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Celebrity Style Mashup: Lauren Conrad + Georgina Sparks

Fashion designer and soon-to-be former star of The Hills, Lauren Conrad, aka L.C., has a sweet and fashion-forward style. Her wardrobe reflects her fit body, but does not reveal too much. L.C. is the good girl, who won’t be caught on a Don’t list. Mash up that good girl style of Lauren with the bad girl style of Gossip Girls’ Georgina Sparks, as played by Michelle Trachtenberg.

Blue is the Summer Black
Both fictional Georgina Sparks and real life Lauren Conrad embrace blueberry blue. Blueberry blue is the new black, for summer months. Blue accessories including bright blue bangles as worn by Lauren or a fashionable blue scarf as worn by Georgina

Cami Dress and Black Booties
Combine a sweet Cami dress , a style which is flattering on and popular with Lauren, and it can be worn with a pair of bad girl Georgina Sparks peep toe booties with high heels. The black heels give the dress and edge. Add a long 1920’s inspired necklace.

Rough Up the Dress
A sleeveless leather coat a la Georgina Sparks can be worn, long or cropped for more attitude, with classic Lauren Conrad separates. Combine a layered skirt that lands above the knees, with a body-hugging top. If the skirt does not have a pronounced waist, add a belt.

Lauren Conrad often lets her outfit speak for itself, and does not layer her jewelry. Georgina Sparks, on the other hand knows the importance of making a strong statement with rings and things. Make a strong statement with a cobra or snake ring or arm bracelet, and wear it with a graphic t-shirt and pair of slinky jeans. Layer different styles and lengths of beaded necklaces.

Sugar and Spice
Sweeten a Georgina Sparks outfit with a touch of pink to an outfit of black or gray. Or start with a pink top and add black jeans and a gray scarf. Soften the outfit a bit more with some open-toed heels and a surprise of pink toenail polish.

Celebrity Gossip: Lindsay Lohan Shows off her New Swimwear at the Beach

Lindsay Lohan might not be great on a surf board, as demonstrated by photos recently posted by gossip site TMZ, but she sure does look good getting wiped out by a wave. Wearing a black monokini, Lohan gives us a look at what has become one of the hottest swim wear trends.

Why wear a monokini? Aside from providing slightly more coverage than a bikini, having the cutaways on the side creates a slimming effect by making your waist look narrow. The bold shape of the suit also creates visual distraction, hiding problem areas while also helping enhance or create the look of an hourglass figure.

Monokinis are also great choices for active beach going. They’re much more secure for swimming or even surfing than many bikinis. So what should you look for in a monokini? First, it’s important to understand your own body shape. Monokini’s come with a variety of different cut-outs along the torso, and you need to choose the right style for your body shape.

For top-heavy women looking to balance out their silhouette, Volcom offers a suit that really emphasizes the hips. While it wouldn’t work on a pear shaped figure, it’s perfect for creating balance for bustier gals. For those with a straight torso that want to add some curve, this Dolce & Gabana suit does a great job of emphasizing the waist and enhancing your curves, while this safari suit from O’Neill uses a v-shape to emphasize the bust and shoulders, effectively balancing out figures that are more hip heavy.

Asymmetrical cut-outs are also all the rage, but they won’t hide figure flaws in the same way as the center band monokinis. They’re also usually not as secure for swimming and better suited to sunning. With that in mind, don’t forget to consider the tan-lines that monokinis produce and how they may or may not go with the rest of your summer attire.

Have fun at the beach, and may you have better luck with the waves than Lindsay Lohan!

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Celebrity Style: Bright Summer Colors

The warm weather is approaching and soon summer will be here. It seems that with summer comes bright colors. Celebrities have been seen wearing some brightly colored frocks lately, and not only clothes but accessories, like handbags and shoes.

Celebrities are welcoming the summer with quite a loud fashion trend. It appears that the days of neon and bright colors are back. But, don’t start whipping out your 80’s neon clothing just yet. These bright colors are being worn in updated and modern ways that look nothing like the neon days of the 80’s. Singer Ashanti even told OK Magazine, that she rearranges her closet when spring and summer rolls around. She told the magazine that “I love all of this season’s bright colors.”

