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Celebrity Style: Animal Prints!

Animal prints are definitely in fashion with celebrities. Everything from animal print accessories, like totes and scarves, to full animal print dresses. Celebrities are going wild over these animal prints. Kate Bosworth was seen wearing an animal print t-shirt as she headed to the airport, while Nicole Richie sported an animal print scarf to a red carpet event. Lily Allen took the animal print to the extreme and wore a leopard print winter coat to add some drama to her outfit. Full-on animal print dresses have been seen all over the red carpet also. America Ferrera wore a black and white tiger print dress to an event, while Maggie Gyllenhaal wore an animal print dress to the Golden Globes. This is one easy fashion trend for everyone to follow. If you are unsure about the trend, which is actually a classic fashion trend, think like Jessica Alba and start out with a snakeskin tote. Or you can go even simpler and add a touch of animal print to your outfit with an animal print belt from Dolce and Gabbana .

It appears that the 80’s are back. More and more celebrities are bringing back the 80’s fashion looks in a slightly more modern way. Hayden Panettiere rocked the 80’s look in her gold metallic mini-dress that she wore on the red carpet. While Jessica Biel rocked a full black taffeta dress that almost looked like it could have been wore to a prom in the 80’s. Other celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Kate Bosworth, Rihanna, Blake Lively, Kate Moss and Lily Allen are also bringing out the 80’s fashion garb. When trying to follow this celebrity fashion trend, you have to be careful not to look like you actually belong in the 80’s. Think updated 80’s fashion such as sleek dresses with polka dots and fitted leather jackets. Leave the parachute pants and shoulder pads at home. You want to look in fashion and not like a total blast from the past.

Fashion Show of the Month: The Golden Globes

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association officially votes on the awards given out annually at the Golden Globes. Unofficially, though, the ceremony is known as the first celebrity fashion show of the year. And 2009 definitely demonstrated the stars’ abilities to deck themselves in their classiest clothes.

Among those with fashion-to-die-for: Kate Winslet, who looked sleekly chic in her perfectly fitted black gown (Stefano Pilati at Yves Saint Laurent). The only detraction: bonny Kate tended to tug at the top of her strapless dress. Demi Moore, attired in a white Dior that contrasted beautifully with her hair, continues to appear about three decades younger than she is.

And although she and Brad snubbed Ryan Seacrest, Versace -clad Angelina Jolie looked every inch the star in a draped gown. Special mention must go to Drew Barrymore, whose exquisitely fitted blue gown deservedly drew gasps of appreciation as she paraded down the red carpet. From her perfectly coiffed hair to her demurely clad shoes , Drew shone like a real star.

It almost seems cruel to comment on some of the truly bad fashion that showed up for the Golden Globes … but it’s irresistible. Standing out among the worst: Renee Zellweger, who for some inexplicable reason (temporary insanity?) decided to slip into a solid white bra beneath her sheer black gown. Huh? Another pitiful failure: Rumer Willis, who wore a badly fitting dress that looked as if it came from a yard sale (hint to Demi: please give your daughter a lesson in fashion!).

Then there’s Maggie Gyllenhaal, a lovely girl who seems to have an unfortunate fondness for fashion errors. She began 2009 with her traditional lack of style by choosing a very peculiar print that had this volcanic eruption of fabric on her shoulder. Could someone please call in the fashion police for this hapless celebrity?

Last but not least: don’t men have fashion advisors anymore? The ones on parade at the Golden Globes certainly didn’t seem to. The one exception: youthful-yet-dapper Zac Efron, who chose a sophisticated tux-and-tie combo, which surely caused more than one young girl to sigh with envy at Zac’s gal pal Vanessa Hudgens (whose gorgeous gown’s elegance matched her boyfriend’s charm).

Celebrity Style: Fashion Trends

Even this cold weather that we are having this winter celebrities are still rocking the miniskirts . Now, miniskirts always seem to be in style and then the next minute out of style. This has been the case for over 20 years now. Celebrities like Lilly Allen, Kate Hudson and Chloe Sevigny seem to be bringing the mini skirt back into fashion. Whether it’s an actual miniskirt or a mini-dress, the short style is being seen more and more again on the Hollywood scene. If you want to sport this celebrity fashion trend but you live in a colder climate, try a mini-dress from Jean Paul Gaultier that has long sleeves but leaves little to the legs.

Other celebrities such as Mary Kate Olsen, Gwyneth Paltrow and Selma Blair are going for a much darker look this winter. They are wearing the all black ensembles with the touches of the Gothic accessories. Yes, we all know that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen seem to have this trend down pat, but now it seems like they are setting the fashion trend with the black leggings, oversized coats and pointy black shoes. Mixing a sheer black, over-sized top with some black leggings and black heels will set you in perfect with celebrity fashion trend.

