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Celebrity Gossip: Haute Looks from the Cannes Film Festival 2009

The red carpet couldn’t be any hotter on May 19, when the Cannes Film Festival gala attracted hundreds of celebs and famous faces from around the globe. Some of Spring’s hottest trends made their way into the spotlight during the festival, with the likes of Penelope Cruz, Isabelle Huppert and Karl Lagerfeld leading the fashion front. From flowing Grecian gowns to gladiator-inspired wrap sandals, here are a few of the haute-est looks that really got the press talking:

Checkerboard Prints
Eugenia Silva showed off her legs in a gorgeous black and grey checkerboard inspired dress trimmed with rosettes and lace. The structured bodice and flowing skirt came together perfectly for the evening, and the sleeveless style was finished with an eye-catching, multi-row necklace.

Metallic Heels
This is the year to show off the silver and gold, and many-a celeb strutted their stuff in a pair of sci-fi inspired silver booties and gold sandals. Metallics in bronze and copper are also a big hit for spring and summer, so make sure your closet boasts at least one pair of gleaming heels so you can enjoy a celebrity-inspired moment.

Lilac Grecian Gowns
Actresses Devon Edwenna Aoki and Penelope Cruz were among the stars who flaunted the Grecian gowns for this event, and lilac and light purple were the colors of the night. This is a romantic and ultra-feminine ensemble that’s perfect for weddings and special events this season.

Floral Dresses
Bold, floral designs made their way to the red carpet for the festival, replacing the usual monochrome looks that celebs are famous for. Flowers, frills and ribbons were perfect for the Spring gala; top color combos included purple, turquoise, light blue and pink.

Gladiator Sandals
Many celebs walked down the red carpet in stilettos and chunky heels designed with a gladiator-inspired style. Gladiator sandals are one of the season’s hottest trends, and celebs pulled off the look with criss-cross ankle straps, metallic heels and peep toe pumps designed with thick leather straps for their Romanesque look.

From lilac-colored Grecian gowns to eye-catching metallic heels, the 2009 Cannes Film Festival boasted an array of the season’s hottest trends. Pick out your favorite to complement your celebrity-inspired look this season.

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Celebrity Style Mashup: Lauren Conrad + Georgina Sparks

Fashion designer and soon-to-be former star of The Hills, Lauren Conrad, aka L.C., has a sweet and fashion-forward style. Her wardrobe reflects her fit body, but does not reveal too much. L.C. is the good girl, who won’t be caught on a Don’t list. Mash up that good girl style of Lauren with the bad girl style of Gossip Girls’ Georgina Sparks, as played by Michelle Trachtenberg.

Blue is the Summer Black
Both fictional Georgina Sparks and real life Lauren Conrad embrace blueberry blue. Blueberry blue is the new black, for summer months. Blue accessories including bright blue bangles as worn by Lauren or a fashionable blue scarf as worn by Georgina

Cami Dress and Black Booties
Combine a sweet Cami dress , a style which is flattering on and popular with Lauren, and it can be worn with a pair of bad girl Georgina Sparks peep toe booties with high heels. The black heels give the dress and edge. Add a long 1920’s inspired necklace.

Rough Up the Dress
A sleeveless leather coat a la Georgina Sparks can be worn, long or cropped for more attitude, with classic Lauren Conrad separates. Combine a layered skirt that lands above the knees, with a body-hugging top. If the skirt does not have a pronounced waist, add a belt.

Lauren Conrad often lets her outfit speak for itself, and does not layer her jewelry. Georgina Sparks, on the other hand knows the importance of making a strong statement with rings and things. Make a strong statement with a cobra or snake ring or arm bracelet, and wear it with a graphic t-shirt and pair of slinky jeans. Layer different styles and lengths of beaded necklaces.

Sugar and Spice
Sweeten a Georgina Sparks outfit with a touch of pink to an outfit of black or gray. Or start with a pink top and add black jeans and a gray scarf. Soften the outfit a bit more with some open-toed heels and a surprise of pink toenail polish.