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Grab the glory of the Vivienne Westwood Pirate Boot

Hold eyes hostage while grabbing the glory of this treasured Vivienne Westwood Pirate Boot !

The swashbuckling style of this iconic boot made a strong statement in 1981 when it was shown in Vivienne Westwood ’s first fashion show called ‘Pirates’. The collection was inspired by adventure, treasure, and exciting exploration. These bold boots became a classic and a stylish staple of that has been repeated in the Vivienne Westwood collection.

In the 80’s Adam Ant and Bow Wow Wow popularized the Vivienne Westwood Pirate Boot . The Vivienne Westwood Pirate boots stole the show and even today the craze over this timeless Vivienne Westwood classic are seen on celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, Agyness Deyn, and Daisy Lowe.

Needless to say, these boots can be worn up, scrunched, or folded down to create a variety of villainous looks to pillage a provocative presence! Capture thrills and excitement in the rich treasure of this Vivienne Westwood Pirate Boot !

Talk'n Trends

Falling into this season with the top boot trends for 2009. Featuring top brands such as KORS Michael Kors, Jessica Simpson and Stuart Weitzman. So get your boot-ie on, take that paycheck, and fill up your shopping cart at
Alana and Jenn (aka BABS)

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Two Lips Kitty Kat

Two LipsKitty Kat boots are super fun and sexy. They are a perfect addition to any wardrobe and go with just about anything. From your favorite pair of skinny jeans or with a skirt and tights, they are perfect-o!

Our little Heaven was rocking these sky-high boots today at the Headquarters. One of the biggest trends to hit the industry this season has been over-the-knee boots. And not to be outdone, Two Lips™ has been a major player in that trend.

The Kitty Kat boots are comfortable, and Miss Heaven can testify to that. “I have been wearing them for about five hours or so and my feet don’t hurt at all,” she said.

As women, we know that comfort is key when it comes to buying shoes or boots. As we head into the winter months, we realize that warmth is important. Heaven also told us that she was warm and comfy in her Two Lipsboots. These Kitty Kats will appeal to fashionistas everywhere! We no longer have to exchange fashion for comfort! One can stay warm and look hot in boots like these. The lace-up feature on the back of the calf allows you to get a perfect fit and flexible suede provides versatility in how you choose to wear them. They can be worn up or slouched a little to suit your personal look.

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Office Style: Stay Comfortable in Heels at the Office

If you work in an office that adheres to a business casual or professional dress code, selecting the right types of shoes for every ensemble can be a bit of a challenge. How do you find the perfect balance between heel height, comfort and style? While some office mavens can get away with platform pumps and stiletto heels, your feet and legs may not be in prime shape to tackle the stairs and long trek across the building in a pair of skinny heels. However, there are some ways to stay comfortable in high heels, like with Mary Janes and kitten heels for those long days that you’re on your feet.

If you choose to wear stiletto pumps or another style of skinny heel, consider adding a few gel pads for extra support on the ball of your foot. The balls of your feet absorb most of the pressure from wearing those extra-high heels, and if you plan on trotting around on them for over an hour, the extra support will prevent foot pain and soreness.

When you’re wearing kitten heels , consider wearing a thin no-show sock so that your feet aren’t slipping out of the shoe easily. Kitten heels are a great, classy alternative to the standard pump for the office, but they can feel like a pair of sandals if they’re not cut very high. Wearing a thin pair of socks with these shoes can make the shoe much more comfortable and will prevent your foot from slipping out.

If you decide to wear a pair of booties with a high heel for the day, make sure you’ve practiced walking up stairs and on elevated floors with them. Booties and boots will constrict your ankles, which means you can’t climb very easily. If you know you’re going to be tackling escalators or flights of stairs during the day, make sure you’re comfortable making the climb in these constrictive shoes.

Mary Jane pumps are great for the office, but even a platform shoe or a thick heel can put some pressure on the balls of your feet and calves. Wear some padded insoles or gel support cushions if you plan on wearing tight leather shoes for several hours so you can get the support you need.

Finding the shoe that fits for your office ensembles can take time. Make sure the heels you choose can provide the comfort and support you need to get through those long days that you’ll be on your feet.

(Another) Very Special Product Description

Our very own Fred M., while in Kentucky, decided to do a video description at the same time as our CEO, Tony Hsieh . Fred was our first buyer here at Zappos, and his title is currently…No Title. His “No Title” position enables him to oversee a variety of departments at Zappos. Fred is a big fan of boots, and here he gives us the skinny on a nice little pair I’d like to own.
Yee haw.

Product Description of the Day

Linchpin Steel Toe by Caterpillar !


Fashion Tips for Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots were once reserved for farms and ranches, but firmly in the world of fashion. Celebrities are often spotted in their trendiest garb and high priced handbags while sporting cowboy boots. Wear them with a skirt or jeans for a casual look that's eternally cool. Remember that the best cowboy boots are broken in and often feel as comfortable as slippers, so make good use of them once you have them.

Wearing jeans with cowboy boots looks casual and cool. Skinny jeans work well tucked into cowboy boots in the cool months, while bootcut jeans worn over cowboy boots look great year round. Feel free to mix and match colors. Jeans, like cowboy boots, look more authentic the longer you wear them. If you're opting for skinny jeans tucked into cowboy boots, be sure the jeans are slim enough to comfortably fit inside the boots to avoid a bulky appearance. When wearing bootcut jeans over cowboy boots, remember that it's OK if the jeans have a little extra length to them. Bold cowboy boots in rust orange or red also look great peeking out from beneath jeans.

Dresses look great with cowboy boots. During spring and summer months, wear sun dresses in feminine fabrics and prints to juxtapose rough and tough cowboy boots. Ideally, the hemline of the dress should skim just above or at the knees. In cooler wearing, go for the same look, with tights or leggings underneath the dress. A chunky knit tunic or sweater dress and leggings also works to make cowboy boots look modern.

Guys look best in cowboy boots, when they keep the rest of the outfit low key. You don't want to look like you've been on the ranch all day (unless you have). Stay away from plaid or Western-inspired shirts. For a casual look, don a cotton polo shirt or T-shirt with bootcut jeans that fall over the cowboy boots. For a night on the town, wear a button-up oxford shirt in a rich color like eggplant or navy with dark rinse bootcut jeans and cowboy boots. When dressing up, go for nice cowboy boots in leather or an exotic skin, and be sure they're polished.

Find a massive selection of cowboy boots at