Another celebrity fashion trend that you can spot on the red carpets now is the cut-out dress. These dresses give little hints of the body here and there rather than showing off the whole package. Celebrities such as Rihanna, Jenny McCarthy, Christina Ricci and Ashley Olsen have all dazzled in cut-out dresses. This may not be a fashion trend for everyone, though, since cut-out dresses look best on woman who have the body to show off. If you still want to try this celebrity fashion trend, try to find a cut-out dress that flatters your best assets and go from there.

Importance of Clothing in Art, Film, TV, Music: James Bond

Clothes make the man. When it comes to James Bond, it can also be said that clothes make the spy. Because of the longevity of the Bond film series, we can easily see the evolution of the fashionable modern man through Bond’s suits and accessories.

The Sean Connery Bond of the 60s and 70s had costuming done by a British tailor. The early suits reflected the time and weren’t particularly edgy. Single-breasted in blues and grays, Bond looked great, but you could still tell he was a government worker. In the later part of this period, we get more variety, and Bond’s clothes more reflected the times with wider lapels, more brown and the occasional casual look.

When Roger Moore took over the Bond role in the 1970s, Bond’s look changed again. Gone was any hint of trendiness (less brown, narrower lapels.) This Bond was all about being a classic. Here, we begin to see Bond in both single- and double-breasted jackets. Sport coats and yachting looks also entered his wardrobe. Bond no longer looked like a government operative but more like the rich playboy he often pretended to be in order to get the criminal and the girl.

Timothy Dalton‘s brief stint as Bond was the first attempt to make Bond more rugged. Gone was the high fashion (except when he was wearing a tux.) This Bond was meant to be rough and tumble. The concept and the look never quite worked for the franchise though, and Dalton was quickly replaced with Pierce Brosnan, who revolutionized Bond in subtle ways.

Brosnan’s Bond was a world traveler, and it showed as he was now dressed in Italian suits from Brioni. Casual linen looks were also popular for this Bond, and Brosnan succeeded in blending the slickness of the Moore portrayal with the manliness of the Connery-era Bond.

Daniel Craig currently portrays the sixth incarnation of Bond. He’s perhaps the most physical actor that’s been in the Bond role, doing many of his own stunts and reportedly being repeatedly injured on set. The wardrobe department has offset this bulkier Bond with a dark, conservative, very British look, which Craig somehow manages to make edgy, and casual clothes in light neutral and earth tones to accommodate many of the action sequences.

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Celebrity Gossip!: Wedding Bells for Fergie and others!

Well the rumors were true. Now it’s official. Singer Fergie and actor Josh Duhamel are married. The couple got married on Saturday, January 10, in Malibu California at the Church Estates Vineyards. The bride wore a long wedding gown by Dolce and Gabbana while the groom also sported Dolce and Gabbana. The couple had been dating since 2004 and had been engaged for a little over a year. I, for one, do not understand this couple at all. I’m sorry but he is way too hot for Fergie. If you have seen any pictures up close of Fergie, you will definitely agree with me, but I wish these two the best of luck. Hopefully their marriage lasts longer than the average Hollywood marriage.

Another, lesser-known celebrity also tied the knot this past week. KayCee Stroh, who had a role in all three High School Musical movies, married her boyfriend this past week. The couple, who are both 24, got married in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Another Hollywood couple that will be walking down the aisle soon (or should I say “dancing” down the aisle) are Dancing With the Stars dancers Karina Smirnoff and Maksim Chmerkovskiy. The duo got engaged on New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas. Karina has previously been linked with her former dancing partner Mario Lopez. Maksim and Karina supposedly go back for quite some time but have only been seriously dating a couple of months before getting engaged. So, to me this couple totally makes sense. They are both two very good looking people who like to dance. The thing that I question with them is this just lust and infatuation or is this really true love? I guess we will have to wait and see if they even make it down the aisle first.


Celebrity Style: Making a Statement With Shoes

Celebrities are making more and more of a statement with their shoes. Their shoes are the main attraction on the red carpet. When looking for attention-getting shoes like the celebrities, think shoes that have spikes, crazy cut-outs, bows, flowers and studs. Celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Eva Longoria Parker and Fergie all like to sport the dramatic-statement shoes. One thing to remember when trying to follow this celebrity fashion trend, make sure that your shoes are comfortable and wearable if you are going to be wearing them all night.