A lot of celebrities have been rocking this trend with the bright shoes. Fergie was seen wearing bright orange shoes with her white dress on the red carpet. The shoes definitely gave her outfit the pop of color it needed to add interest. Other celebrities that have been sporting the bright shoes are Nicky Hilton, Mariah Carey, and Eva Longoria Parker. If you want to keep your bright colors simple this season, then you may want to stick with bright shoes to add the pop of color. Try these neon pink shoes by Juicy Couture .

Other celebrities are going full force on the bright color fashion trend and are sporting clothing that definitely stands out. Kate Moss paired a bright pink long tunic with her black leggings. While Gossip Girl’s Taylor Momsen went the opposite route and paired a bright pink mini-skirt with a black top and leather jacket. Other celebrities that are standing out in their bright clothing are Paris Hilton, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Blake Lively, Fergie, Demi Moore, and Vanessa Hudgens.

If you don’t want to draw that much attention to yourself but you want to stay in fashion, then try adding bright colored accessories to your outfit. As mentioned before, shoes can help liven up an otherwise boring outfit, but you can also wear jewelry with bright colors or carry a handbag that is brightly colored. The possibilities are endless with this fashion trend.


Celebrity Style: Stars Ditching Dresses for Suits

Celebrity women are ditching the dresses on the red carpet and instead are sporting power suits. In the past couple of months, there has been an increase of women celebrities wearing suits to red carpet events instead of the normal dress. Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, Penelope Cruz, Naomi Watts, Anne Hathaway, Kate Winslet, and Eva Longoria Parker have all worn suits to a red carpet event within the past couple of weeks. Another big celebrity that has been seen wearing a couple of different suits is Jennifer Aniston.

Celebrities seem to be making the suit more of a statement piece rather than a boring outfit that can only be worn to work. Celebrities know how to accessorize their suits and pick out the perfect pieces that flatter their body and make them look feminine.

To keep a suit looking feminine there are several things that celebrities do that you can also follow. The first would be to accessorize with big and bold jewelry. When Jennifer Aniston wore her black suit to the premier of her movie, she paired it with a long gold necklace that attracted attention. Amy Adams added layers of black beaded necklaces to her suit. For a look like Jennifer Aniston’s try a necklace like this one by Roberto Cavalli .

Another way that celebrities like to keep their suits looking feminine and not like they are wearing their husband’s suit are with tops that scream sexy and sleek. Again, look back at Jennifer Aniston’s suit. She paired a black suit and wore a low cut black top underneath to add the hint of cleavage and sexiness to the outfit. Anne Hathaway also paired her black suit with a plain low-cut shell underneath which provided her with that added touch. If you don’t want to go the low cut route, you can do what Naomi Watts did and pair the suit with a feminine and flirty blouse. Try blouses that have ruffles, ties, or are sheer for that added charm to the suit.

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Celebrity Style: Back to Feminine and Flirty Fashion Trends

It appears that celebrities are getting back to the feminine and flirty fashion trends. One of the big fashion trends among celebrities right now are ruffles. In fact Reese Witherspoon was just seen wearing a dress with ruffles at a celebrity event. They key to wearing ruffles is to keep them from overpowering you. Like Reese’s dress, a small ruffle around the neckline, especially in v-necks and lower necklines, add some feminine touches to the outfit without taking over the whole outfit. Ruffles don’t have to be strictly on dresses though, they can also be on shirts, like this Robert Rodriguez one and even skirts. Other celebrities that have been wearing ruffles lately include, Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton, Taylor Swift, and Keira Knightley.

