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Zappos Family Seattle Coding Challenge And Tech Tweet Up

The Scoop: Open bar, open bar, appetizers… Oh! And did we mention OPEN BAR!

Vegas Baby: Can you code at a bar? If yes, then you can code at Zappos! 

We will be having 2 coding challenges – 30 minutes each – 25 people max in each challenge. You can only do one of the challenges. If you need headphones, bring ‘em. Oh, and a laptop - that’s kinda important!

1st coding challenge at 6:30pm 
2nd coding challenge at 7:30pm

The coding challenge is the first screening step in our interview process for hiring software engineers at Zappos. The person who gets the correct answer first from each round will be fast-tracked to VEGAS BABY! Yep, the second step in our screening process is an in-person interview in Las Vegas at our offices. And as always when we fly folks in to spend the night in Vegas, tour our offices, and interview - expenses are on us! Sorry, any gambling is on you. ;)

You don’t have to do a coding challenge or be a software engineer to hang with us!! We love all you tech peeps indiscriminately. Come on down and have a drink already! And our CEO, Tony Hsieh, will be at the event! If you participate in the challenge and would like one, he’s happy to sign a copy of his book, “Delivering Happiness” for you. 

If you are a helper and know super awesome tech folks, tweet this link!

And in closing, check out what Zappos developers do when they aren't coding:


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Mar 25, 2011 at 5:17 pm Chris N. COO said:

Should be fun!