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Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids: Visiting a Dude Ranch

Whether you’re looking for something fun or educational for kids to enjoy outdoors, visiting a dude ranch can be a great option. Many towns and cities have at least one ranch, but if yours doesn’t, check the neighboring areas. Dude ranches can provide hours of education and fun. Plan to spend at least a few days at a dude ranch, or longer if you can. Many dude ranches are equipped with lodging to make for a fun family vacation and provide easy access to get the most out of your visit. There often is too much to see and do to fit into just one day.

Horseback riding is perhaps one of the most popular activities for kids when visiting a dude ranch. Call ahead to make sure the ranch you are interested in offers horseback riding at your child’s skill level. Some even offer classes for beginners that can also include simple hands-on horse care.

Hayrides allow kids a unique adventure and educational opportunity. Campfire cooking can help prepare kids for future camping trips, as well as give them hands-on experience in outdoor survival skills. Fishing is another fun activity for kids that teaches survival skills and is available at many dude ranches.

Cattle roundups can be fun for kids to watch. During the roundup, a parent or guide might explain the purpose behind rounding up the cattle. Children’s rodeos are another fun event that often can be found at dude ranches, so don’t forget those cowboy boots . You and the kids will need them for many of these experiences. They’ll also look great during dancing and other country and western fun that is bound to happen at a dude ranch.

Swimming, hiking, rock climbing and canoeing are other common dude ranch activities for kids. You might also find other activities such as sewing, churning butter, collecting eggs. Many dude ranches even offer hands-on educational and activity classes for kids. The great outdoor activities at a dude ranch can keep kids busy and also provide great exercise. Many lessons and family memories can be had by visiting a dude ranch with kids.

(Another) Very Special Product Description

Our very own Fred M., while in Kentucky, decided to do a video description at the same time as our CEO, Tony Hsieh . Fred was our first buyer here at Zappos, and his title is currently…No Title. His “No Title” position enables him to oversee a variety of departments at Zappos. Fred is a big fan of boots, and here he gives us the skinny on a nice little pair I’d like to own.
Yee haw.

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Yee-Haw! It's Western Day!

That’s right, strap on them boots and hang on to your hats, because today is a Zappos Spirit Day unlike anything else! It really is quite shocking as to how many people in the Zappos headquarters own a pair of cowboy boots and a western button up.

And even though we don’t hand out group awards or prizes, the blog team is giving koodos to HR for being the team with the most participants. Way to show your country western and Zappos pride HR!

Weekly Comfort Item: P.J. Salvage Cowboy Slipper Boot Tattoo Il

Are you one of those girls who love the new tattoo art on clothing? If so the P.J. Salvage Cowboy Slipper Boot Tattoo II is an ideal way to comfortably express your fashion style and achieve comfort while lounging around the house. The uniquely designed PJ Salvage Cowboy Slipper Boot Tattoo II is a comfortably designed house slipper designed after a cowboy boot decorated with tattoo art.

For individuals living a busy life, being comfortable during your down time while lounging around the house is not only important but also a real necessity. The comfort provided by the well designed, comfort-enhanced P.J. Salvage Cowboy Slipper Boot Tattoo II adds to one’s down time while providing a snug and comfortable environment for the wearer.

The P.J. Salvage Cowboy Slipper Boot Tattoo II is a charming and uniquely designed comfort slipper made with a synthetic micro-suede shaft, semi-soft sole designed to provide protection for extended wear and a soft and cuddly faux-fur lining that is plush and comfortable. Wearers have access to dual pull tabs to make pulling the slipper boot on and off easy. What makes this particular style unique is the classic embroidered tattoo print of roses and hearts, which accent the shaft of the slipper boot. A great choice for the girly girl but also appealing to the punk rocker, the P.J. Salvage Cowboy Slipper Boot Tattoo II is an ideal comfort shoe and also makes a great gift item.

The P.J. Salvage Cowboy Slipper Boot Tattoo II offers the wearer great style, design and comfort while also offering the semi-soft sole great for extended wear just in case the wearer decides to step out of the house for a quick fast food pick up. The P.J. Salvage Cowboy Slipper Boot Tattoo II is generally sold in sizes small, medium and large. The stylish and comfortable tattoo embroidered slipper boot retails for approximately $51. Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? With the P.J. Salvage Cowboy Slipper Boot Tattoo II, a girl can be a girl but with a little bit of edge.

