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With minimal running, or “barefoot running” as it’s often called, becoming such a popular subcategory in the running world, there’s no reason why the same principles can’t be adapted for everyday life!

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In comes the Freud heritage tennis shoe by VIVOBAREFOOT™. This smart and ultra-versatile sneaker was designed in England by head designer Asher Clark, marrying modern-classic style with the brand’s Pure Barefoot™ technology. This means that not only does the Freud offer all-day comfort, you’ll also get total flexibility and the natural motion control that VIVOBAREFOOT is known for. 

Day in and day out, your feet will be free to move as nature intended in this durable weather-resistant shoe that goes so well with all your everyday casual outfits.

In short: it looks like your dream shoe has finally arrived!

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Donald J Pliner Fall Picks

Luxury and comfort may not always go hand in hand, but in the case of Donald J Pliner, the two are perfectly synonymous. With our sights firmly set on our long-awaited fall wardrobe, we’re sharing some of our favorite footwear from their fall collection to seamlessly coordinate:

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1. Donald J Pliner "Myles"

2. Donald J Pliner "Devi3"

3. Donald J Pliner " Prize"

4. Donald J Pliner "Turk"


1. Donald J Pliner "Eyes"

2. Donald J Pliner "Naper"

3. Donald J Pliner  "Dustee"

4. Donald J Pliner "Zaira"


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New to Zappos: Papillio

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If you love the classic and iconic comfort of Birkenstock, but have a flair for something bolder and more fashion-forward, then you’ll love Papillio. Papillio shoes and sandals are all made with the traditional Birkenstock footbeds with vibrant seasonal prints and colors for the more style-conscious woman.

For this spring and summer, Papillio offers fabulous animal prints, metallics and florals to infuse trend-focused design into your everyday casual wardrobe.

Check out the comfy and fashion-loving Papillio collection on!

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Fresh Picks: The Stylish Side Of Comfort

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Who says comfortable shoes can’t be cute? Au contraire! Today’s comfort brands seem to be paying extra-close attention to designing shoes that combine the comfort features that we love with on-trend styles.

Here are some of our favorite stylish and comfortable sandals that will keep your feet looking and feeling fabulous:

Naya Gemini: This lovely eco-friendly sandal will look amazing with all your summer dresses.

Born Smooch: Trade up those old summer sandals for this pretty and superbly comfortable sandal. The extra cushioning lets you walk in it all day long. 

Rockport Luciana: This office-appropriate sandal is so pristine and chic, it’ll be your next go-to pair for tons of outfits.

Birkenstock Gizeh: For more casual days, this classic T-strap thong sandal is a little bit of boho style wrapped up in a super comfy package.

Sofft St. Germain: The bold flower detail and cork platform and heel put this stunning sandal in our must-have list.

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Mozo Shoes. It's What's For Breakfast! (and Lunch, and Dinner!)


No one ever said that work shoes had to be dull and yawn-inducing! Au contraire! The shoes you wear to work should still show off your personality, especially if you’re spending all day standing in a hot, busy kitchen! That’s where Mozo shoes come in.

Known for their superb comfort and durable craftsmanship, Mozo shoes are designed for those who spend their entire workday on their feet. It’s a preferred brand of chefs and other food industry workers.  While Mozo does create superbly comfy basic black work shoes, the Mozo Sharkz is a shining exception. This style is also available in quirky and fun prints: black check, egg and bacon.

That’s right, eggs and bacon! Why not? If you’re going to be in a pair of shoes day in and day out, why shouldn’t they show off some of your fun, offbeat personality? So, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, make your shoes work for you and grab a pair of the sizzlin’ hot Mozo Sharkz.


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Set Sail In The Howard From Native Shoes

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When opportunity knocks loudest, say inviting a sea nymph aboard, it never hurts to have a pair of Native’s ready, especially the Howards. Add a fresh new look to your sneaker collection with the Howard from Native. The classic boat-shoe design with injected-molded EVA foam uppers and blown-EVA midsoles make the Howard your ideal boat shoe. Available in multiple colors, you can pair your Howards with anything. Check out the video below and head over to to get a pair for yourself:

Introducing the Howard by Native Shoes from Native Shoes on Vimeo.

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Do Yourself And The Environment A Favor With prAna Clothing

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With deep roots in rock climbing and yoga, prAna designs performance and lifestyle apparel and accessories for men and women. prAna is truly unique in its ability to blend purposeful fabrics and features with contemporary style, creating a genuine versatility that has forever been the signature of prAna design. 

At prAna, fit and performance are of utmost importance. Their designs are not only easy-to-wear, but built to fit real people. The Amaya Top is an active top that will keep up with you, no matter how far you go. Guided by nature since the very beginning, prAna is able to draw from nature’s endless amounts of inspiration to make clothing that may be well worn and lived in. Available in three colors, the Amaya Top channels the elements with vibrant hues and earthy tones.

Always looking for new ways to incorporate sustainable materials and practices into their product lines, prAna continues to work on reducing their impact on soils, water supplies and other natural resources. As part of the Organic Trade Association, prAna continues to increase their use of organic cotton, in addition to using other natural fibers and innovative recycled/upcycled materials.

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What Is Gore-Tex® ?

Hey I am Andre and I work with W. L. Gore associates and I am here to talk about Gore-Tex®. So what makes Gore-Tex® different? What is Gore-Tex®? Who really knows? But I can tell you a few things. Is it a spray? Is it a treatment? Is it something you do to the leather? It’s none of those things. What Gore-Tex® is, it’s a promise to the consumer and a technology behind that promise. Gore-Tex® is really unique because we are the only component manufacturer in the entire world that guarantees the protection and comfort of a shoe to a consumer. That’s like the meatballs guaranteeing the deliciousness of the spaghetti at the end of the day. Crazy stuff. It all starts with this. We make this product here, expanded polytetrafluorethylene. Say that three times fast if you can, expanded polytetrafluorethylene. It has 9 billion pores per inch, it’s chemically inert, thermally stable and it makes an amazing thing once you bond it with fabric materials to make a Gore-Tex® fabric. That fabric is a three layer fabric that’s gets made into this by our partners and this is the Gore-Tex® Bootie. And what it does is it gets inserted inside of a shoe. It’s waterproof and breathable and this is the thing that become the heart of any Gore-Tex® shoe. Now even though we know that the fabric is breathable and waterproof, we also know that if we built things around the fabric bootie, that can impede the waterproofness, it can impede the breathability and it can make it a really miserable experience for the consumers. So we work with our partners to make sure that everything that goes on top of this Gore-Tex® Bootie is the right thing. Not too much glue, not too much material to impede breathability or increase heat and enough of the things on there that are waterproof.