An Apple a Day, Yo!

International Eat-An-Apple Day + Zappos = Fun!

Zappos Green Screen Craziness!

Our Cruise Ship operators were hard at work this week holding events to celebrate Customer Service Week for Zappos employees, and on Tuesday, the magic of Green Screen technology graced our lunch room. I’ll let them explain!


We show our appreciation for coworkers a little differently around here. Welcome to Neal-a-Palooza.

How Weird Are You?

Brett’s definitely a 10. How about you?

Hot Dogs for All....Except Her!

It’s Free Hot Dog Day For Everyone…But Melissa…

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The Sunshade of Great Confusion

Have you ever bought a car sunshade that took you more time to fold than the time that your car will actually be parked out in the sun? Well, the new sunshade, exclusively from the Zappos Zollar Store, is kind of like that…or maybe it’s just me.

Zappos Cheer Up: The Return

Yes, it’s that time again! We semi-retired the Zappos Cheer Up videos a few months ago, but we felt that everyone could use a little cheer-me-up right now, so we are up and running again! And to start us out, we aren’t actually cheering someone up, we are just celebrating our good Zappos buddy Sarah having her baby yesterday!

If you know someone who needs cheering up, email

Enjoy, and Congrats, Sarah!!!

Core Value Of The Week: Back to School

One of our favorite core values is “Pursue Growth and Learning”; we have classes, a library and a Vanessa to tell you all about it!