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Cool & Comfy: 12 Looks to Keep You Feelin' Both

It is hot

As we head into late summer in Las Vegas, we are seeing daily highs in the 108°F range. Now, I know most of you are going to say, “But Franki! It’s a DRY heat!” To this I reply that so is your oven, but you don’t want to hang out in it, now do you?

As a fluffy girl, I have always posited that I would rather deal with the cold than with the heat because nature, in her infinite wisdom, provided me with an insulating layer. As confident as I am with my own skin, there is another reason. Adding layers of clothing is, in its own way, a type of armor that helps cover and conceal body issues. Using patterns and layers to disguise those areas I’m not so happy with is ingenious. However, when it’s hot, you take clothing off, or wear things that are cut to expose skin and keep you cool, thus removing the camouflage that fashion provides.

We recently had a company event at a waterpark, and I think one of the most difficult things I’ve done in recent months was taking off my adorable capris and funky shirt to walk around in my bathing suit.

This is even odder considering that at Zappos, we truly are a loud, boisterous, loving and crazy family, constantly praising and pushing each other to achieve and be the best version of ourselves. However, I’m human, and though I am proud of my curves, of the body I work on in the gym and on runs every day, I was scared being compared to everyone else.

Truthfully, I work with some of the most beautiful people you’ll ever meet (both inside and outside), and deep inside every confident, curvy woman lurks that shy, chubby kid who always wore T-shirts in the pool in the hope of no one making fun of her.  

Do you want to know what happened when I finally decided it was going to be much cooler in the water than walking around fully dressed in 110°F heat, and got into my awesome swimsuit and sheer Steve Madden topper? Nothing. No one screamed or ran away in fear. No one tried to harpoon the white whale (sunscreen is an Irish girl’s best friend, seriously!).

In fact, I heard two things from some friends who were too nervous to swim. They were, “You look so comfortable and cool, I wish I’d brought my suit, but I didn’t want to scare people, ” and “Wow! You look awesome, let’s go ride a waterslide!” It was a great reminder that in the end, I’m still going to be my greatest critic, and I should not be so focused on what I think other people are going to think. What matters most is how I feel, and I feel a lot better when I’m not sweltering to death in layers to cover myself up.

So, in celebration of that, this week I’m bringing you beautiful, soft, comfortable and light pieces designed to help you stay cool through the dog days of summer. And as a reminder, the only opinion that matters about how you look is yours. In fact, how would you react if someone talked to your best friend the way you talk to yourself inside your head? If the answer is you’d kick their butt, perhaps it’s time to kick your own and take the self-negativity down a notch. Be you, be comfortable, be happy and celebrate the amazing person you are, even if you feel like the outside parts are still works in progress.

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#curvygirls, #WellRoundedWednesday, #WRW, #Zapposplus, calvin klein, comfort, culture phit, jumpers, karen kane plus, Kiyonna, michael michael kors, Mynt 1792, plus fashion, plus maxi, rachel pally, Well Rounded Wednesday, zappos, Zappos Plus 

  1. Culture Phit Plus Size Ayden Dress
  2. Mynt 1792 Plus Size Sheer Bodice Jumpsuit
  3. MICHAEL Michael Kors Plus Size Rain Print Maxi Tank Dress
  4. MICHAEL Michael Kors Plus Size Solid Matte Jersey Logo Maxi
  5. Rachel Pally Plus Plus Size Kathy Dress White Label
  6. Karen Kane Plus Plus Size Contrast Maxi Tank Dress
  7. Calvin Klein Plus Plus Size Sleeveless Print Top w/ Chain
  8. Karen Kane Plus Plus Size Midnight Iris Double Layer Top
  9. MICHAEL Michael Kors Plus Size Embroidery Tassel Top
  10. Kiyonna Bohemian Crochet Bellini
  11. MICHAEL Michael Kors Plus Size Tie-Dye Wide Leg Pants
  12. Rachel Pally Plus Plus Size Wide Leg Trousers

If you’re staying cool and rocking any of the looks you’ve seen here, tag us in your selfies or pics with #zapposWRW — we’d love to see your style! 

Fam Bam Pajama Jam with Bedhead

Admit it. If it were socially acceptable to wear pajamas everywhere, many of us would. We’d let our kids wear them all-day too because it’d be easier than trying to match an outfit. Sadly, making yourselves and your children presentable is a must. On the upside, BedHead makes incredibly fun and cozy sleepwear for when the day is done and the pajama party begins.

BedHead sleepwear comes in a variety of fun patterns and colors that are available in two-piece shorts or pants sets. They are super comfy and boast up to a 700-thread count in each pair, making them super comfortable and easy to wash. BedHead jammies are so comfortable and well made that they’ve become a favorite item of celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Oprah Winfrey. If the stars are loving them, then you know they’ve got to be good!