Shoe Encyclopedia: Now you Know More than Most!

By now you’d think the shoe encyclopedia would be running out of words and phrases. Worry not, my shoe-savvy friends. There are still plenty more shoe terms to fill up your shoe-thirsty mind. In the last lesson, you learned about static dissipating footwear, a moisture-control compound called Dri-Lex, vegetarian shoes and Jodhpur boots that were made for equestrian activities. This lesson will teach you about the lift you get when wearing your favorite skimmers. It will also teach you about a special process in creating shoe soles, a type of leather derived from horses and a thin lining created for warmth.

When creating a heel for lifting a shoe, there are several layers of leather or leather-board used. A lift is one of those various layers. A lift can be used in many types of shoes, including skimmers , wedge boots , cowboy boots , and many more styles and types. A lift can be contained in both men’s and women’s shoe styles.

Injection Molded Construction
This term sounds like it may have something to do with building a house. However, the facts are quite the contrary. This type of construction is instead related to shoes. Injection molded construction is one process for making shoe soles. In this process, melted PVC (or another similar compound) is injected into the sole mold. This method is most often used during mass shoe production.

No, this is not some new type of gas-saving van everyone will soon be taking over the roads with. Although, inventing one of those may not be such a bad idea. Back to the shoes, cordovan is actually leather derived from the rear side of horses. When this type of leather goes through tannage, it turns into a black cherry color. Cordovan is used both to describe this type of leather, as well as to describe the color.

Minktex is a type of lining. The lining is lightweight, but allows for comfort and warmth, due to an open cell foam rubber that it backs. Minktex can be featured in boots or other footwear and can be part of a removable lining.

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Cowboy Boots!

While the basic silhouette of Western boots has survived through the decades, designers have updated the original looks with exotic skins, fur trim, embroidered patches and even sequins and jewels. What will make its way to your closet?

From classic gringo styles to exotic ostrich skin, Western boots continue to be the prized possession of fashionistas across the country. Cowboy boots and ropers can be decked out with leather detailing, embossing and tassels for a classic Southwestern look that’s steeped in history. While the basic silhouette of Western boots has survived through the decades, designers have updated the original looks with exotic skins, fur trim, embroidered patches and even sequins and jewels.

It’s clear that the country-Western look is here to stay, and boots are the easiest way to pull together a stylish, eye-catching ensemble for any occasion. You don’t have to live on a ranch to step into the Western lifestyle once in a while; just pull on a pair of traditional ropers, durable knee-high boots or a fashionable take on classic designs for a one-of-a-kind look!

Western boots are easily distinguished from your average leather boot or bootie with their high shaft, lace-free design and either a rounded or pointed toe. Cowboy boots usually end at mid-calf, have a small heel and can be finished off with a pair of spurs. The roper style usually ends above the ankle and features a squared heel and a rounded toe. The roper is ideal for pairing with short skirts and dresses, while the traditional cowboy can be worn with jeans, leggings and pants. When you want to update your look with some Western inspiration, a pair of boots with some unique details could be all you need to start a new trend.

Luchesse , Old Gringo and Charlie One Horse are just a few of today’s bestselling Western boot brands that capture the classic look of an era gone by. Handcrafted boots feature painted designs, embossing and prints to create a unique twist to any outfit. While some may not be high on the comfort factor, they’re designed for maximum visual impact and are available in an array of colors. Want to dress up that all-black outfit with a sexy twist? Try a low heel, leather buckle boot that gives you some height with a two- to three-inch heel and sleek, form-fitting style. Dress things up with painted flower designs, embossed leather or zippers and buckles – the perfect combination of fashion-forward looks with Western flair.

Ropers made with rubber soles and leather uppers are a lightweight version of the calf-length boots, a durable and sturdy design with extra cushioning for comfort. Laredo , Ariat and Tony Lama offer pairs of practical, unique styles for men, women and kids. Fun and casual, these boots can get you through your daily trek for months, even years to come.

When fashion meets function, you can still catch the Western look with styles from Ariat, Frye and Dingo . Boots and mules from these designers feature wing tip patterns, whipstitch detailing, short and practical heels and either suede or leather construction. Stirrup-friendly soles mean you can still stay stylish on your horseback riding days, and special arch and heel support keeps you in good form on any type of route.

Whether you choose a slouch boot or suede knee highs, fashionable boots with a Western appeal can perk up any standard outfit!