If you aren’t that interested in “notice me” shoes, how about a bold handbag to add to your outfit? Celebrities are still carrying around bold and dramatic handbags. No longer are plain black and brown handbags acceptable in Hollywood. No, you have to be like Blake Lively, Jessica Simpson or Paris Hilton and carry around a handbag that is a bold color or has unique accessories on it. Think bright pink like the bag that Alexander McQueen makes or a geometric print handbag like Kate Spade designed. This fashion trend is definitely going to be carried into the spring months, because spring is known for color. So go ahead, take a leap and go for this celebrity fashion trend and you can act like you are Paris Hilton walking down the streets of Hollywood.

Celebrities like Rihanna, Nicole Richie and Miley Cyrus all love to make a statement with their jewelry. Look for big, chunky pieces of jewelry that sparkle and shine. Bracelets, necklaces, watches and even rings are popular choices among celebrities. To really follow this celebrity fashion trend, make sure that you are not adding too much jewelry to your outfit. You really want one or two key pieces that pop and make people take notice. If you wear too many big jewelry pieces, you may just get lost in them and that is not a celebrity fashion trend!

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Celebrity Style: Hippie Headbands, Turtleneck Dresses, Polka Dots

A hot celebrity trend with accessories right now is the headband. Not just an ordinary headband, but the hippie-inspired headband. And celebrities like Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton, and Miley Cyrus aren’t wearing the headbands on top of their head. Instead, the celebrity trend is to wear the headband across your forehead, over your hair. Now to many people this may look pretty funny and quite odd, but it seems like celebrities like to wear headbands this way. I don’t know how this can be comfortable, as it would drive me crazy having the headband across my forehead. This may be one celebrity fashion trend that the average person may not be able to pull off as people may just think your headband slipped down off your head!

Celebrities are keeping warm this cold winter season with turtleneck dresses. This is one fashion trend that the average person can follow and feel comfortable in. Turtleneck dresses can be long, like the one that Beyonce wore, or on the shorter side, like the dress that Emma Roberts wore. One of the key things to remember if you are going to be pulling off this celebrity fashion trend is to make sure that the turtleneck dress is fitted. You don’t want to leave the house in a big, shapeless turtleneck dress and look like your grandma wearing a big muumuu. Also, keep the dress simple, like an all black or red dress to make it look more sophisticated and trendy just like the black turtleneck dress by designer GF Ferre.

Celebrities also seem to be gravitating towards polka dots this season. Katie Holmes, Jennifer Connelly and Christina Ricci all have worn polka dot pieces of clothing in the past couple of weeks. This polka dot fashion trend can be worn big or small. You can keep it simple with a polka dot blouse like Jennifer Connelly’s or try to go for more polka dots with a dress like Christina Ricci’s. This is another fashion trend that should be played down. If you have a polka dot blouse, pair it with a plain black skirt. If you are wearing a polka dot dress, make sure to keep your accessories, shoes and hair simple.

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TV/Movie/Celebrity Style: Sparkle, Sparkle, and More Sparkle!

Sparkle, sparkle and more sparkle. That is what celebrities are wearing this season. From everything from a sparkling cocktail dress to a sparkling cocktail ring can be seen on the women of Hollywood. With the holiday party season among us, it seems that celebrities are once again setting the fashion trends with sparkling jewelry, accessories and clothes.

If you are heading out to a holiday party and you want to shine and stand out, do what celebrities like Ashley Tisdale, Beyonce, Jennifer Connelly and Heidi Klum do when stepping out and wear a sparkling cocktail dress that will draw the attention of everybody. When wearing your sparkling cocktail dress, remember that you want to look appropriate for the type of party or event you are going to and that you want to wear a dress that is modern and doesn’t look like you just stepped out of the 80’s. Keep your sparkling dress to a modern and sleek fit.

If you want to be more subdued this holiday season, you can still sparkle like the celebrities and keep it modest. Look for sparkling jewelry to add some drama to your outfit. Look for big chandelier earrings, layered necklaces, bracelet cuffs and bangles. Another way that you can add some sparkle to your outfit is to pair it with a great belt. Adding a sparkling belt adds just enough to an outfit to keep it trendy and hip. One of the celebrities’ favorites for belts is Alexander McQueen . They are hip, trendy and add some drama to your outfit just like celebrities do.

There are a couple of other ways that you can add some sparkle to your outfit. Look for metallic colored shoes that shine. Add a beaded or sequined clutch or small handbag to complete your outfit and add just a hint of sparkle. There are quite a few ways that you can add sparkle to your holiday outfits this season, you just have to be creative like the celebrities.