Celebrity Style: Award Shows

It appears that color is the fashion trend for celebrities and their award shows. Celebrities have been hitting the red carpet, wearing all kinds of different colors. They seem to be kicking off the spring season with fresh blooms of color.

The Golden Globe Awards was full of color as celebrities stepped out on the red carpet. In fact, red was a popular color with celebrities like Eva Longoria Parker, Kyra Sedgwick and Julia Ormond. Other colors that dominated at the Golden Globes were the arrays of the color blue. Jennifer Morrison, Mary Louise-Parker, January Jones, Anne Hathaway and Blake Lively all wore gowns that were shades of blue.

Color ran rampant at the Grammy Awards, which are known for being a little formal. For the Grammy’s, it appeared that multi-colored and patterned frocks were in. Rihanna, LeAnn Rimes and Paris Hilton all wore dresses that were multi-colored. While other celebrities such as Katy Perry and LeToya Luckett chose shades of pink for the red carpet.

The colors galore continued into Oscar night. It seemed once again red was a very popular color for the event. Amy Adams, Guliana Rancic, Heidi Klum and Virginia Madsen all donned red gowns for the event. Another popular color at the Oscars was purple, which was worn by Lisa Rinna, Alicia Keys and Natalie Portman.

Wearing color is the easiest celebrity fashion trend to follow. You may be following it right now and may not even realize it. Simply add some color into your wardrobe with shades of blue, red, purple, green and pink. Try to stay away from wearing all neutral colors like white, black, cream, tan and brown. You can even go a little more daring and try a multi-colored top like this one from Just Cavalli . This celebrity fashion trend is full of endless possibilities.

What to Look for in a Running Shoe: Why Style, Color and Coolness Factor don't Matter

A lot of people buy running shoes based on style and color and also even coolness factor. If a famous sports personality is photographed wearing Nike running shoes or Madonna wears Reeboks , all of a sudden, thousands of people rush out to buy the same pair of running shoes. If black running shoes are suddenly en vogue, every other person on the street is wearing a pair. But is that smart? Should you really be choosing which running shoes to buy based on how cute they look, what color they are or who’s been photographed wearing them?

Overall, none of these factors are important. If you’re a person who likes to be in style and wants to always be on the cutting edge, sure, maybe style is important to you. But it’s not important to your feet. In fact, it can cause your feet more harm than good. Buying a pair of red running shoes might brighten up your day and make you feel happy when you look down at your rapidly moving feet and see a blur of rosy prettiness, but it doesn’t make you run faster. And, seriously, who cares what Madonna or Victoria Beckham is wearing. Some women might think buying the same running shoes is going to make them look like Madonna. Seriously, it’s not going to happen. Get over it.

What matters when you buy a pair of running shoes is actually simplicity itself – do they fit correctly and are they comfortable? Nothing is more important than buying a pair of running shoes that fit correctly. Badly fitting running shoes can damage your feet, rub holes in your toes and heels and cause you to lose interest in running quickly, because you get so sick of being in pain all the time. Badly fitting running shoes can also cause permanent injury to your feet if you wear them for any length of time. An ill-fitting pair of running shoes can easily cause you to end up with shin splints, damaged knees or even tendonitis.

So, the next time you buy a new pair of running shoes, ignore the coolness or style factor and instead concentrate on correct fit and comfort. After all, you’re going to be running miles and miles in those shoes – so your feet might as well feel good while you’re doing it.

Celebrity Gossip: M.I.A. has a baby, 10 Most Stylish Men in America !

After performing at the Grammy Awards on her due date, singer M.I.A. has given birth to a baby boy . M.I.A. announced the birth of her son on her Celebrity MySpace page. She has not revealed the name of her son yet. This is the first child for both her and her fiancé, Benjamin Bronfman, who is also a musician. M.I.A’s song that she sang for Slumdog Millionaire is nominated for an Oscar. She has stated that she will most likely attend the Oscars to sing her song on the stage. That was pretty good timing for her. She had the baby right after the Grammy Awards and in time to make it to the Oscars.

GQ magazine has announced the list of the “Most Stylish Men in America.” Among the men that made the list are Justin Timberlake, T.I., Kayne West and Mark Ronson. When asked where he got his sense of style from, Justin Timberlake said it was from his stepdad. He said that his stepdad always went to work looking like “Richard Gere from American Gigolo.” I have to say that celebrity men are getting more and more stylish, although I don’t think I can agree with T.I. being one of the most stylish men in America.