BedHead’s cute and funky prints make them an easy favorite for children and tweens too. You’ll find dinosaur designs for boys, leopard patterns for girls and floral prints for mom. The sleepwear styles come in pants with a snug fit, classic baggy with stretch or loose fitting shorts. Infant one-pieces are also available in case your newest “mini-me” is joining the slumber party too. Pick up these high-quality pajamas for the family and rock out bedtime or a sleepover in super comfortable style! 

pajamas, PJS, sleepwear, jammies, sleep shorts, pajama bottoms, pajama party, BedHead, Bedhead, comfort, pajama jam, pajama pants, family, cozy, bedtime, sleepover

pajamas, PJS, sleepwear, jammies, sleep shorts, pajama bottoms, pajama party, BedHead, Bedhead, comfort, pajama jam, pajama pants, family, cozy, bedtime, sleepover

pajamas, PJS, sleepwear, jammies, sleep shorts, pajama bottoms, pajama party, BedHead, Bedhead, comfort, pajama jam, pajama pants, family, cozy, bedtime, sleepover

  1.  BedHead Short Sleeve Shorty PJ Set
  2.  BedHead Classic Stretch PJ Set 
  3.  BedHead Kids Snug Fit L/S Classic PJ (Toddler/Little Kids) 
  4.  BedHead Kids Short Sleeve Tween Snug PJ (Big Kids) 
  5.  BedHead Kids Short Sleeve Tween Snug PJ (Big Kids) 
  6.  BedHead Kids Short Sleeve Two-Piece Shorts Set (Toddler/Little Kids)
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Zappos on Extra: Jambu

This week on Extra TV, their resident trend spotter Flynn Adams, along with our very own Cat Cook show off some amazing new boots from Jambu, a footwear line that expertly combines great design, durability and comfort with a sense of adventure.


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With minimal running, or “barefoot running” as it’s often called, becoming such a popular subcategory in the running world, there’s no reason why the same principles can’t be adapted for everyday life!

Comfort, Vivobarefoot, Vivobarefoot sneakers, barefoot running, minimalist shoes, Vivobarefoot Freud, sneakers, men's sneakers, men's casual sneakers,

In comes the Freud heritage tennis shoe by VIVOBAREFOOT™. This smart and ultra-versatile sneaker was designed in England by head designer Asher Clark, marrying modern-classic style with the brand’s Pure Barefoot™ technology. This means that not only does the Freud offer all-day comfort, you’ll also get total flexibility and the natural motion control that VIVOBAREFOOT is known for. 

Day in and day out, your feet will be free to move as nature intended in this durable weather-resistant shoe that goes so well with all your everyday casual outfits.

In short: it looks like your dream shoe has finally arrived!

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Donald J Pliner Fall Picks

Luxury and comfort may not always go hand in hand, but in the case of Donald J Pliner, the two are perfectly synonymous. With our sights firmly set on our long-awaited fall wardrobe, we’re sharing some of our favorite footwear from their fall collection to seamlessly coordinate:

fashion comfort, comfort, djp, donald j pliner, Donald J Pliner footwear, Donald J Pliner men's, Donald J Pliner women's, fall footwear, men's loafers, men's shoes, women's boots, women's fashion boots, women's shoes


1. Donald J Pliner "Myles"

2. Donald J Pliner "Devi3"

3. Donald J Pliner " Prize"

4. Donald J Pliner "Turk"


1. Donald J Pliner "Eyes"

2. Donald J Pliner "Naper"

3. Donald J Pliner  "Dustee"

4. Donald J Pliner "Zaira"


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New to Zappos: Papillio

papillio,papillio birkenstock,papillio by birko-flor,sandals,summer sandals,spring sandals,clogs,mules,women,women's shoes,papillio sandals,casual sandals,comfort,comfort sandals,casual lifestyle,casual shoes,comfy shoes,comfy sandals,

If you love the classic and iconic comfort of Birkenstock, but have a flair for something bolder and more fashion-forward, then you’ll love Papillio. Papillio shoes and sandals are all made with the traditional Birkenstock footbeds with vibrant seasonal prints and colors for the more style-conscious woman.

For this spring and summer, Papillio offers fabulous animal prints, metallics and florals to infuse trend-focused design into your everyday casual wardrobe.

Check out the comfy and fashion-loving Papillio collection on!

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Fresh Picks: The Stylish Side Of Comfort

birkenstock, born, comfort, comfort sandals, comfort shoes, comfy sandals, fresh picks, naya, rockport, sandals, sofft, Spring shoes, stylish comfort, stylish comfort shoes, summer sandals, summer shoes, women, women's sandals, women's shoes

Who says comfortable shoes can’t be cute? Au contraire! Today’s comfort brands seem to be paying extra-close attention to designing shoes that combine the comfort features that we love with on-trend styles.

Here are some of our favorite stylish and comfortable sandals that will keep your feet looking and feeling fabulous:

Naya Gemini: This lovely eco-friendly sandal will look amazing with all your summer dresses.

Born Smooch: Trade up those old summer sandals for this pretty and superbly comfortable sandal. The extra cushioning lets you walk in it all day long. 

Rockport Luciana: This office-appropriate sandal is so pristine and chic, it’ll be your next go-to pair for tons of outfits.

Birkenstock Gizeh: For more casual days, this classic T-strap thong sandal is a little bit of boho style wrapped up in a super comfy package.

Sofft St. Germain: The bold flower detail and cork platform and heel put this stunning sandal in our must-have list.

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Mozo Shoes. It's What's For Breakfast! (and Lunch, and Dinner!)


No one ever said that work shoes had to be dull and yawn-inducing! Au contraire! The shoes you wear to work should still show off your personality, especially if you’re spending all day standing in a hot, busy kitchen! That’s where Mozo shoes come in.

Known for their superb comfort and durable craftsmanship, Mozo shoes are designed for those who spend their entire workday on their feet. It’s a preferred brand of chefs and other food industry workers.  While Mozo does create superbly comfy basic black work shoes, the Mozo Sharkz is a shining exception. This style is also available in quirky and fun prints: black check, egg and bacon.

That’s right, eggs and bacon! Why not? If you’re going to be in a pair of shoes day in and day out, why shouldn’t they show off some of your fun, offbeat personality? So, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, make your shoes work for you and grab a pair of the sizzlin’ hot Mozo Sharkz.