Another feminine fashion trend that celebrities have been following are bows. It could be a simple bow on a shoe or handbag, or one that makes a slightly larger statement on a shirt or dress. A large bow can add some interest to an outfit, but if you are not comfortable with that, you can always opt for a smaller bow for a more sophisticated look. Such celebrities as Drew Barrymore and Eva Longoria Parker have been spotted wearing dresses with large and dramatic bows. On the other hand, Reese Witherspoon and Katie Holmes chose to sport outfits with small bows to add some detail and a flirty touch to their outfits.

The last feminine and flirt fashion trend that celebrities have been following is the lace trend. Lace is a great way to bring out a flirty and feminine side. You can choose from a full lace outfit to just a touch of lace here and there. Lace dresses have been seen all of the red carpet along with shirts and even skirts. Celebrities such as Anne Hathaway, Blake Lively, Emmy Rossum, and Thandie Newton have all worn lace dresses on the red carpet. When following the lace fashion trend make sure to keep the overall piece pretty subtle and not too sexy so that it does not look like lingerie. You want to be flirty and feminine not trashy.

Celebrity Style: Classic Looks

There are a couple of classic celebrity fashion trends that seem to never go out of style. In fact, these fashion trends are classic looks for just about anybody.

The first classic celebrity fashion trend is the black pencil skirt . There is no way that you can go wrong with a black pencil skirt. You can go for the professional look and pair it with a fitted blouse that you tuck in like Jessica Alba did. Or you can go a little bit sexier and pair it with a low-cut top like Lindsay Lohan did. A variation on this classic fashion trend is to choose a pencil skirt that has a really high waist, tuck in the shirt and put a wide belt around the waist. This is the most popular way celebrities are wearing this fashion trend now.

Another classic celebrity fashion trend is tweed trousers . Some people may think of tweed trousers for older woman, but that is not the case. Tweed trousers can be sophisticated but also add some style to a boring outfit. Celebrities such as Katie Holmes and Liv Tyler have been spotted a couple of times wearing tweed trousers, and they are not old. They make the pants look stylish yet put together. They key to wearing tweed trousers is to keep the look young. Make sure the trousers fit well and pair them with a stylish top or jacket. Add some funky jewelry to glam up the outfit.

Lastly, printed blouses are another classic celebrity fashion trend. The print on the blouse can be anything from floral to polka dots, like this one from Just Cavalli . The main thing to remember with this fashion trend is to only wear the print on the blouse and pair it with something simple on the bottom like black dress pants or jeans. Choose a feminine blouse that adds some charm to your outfit. Celebrities such as Heidi Klum, Vanessa Hudgens and Nicole Kidman are big supporters of printed blouses.

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Celebrity Style: Flowers in Fashion for Spring

Celebrities are seeing flowers, flowers and more flowers. It appears that flowers are still a major celebrity fashion trend for the spring season. As we go into the spring, we are seeing more and more celebrities wearing floral prints on dresses, blouses and even coats.

Celebrities seem to be experimenting with floral clothing. Women are popping up all over the red carpet wearing floral prints and patterns, be it small or big. Eva Mendes was a big hit in her 50’s inspired black dress that had colorful flowers all over the bottom of it. The black dress had large yellow, red and white flowers on the skirt if it, giving the dress a pop of color and also some personality.

On the other hand, Jennifer Aniston chose to keep her floral print small and all-over. Aniston was seen wearing a grayish-blue floral print dress to the premiere of her movie “Marley and Me” in Paris. Even Aniston, who has seemed to be pretty colorless in all black lately, ditched the black and decided to sport the latest trend of color and floral. She kept the smaller floral print modern by the shape and fit of her dress.

Some other celebrities that have been seen following this fashion trend: Millia Jovovich who wore a floral patterned blouse to a Hollywood event. Drew Barrymore wore a floral print shift dress to an event. Scarlett Johansson opted to wear a long dress that had a large floral print pattern on it to her movie premiere.

Floral prints are definitely here to stay for awhile. They can be young and flirty if they are done right. If you are looking to follow this celebrity fashion trend, be sure to pick modern floral prints, like this one by Robert Rodriguez , to avoid looking like you raided your grandmother’s closet. Keep the look modern with a girly twist and you can rock the flowers like celebrities do.