Madam Tussauds, the famous wax museum in London, has come out with another Britney Spears wax statue. This is the second time that Britney has been featured at the museum. The first statue of Britney depicted her from her “Slave For You” video. The new wax statue shows Britney is a sparkly silver dress holding her MTV video award. The main point of the wax Britney is to depict her comeback. Madame Tussauds has also launched an interactive dance experience to celebrate the release of the new Britney statue. The Britney Dance Chain will allow people to learn some of Britney’s dance moves, enter a “dance tunnel” and just dance away on a camera. I think it would be so interesting to go see Madam Tussauds wax museum. A little freaky, but definitely interesting!


Celebrity Style: Dress Casually Like a Star

Celebrities are not always wearing red carpet dresses. No, most of the time a celebrity is photographed they are shopping, going to the airport, or just relaxing at lunch with a friend or significant other. So, how can you look like a celebrity when you dress casually? Here are some outfits that are staples for celebrities and their casual day looks.

Jeans and a white t-shirt. Just about every celebrity has been photographed wearing jeans and a white t-shirt, including men. Kate Hudson was just spotted wearing jeans with a white t-shirt as she headed through the airport. Although this look is really simple and plain, it is the ultimate look for cool and casual. Make sure to keep the t-shirt fitted so you don’t look sloppy. You can add some style to the look by pairing the white tee with jeans that are faded or worn or go a bit dressier with trouser jeans and platform heels. You can also add a colorful scarf to the outfit or put on some funky jewelry pieces to add some more style.

Another casual look for celebrities is the cotton dress. The dress can be long or short. All that matters is that it is comfortable yet stylish. Celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Ashlee Simpson, Rachel Bilson and Natalie Portman are all fans of casual cotton dresses. There are tons of different ways you can take this celebrity fashion trend. You can keep it simple like this Moschino cotton dress , or you can choose a busier dress with flowers or one that is longer. The key to this celebrity fashion trend is to just keep it simple with clean lines and try to look like you aren’t trying hard to be in style.

What Not to Wear: Formal Attire Disasters

We see it every year – celebrities – walking the red carpet and wearing the wrong thing. What was the latest fiasco? It was the Grammy Awards. John Mayer wore a black Kung Fu suit. Lisa Rinna showed up looking like a Las Vegas show girl. And singer Duffy wore an ill-fitted, dowdy black dress that looked like her grandmother made it. With all of the money these celebs make, you’d think they’d be able to dress appropriately for a gala affair. Yet, the reason why they ALL can’t do it is because they are just like us; they don’t know what not to wear at a red carpet event because they rarely dress up.

Unless you are born in some obscure area as a prince or princess, you probably rarely dress up in formal attire. As a result, you don’t have a clue about what NOT to wear at a red carpet event. Just like a celebrity, only a poorly received outfit will alert you to you to your fashion faux pas. Of course, then, it’s too late. So, in order to avoid an embarrassing situation, here is some help. Below are 3 things you shouldn’t wear to a red carpet event:

  • Outfits that haven’t been custom fitted

Whether you have a body shaped like a duck or a bathing suit model, formal clothing needs to be fitted to your form. Take any outfit you plan on wearing to a seamstress.

  • Large, overpowering accessories

Don’t use a red carpet event as a way to wear all of your garish jewelry. Keep it simple and elegant. Wear only one signature piece. If you go further than that, you’ll look over accessorized.

  • Tennis shoes and other oddities

Only Jerry Seinfeld and a few popular rappers can get away with wearing tennis shoes and other odd things to a red carpet event. The rest of us have to take it more seriously and wear formal attire. Keep this in mind and go for classic attire, colors and cuts.

Follow these three suggestions and you’ll walk any red carpet event with style.

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Movie Premiere: "He's Just Not That Into You"

At the premiere of the new movie, He’s Just Not That Into You, it was a fashion lover’s heaven. At the premiere, the stars of the movie came out in full force. There was Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johansson, Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Connelly. Each of the celebrities had their own fashion style and looked completely different.

Jennifer Aniston looked sleek and sophisticated in an all black pantsuit. Aniston had on an all black satin pantsuit with a black, low-cut camisole underneath. She accessorized with long gold necklaces that did a great job of showing off her décolletage. She had the classic style of a woman, which Jennifer Aniston usually does. It would be nice though, every once in awhile to see Jennifer in some color.

