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The Best '80s Workout Videos: 20 Minute Workout with Bess Motta

Some people swear by the 80s workout video 20 Minute Workout with Bess Motta. There are plenty of people who have done reviews of this workout and claim that 20 years later they are doing this workout and it still works. The 20 Minute Workout features fitness instructor Bess Motta teaching an all-inclusive workout that will definitely have you sweating. The best thing about this workout is that it is not just for people who are already in shape. Beginners and even advanced exercisers will still love this workout video.

The 20 Minute Workout actually started out as a television show which featured 20 minute workouts and was the first of its kind in the 1980s. It premiered in the early 80s and ran on television up until the early 90s. Bess Motta was recognized as the leader of the show and as the lead instructor when the workout video based off the show was released in the 80s.

The workout video is actually 3 different workouts from the television show. It's put together in a nice 60 minute workout that can be done all at once or you can choose to do a 20 minute session by itself. This works well for exercisers of all levels since a beginner may want to start with 20 minutes while others who are more seasoned may want a full 60 minute workout.

The routines in 20 Minute Workout are fun and easy to learn but most of all effective. This is not another boring exercise video. Bess Motta is definitely a motivator when it comes to exercise. After 20 years this workout video will still have your muscles burning, your heart pumping and may even have you enjoying exercise.

If you can get past the big 80s hair, the funky workout outfits, and the old school Reebok shoes, then the 20 Minute Workout with Bess Motta may just become one of your favorite workout videos in your collection.

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The Best '80s Workout Videos: Getting Fit in Jerusalem with Gilad

One workout guru who has been around since the 1980's is Gilad Janklowicz, better known as Gilad. He started making workout videos in the late 1980's and continues to put out new workouts. One of the best 80's workout videos is his Getting Fit in Jerusalem.

Getting Fit in Jerusalem is geared towards intermediate exercisers but it will have advanced people breaking a sweat as well. Gilad is known for his sweat-inducing aerobic and sculpting workouts and this video doesn't disappoint. The video combines aerobic fat-burning workout routines along with workouts to sculpt the body. It's an all inclusive workout video that can be done on a regular basis and you don't have to worry about getting in a separate cardio or weight session.

Unlike most of Gilad's other workout videos which are taped on the beaches of Hawaii, this one is taped in Jerusalem with the city as the backdrop. The routines are set to live music by a band that combines eastern and western styles to produce an exotic sound that will have you wanting to move your body.

Getting Fit in Jerusalem lasts approximately 55 minutes and has different sessions that concentrate on different areas of the body, as well as aerobic and toning sessions. A person may pick and choose which routines they do, but for an all inclusive workout that will work the entire body, it is recommended that the complete workout be done. These 55 minutes of working out with Gilad will have you sweating like you may have never sweated before.

This workout video has recently been released on DVD which means that you no longer have to look for an old VHS tape from 1987. All you have to do is ignore the funny hairstyles and clothing from the 80's and get sweating with this workout.

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The Best 80's Workout Videos: Alyssa Milano's Teen Steam

You most likely know who Alyssa Milano is, but did you know that she had her own workout video in the 1980's. Alyssa Milano's Teen Steam was released in 1988 and was actually quite popular with teen girls and young women.

In this 80's workout video Alyssa along with two of her friends leads you through an aerobic dance party that will have you sweating at the end. Although the whole plot of the workout video with her two friends popping in out of thin air and working out with her is a little cheesy, the exercises still work to burn fat and calories. Alyssa starts the video with a short warm up before getting started into different aerobic exercises. The workout then goes into a dance section in which Alyssa and her friends pull out some great 80's dance moves to get sweating.

Although this workout video is no way on the level of someone like Jane Fonda or Denise Austin, it's still a great change of pace for a workout, especially if you really want to laugh at the 80's. There are basic exercises that can be done at any time, but beginners may learn a new thing or two.

Alyssa Milano's Teen Steam is a unique workout video that will most likely benefit beginners of exercising or women looking for a fun and unique workout every once in awhile. Although the moves are very basic, if you put in the true effort, you will be sweating at the end.

