Happy Labor Day!

We at Zappos.com want to wish everyone around the world a happy Labor Day! Our employees go above and beyond tryig to serve the customer to the absolute best of their ability, and the Blogs team would like to thank each and every person who work so hard for their customers, their fellow employees and themselves. And we want to thank you for shopping with Zappos, visiting our blogs, Twitter and Facebook pages and getting us to where we are today. We owe it to you!

HAPPY LABOR DAY, from Zappos.com.

Core Value of the Week: Change you can believe in!

Pat shows us how Zappos embraces and drives change…then embraces and drives down for some lemonade.

Core Value Of the Week!

We here at Zappos pride ourselves with being open and honest…it’s one of our Core Values!

Well, I'm Your Ice Cream Man.............

I scream, you scream, we all scream…for ZAPPOS!

Zappos Party!!!!

Every year we host a party for our Vendors, and this year we were also celebrating 10 years of Zappos!

Development Olympics!

Our Development Department redecorated each row of their department with a sports theme….and then tested it with real, live sports action!

Pipeline at Zappos!

At Zappos, our Pipeline team prepares Zapponians for their future at Zappos and Beyond!
Check it!

CEO Letter

You can read and post comments here! (Read the email I sent to employees first.)