Shoe Encyclopedia: Stabilty Web, Bespoke, AdiFit and Heel ProGrid

So you made it to class for another lesson from the shoe encyclopedia! Before we begin, let’s review what was learned in the last lesson. Last time, we covered the rearfoot, the graphite rollbar, the Visible Air Sole Unit in Nike footwear and what it means to be biomechanically efficient. Remember that if you missed the last lesson (or any before it), all of them can be found on Zappos. Now, back to today’s lesson. This time we’ll discuss a stability web, bespoke footwear, adiFit from Adidas and Heel ProGrid from Saucony.

Stability Web
Don’t worry. We’re not talking spiders here. In New Balance footwear, a stability web is used to describe a special stability system installed under the arch. It is designed to create support in the mid-foot region, while giving flexibility to the forefoot.

Bespoke is a term used to describe footwear that has been custom made, more than likely by hand. Footwear considered bespoke cannot be remade for anyone but the original customer. Many shoemakers will keep the measurements on their customers’ footwear, in case the customer decides to order another pair of the same shoes in the future. This way, it will be easy to replicate the footwear exactly.

Adidas brand footwear uses the term adiFit to describe a special removable insole in children’s footwear. This device helps to measure children’s feet to properly determine their shoe size. It is designed especially for Adidas brand children’s footwear. Such a tool can be very convenient and useful to parents since children’s feet grow quite rapidly. You might hear some claim that their kids grow overnight.

Heel ProGrid
Heel ProGrid is a special layer inserted into the heel section of a shoe. It’s designed to give the foot more stability by dispersing the shock and absorbing the impact. Heel ProGrid is designed especially for Saucony brand shoes. It is a very useful feature in running shoes. In running, the feet are impacting the ground at a higher force than during walking or regular activities. The extra support can help reduce the impact on the foot.