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4 Easy Stretching Exercises for Runners

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Many of us here at Zappos HQ are starting to train for the Rock N’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon and Half Marathon in December. It’s exciting to see both experienced and beginner runners alike collectively embrace running as part of their weekly routine.

If you’re getting into running like many of us here, check out these simple and basic stretching exercises to make sure your muscles are flexible and ready for a good run. Hold each of these stretches for 20-30 seconds. Some runners prefer to do the majority of their stretching after their run to loosen up the muscles.  

1.  Calf stretch: Place both hands on a wall with one leg bent and knee closer to the wall. Keeping your lower back flat, straighten your back leg so that your heel is firmly on the ground. Hold then repeat on the other leg.  

2.  Groin stretch: Sit on the floor and touch the soles of both feet together, knees pointing in opposite directions. Wrap your hands around your feet and press against the inner thighs toward the floor.  

3.  Quad stretch: Stand on one foot with one hand on the wall for balance. Keeping your spine straight, take your right foot with your right hand behind you and gently pull the heel towards your backside. Hold then repeat on the other leg.

4.  Hamstring stretch: Sit on the floor and extend one leg out to the side and bend your other leg, touching your feet to the inside thigh of the extended leg. Grasp as far down your extended leg as you can and bend your upper body toward the floor. Switch legs and repeat.

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Aug 23, 2011 at 10:06 pm AnneK67290 said:

Great stretches that you suggest, I like them! I run a lot myself and do think that stretching is crucial. I just wrote an article on the topic, recommending two useful stretching books you could be interested in, here is the link: Keep having fun!