Alyssa, who rose to fame on the television show Who's the Boss?, was only 16 at the time of Teen Steam. The music to the workout was done by her father while her mother worked as the stylist on the show. You may get just as good of a workout from the video as from your laughing with the outfits and workout gear, hair and music.

If you are looking for a professionally choreographed workout video, then this video is not the choice for you, but if you are looking for something fun that will still work your body, you may be able to find a tape of Alyssa Milano's Teen Steam.

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The Best '80s Workout Videos: Leslie Sansone's Too Busy to Workout Workout

You may have heard about Leslie Sansone's "Walk Away the Pounds" videos, but did you know that she has been putting out workout walking videos since the 1980s? One of her first workout videos is called "Walk Aerobics: Too Busy to Workout Workout." The workout video was made in the late 80's but if you were to pop this tape into your VCR player you would most likely find yourself sweating along to the workout.

Leslie Sansone is known for her walking workouts. She has released several series of these workouts such as Walk Away the Pounds and Walk at Home, but it's her early videos like "Too Busy to Workout Workout" that garnered her attention in the fitness industry.

The great thing about the Walk Aerobics: "Too Busy to Workout Workout" is that the moves are simple and easy but effective. The exercises consist of things like walking in place, jogging in place, and side steps. These simple moves are set to music and done at intervals to get you sweating and burning calories. Best of all, since most people don't have time to work out for an hour every day, Leslie gets a full workout done in less than 30 minutes so you can be sporting that mini-skirt in no time.

Before you decide that you would like to check out the "Too Busy to Workout Workout" video, realize that this is not a low impact workout. In this workout, Leslie pushes you harder since it is a shorter workout and it does contain a decent amount of jogging in the exercises. If you have knee problems or are an absolute beginner to exercise, you may want to check out a low impact workout video that Leslie has put out instead of this one. If don't mind the high impact aerobics, then be prepared for a calorie busting workout that may have you looking at some pretty funny 80s clothes, but will also have you looking at sweat dripping down your face.

Walk Aerobics: "Too Busy to Workout Workout" is a great 80s workout video to add to your collection. It doesn't take complicated equipment, but uses simple exercise and moves to get your body burning fat quickly.

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The Best '80s Workout Videos: Kathy Smith's "Ultimate Video Workout

Kathy Smith is another fitness instructor who has been around the industry for a long time. She is still putting out new products but one of the best workout videos that she produced was done in the 80s. Kathy Smith's "Ultimate Video Workout" is just like it sounds: the ultimate workout video. Even though it was made in the 1980s it will definitely still have you sweating today.

The "Ultimate Video Workout" was Kathy's first workout video that she came out with. It was released in 1984 which was a year after Kathy came out with her first aerobic book called "The Ultimate Workout." Having been Kathy's first workout video, it can be said that this workout video is what led the way for Kathy and her long career in the fitness industry.

The "Ultimate Video Workout" features a strength training portion as well as an aerobics section of the workout. The workout is designed to get your heart rate up to burn calories and fat in a quick amount of time. The exercises are not complicated but they are intense. This workout targets every area and muscle of the body. You will work your arms down to your calves during the different sections that Kathy instructs. The workout ends with a stretching portion to cool down after the rigorous exercise.

One thing to mention about this workout video is that it may not be for beginners. Although Kathy does give alternate exercises and levels for the strength training portion of the workout, the aerobic portion of the workout is intense. Beginners may want to start with a different Kathy Smith workout or at least take it slow in the beginning.

The "Ultimate Video Workout" can still be found on VHS on sale at different places, but it was recently released on a new workout DVD called Kathy Smith's Strong, Sleek and Slim. This workout DVD also has two other older workouts from Kathy Smith as well.

Kathy Smith's "Ultimate Video Workout" is definitely an 80s workout that has stood the test of time. You may even find that the workout has you sweating and breathing harder than newer videos you may have done. You just have to get past the leg warmers and cheesy 80s clothing!