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Waterfight Part 2!

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Back in June, a few of us decided to beat the crazy Las Vegas heat with a good ol’ fashioned water fight. Well, we decided it was time for a round two!

This time, there was even more madness, as folks from Zappos Merchandising, Zappos Development and Zappos Finance all went head to head in an all-out water war.

Will there be a round three? I guess we have a couple more weeks of summer to find out!

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Resume Cake

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One of our Zappos Family Core Values is “Be adventurous, creative and open-minded”. So when ZCLT rep Pua was faced with the challenge of creating an out-of-the-box resume when applying for an internal position, she knew she had to step up to the plate.

The idea of doing a cake resume came to her in a dream, oddly enough. She contacted a friend at Jean Philippe Patisserie at the Bellagio to construct her delicious resume out of her favorite cake: red velvet. What a sweet idea indeed!

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Be a Part of the 2011 Zappos Culture Book!

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Last year's edition of the Zappos Culture Book.

We’re at it again! For last year’s 2010 Culture Book, we asked our customers, employees and partners to submit their photos…a way of getting unique perspectives of the world through different lenses.

This year, we want everyone’s photos to add to the 2011 Culture Book. Here are some of the requirements for the photos:


What you think of when you hear “Zappos”

-Your favorite Zappos item

-Something fun and a little weird

-Something that makes you smile

-Something you’re passionate about

-Your interpretation of one of our core values (

No Good:

-Your dirty laundry :)

-Anything inappropriate

-Anything excessively photo-edited or Photoshopped.

Feel free to add informative titles, descriptions, your name and where you took the picture (in the email, not on the picture). If you’re submitting a photo, you’re giving us the right to use it in our book and you’re verifying that it’s your original photo (and not someone else’s).


-The higher the resolution, the better!

-JPG format only.

-300 dpi 5” x 7” or higher.

-1200 × 1600 pixels minimum.

-You must own the full copyright.

-No trademarks (e.g. logos, brands, entities with copyright or trademarked).

Please send your images and questions to: by this Thursday, August 25th!

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Mariachi Band Visits Zappos HQ

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One of the many reasons why Zappos HQ is quite possibly the best office around is all the random things that happen here on any given day. Take this Monday for example; a real-life mariachi band came out to the serenade the office!  

Just another Monday here at Zappos!

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ZFC Happy Hula!

The ZFC PHS department is going Hawaiian!

Not only are they having a great time, but their tropical theme is bringing awareness of health-related illnesses.

Level 1 Process Manager, John Schneider says that he wants to start doing culture days more often.  He adds, “It’s a great thing to keep things interesting for the team members and just make sure they’re having fun on the job while they’re here and being productive.”

In addition to dressing up in Hawaiian hula style, they had a hula hoop contest and are playing flip cup with water to promote hydration.

Just another day at the Zappos warehouse! 

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Office Prank of the Day: Runaway Desk

zappos hq, zappos pranks, office pranks, zappos culture, create fun and a little weirdness

Here at Zappos HQ, there’s always a good reason to pull an office prank on our co-workers. It doesn’t even have to be their birthday!

You may remember the prank a couple of months back when a Zapponian’s desk was rolled outside in the parking lot. Well, the runaway desk prank has been relived today for Mauricio’s 1st year anniversary at Zappos.

Thank goodness they didn’t put his desk outside since it’s well over 100 degrees today! They decided the inner lobby was a better home for it.

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It's Christmahanukwanzakah!

While the holiday season is still five months away, we’re celebrating Christmas in July in a big way here at Zappos HQ. Our lovely HR team has decided to celebrate a little hybrid holiday called “Christmahanukwanzakah” this month. They’re handing out prizes to a few lucky, random winners to spread the holiday cheer!

Thanks HR team for giving us yet another reason to get excited!!! Woooo!

Along with all the merry gift-giving, our Z-Con team is holding their annual “Christmas in July” raffle to benefit the Shade Tree Foundation of Southern Nevada. Just another reason why this is quite possibly the happiest office on Earth!

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The Moth Prank

Here at the Zappos HQ, we’re no strangers to office pranks. If you’re not careful, it’s very easy to fall prey to a practical joke. Even celebrities aren’t safe from some our office jokesters. Remember the classic prank played on Carey Hart? 

Leave your computer unlocked when you walk away from your desk for a couple of minutes, and you could come back to a pleasant surprise like a weird desktop wallpaper, or worse.

If you share your biggest fears…well, you could end up like our friend Darren. Consider this a friendly warning!