to make sure it’s what you wanted. Now you’re ready to sit back, sip your Mint Julep, and watch the race, hopefully finding a little horse-player luck.

 Helpful Hints:

- Remember to have fun with betting, do your research, and understand the risk involved before gambling.

- Always have your bet written down before you approach the betting window. This ensures you won’t forget, and you won’t hold up the line behind you.  A good place to write it down is your program.

- Be sure to bring cash.  Churchill is cash only betting, but if you forget, they do have ATM’s there for your convenience.

- If you're not able to make it out in person there is always the online betting option that may cost you a small fee to set up, but usually includes free live streaming video of every race.


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May 6, 2011 at 4:24 pm Jason Lee said:

go with shackleford! just sayin...

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May 6, 2011 at 4:39 pm Sara W. said:

Austin has taught me EVERYTHING I know about betting on horse races..... I even won $20 once!

Great article! GET READY FOR THE RACES!!!