On the completely other end of the spectrum was Scarlett Johansson. She wore a long, flower print, strapless dress that really stuck out from the crowd. The dress was pink, but it had several large flowers going down the dress. The unique dress was designed by Oscar de la Renta . She looked glamorous while still looking young and fresh. It was a good change for a red carpet look.

Drew Barrymore also had a great look at the movie premiere. She was seen wearing a strapless, black, satin dress that had a champagne-colored oversized bow across the chest. The dress was great for a movie premiere, and the style of the dress fit her well. She paired it with black peep-toe pumps to complete her dazzling outfit.

Another of the stars of the movie that really looked good was Ginnifer Goodwin. She kept her look young and trendy in her orange mini-dress. She paired her dress with matching strappy shoes that complimented the look well. Her accessories were also gorgeous as she wore a large necklace that was bronze and gold, which paired with her dress perfectly.

The only star that I really wasn’t that impressed with was Jennifer Connelly. Her dress was a green mini-dress that sparkled way too much. The dress also was a little strange, because it was a cocktail-like dress but with 3/4 length sleeves. It was way too sparkly and just was not that good of a look for her. Also, she didn’t do the best job pairing her gladiator sandals with the outfit. She was the fashion miss for the night.

Celebrity Style: Nicole Richie

There are a lot of young woman and teenagers that look up to Nicole Richie for her style of fashion. She seems to have a laid back, yet fashionable, casual wardrobe, but then she knows how to be sophisticated and elegant for special events. She always has that slightly Boho-chic look to her clothing without looking too messy. Here are some ideas on how you, too, can look like Nicole Richie

Accessorizing is a must. If you have ever seen pictures of Nicole Richie, she has tons of accessories on any given day. Think over-sized sunglasses, chunky necklaces and bracelets, head bands and scarves, big rings and definitely scarves around the neck. She also seems to be always carrying a big handbag, sometimes a little too big for her petite frame. This large handbag from Marc Jacobs would definitely be a bag that Nicole Richie would carry.

When it comes your actual clothing, skinny jeans and black leggings are a must for your wardrobe. Also, another must are long maxi-dresses that go down to your ankles. Look for ones that have an empire-waist or a halter top and are flowing with a pretty pattern or print. For tops, Nicole seems to like looser tops that are longer. Look for longer blouses or fitted t-shirts to wear with the legging or skinny jeans. For more of a dressed-up Nicole Richie look, try a strapless short dress or even a long strapless dress with a floral pattern.

One thing that you can tell about Nicole Richie’s fashion is that she loves shoes. She can be seen wearing high heeled pumps most of the time. These look great with the skinny jeans and leggings. For a more casual (and comfortable) look, Nicole goes for flat Bohemian-style shoes with embellishments and stones or flat boots like these Juicy Couture ones. For night time, keep your shoes interesting with bold colors, embellishments, high heels and interesting cutouts.

Celebrity Style: Red on the Red Carpet

The red carpet is not the only thing red among the celebrities these days. Leading ladies in Hollywood are sporting red dresses all over the red carpet. Red is a timeless color, but in certain times it becomes more or less in fashion with celebrities. Anne Hathaway is one of the latest celebrities to wear a long red dress to a red carpet event. She even got edgier with her red dress with a plunging neckline. Other celebrities who have been seen wearing red are Scarlett Johansson, Lily Allen, Miley Cyrus and of course Eva Longoria-Parker, who wore her red gown to the Golden Globes. Red is a color that suites almost anybody and can easily be pulled off and at the same time gives your look some drama. If you want to follow this celebrity fashion trend, find a red dress that suites your body shape and show it off.

Spring is definitely coming fast, and you can tell by the way the celebrities are dressing. We are seeing more and more celebrities wearing spring-like colors such as pink, purple and yellow along with some spring-like prints. Large flowers, small flowers and even geometric prints are in fashion with celebrities this spring. Such celebrities as Nicole Richie, Blake Lively, Kate Hudson, Rosario Dawson and Julianne Hough are all wearing their spring prints early. When you think about this celebrity fashion trend, think about the spring time prints that you see on Easter dresses but in a modern and updated way. A great example of this is the dresses that Just Cavalli has designed. They show off the trend with the large flower prints and the spring colors. When trying to wear this celebrity fashion trend, just be aware that some prints will make you appear larger than you are, and you may want to stick to smaller flowers and prints if you are afraid of this. But if you are confident with your body, by all means wear the big bold flowers and prints.