How to Wear Colored Heels Properly: Dress 'em Down with Jeans

If you want to be able to wear colored heels on a more regular basis, you can try a more casual approach to wearing heels and pair them with jeans. There are tons of celebrities that pair a great pair of colored heels with a skinny jean or even a book cut jean and this is a great way to not only add some color into your outfits but also to give you a little more style.

There are a few different ways that you can wear colored heels and jeans. With winter coming, some people may think that colored heels and jeans are a fashion don’t, but if you have a holiday party coming up you can pull off colored heels and jeans. A pair of skinny jeans paired with a fancy cardigan or blouse with a great pair of red high heels is an awesome holiday party look.

Another way to wear colored heels with jeans is to pair them with a nice t-shirt. This is definitely the most casual way to wear heels and jeans. Remember that heels don’t have to be 4 inches high. A simple 1.5-2 inch heel looks great with a nice t-shirt and boot cut jeans. For winter you can even throw a scarf around your neck to add to the outfit as well.

So, how do you decide what color heels you wear with your outfit? Almost all of the time, the color of the shoes are going to be based off what color of shirt you are wearing. For example, if you are wearing a plain black shirt or blouse, you are going to have a lot more leeway with the colors. You can choose anything from red, pink, blue, purple and even a patterned colored heel.

On the other hand if you have a shirt or blouse that has a print or pattern on it, you are going to want to pick complimentary colors to the shirt. Let’s say you are wearing a yellow and purple flowered blouse. You can choose a purple or yellow heel or mix it up a bit and pick a green or teal colored shoe.

You shouldn’t feel like you are trapped when wearing jeans with just flats, boots, or tennis shoes. Add some colored heels to your outfit and you have instant style.

Most Posh Hotels/Spas in the World: Chicago

Chicago has some of the best day and night spas in the United States, including the new chic spas are popping up everywhere along the city streets. Whether you’re looking for basic spa treatments or even facial lifts and botox, combined with a raging nightlife and an abundant restaurant scene, Chicago should be the city for your next vacation.

During your vacation to Chicago while you’re not getting pampered at one of the city’s best spas, Dana Hotel and Spa, be sure to check out Chicago’s exciting theatre life. Chicago is known for improvisational theatre of which there are many to choose from and Chicago also houses the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Civic Opera House and the Chicago Festival Ballet.

But before heading out in the blistering cold of Chicago’s winters, get a good pair of warm mittens or gloves to protect your hands from the elements.

After you’ve given your ears and eyes a treat, head back to the Dana Hotel and Spa to give the rest of your tired body a treat. This boutique hotel in Chicago is very modernly decorated with a great offering of amenities, including rain showerheads, Egyptian cotton sheets, private wine reserves and soft luxurious bathrobes.

The Dana Hotel and Spa’s wellness center has a menu of treatments that really run the gamut. From classic Swedish massage and mother-to-be massage, from sensitive skin facials to oxygen aroma facials, from body scrubs to organic manicures, and more!

After pampering yourself at the Wellness Spa, head over to Dana Hotel and Spa’s Asian fusion steakhouse called Ajasteak. The menu is packed with all kinds of American classics and Asian twists. After dinner the Vertigo Sky Lounge beckons, a Time-Out worthy and extremely contemporary night club. There you can order cocktails to your heart’s delight while dancing to music spun by the live DJ.

Depending how long you plan to stay in Chicago and how many fellow travelers are with you, the Dana Hotel and Spa has a suite for you. The Nirvana suite has in-house fitness equipment along with three bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room, lounge and large bathroom with soaking tub. The Tranquil suite is another option, known for its Italian stone vanities and two person shower, its view balconies and natural wooden doors. So go ahead and relax!

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Celebrity Gossip! Madonna's the New Face of D&G

A while back I had written about how Nicolas Cage owed the federal government $6 million in back taxes and pondered how an actor who has made several decent movies could owe that much money. Well, I have now learned why. Apparently he is suing his former money manager for $20 million for providing him with bad financial advice and leading him down “a path of financial ruin.” That is not the whole story though. It appears that Mr. Cage likes to buy very expensive and unnecessary items, according to New York Magazine. He had a jet and two yachts to his name. He bought a dinosaur skull for $276,000. He had three castles as well as an island in the Bahamas. He had several other mansions that he owned in Bel Air as well. A collection of real shrunken heads. A $495,000 Lamborghini. These are just some of the luxury items that Cage has bought over the past 10 years. Most of these items have been sold or foreclosed on due to owing the United States government more than what an average person makes in their entire life. So, did his money manager make him buy these things? Is that why he is suing him?

Madonna has yet another job. It was just recently announced that she will be modeling for Dolce and Gabbana. She will be the face of Dolce and Gabbana for the 2010 spring/summer line. This is not the first time that Dolce and Gabbana and Madonna have teamed up though. The pop star had D&G design her costumes for her Girlie Show tour in 1993. They also designed some costumes for her Sticky and Sweet tour as well. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana told their online magazine that “to have Madonna in our campaign is a dream come true.” Madonna’s ads for the D&G campaign were shot last week in New York City. The spring/summer line for Dolce and Gabbana is greatly inspired by the designers’ Italian heritage and includes classic pieces like corsets.


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Putting Together an Outfit from the Bottom Up: Start with an Ankle Boot

If you’re ready for a night of clubbing, and want to look sexy from your toes to your head, let’s start with an ankle boot. But not just any ankle boot. This boot is the Planet from GUESS, and it has a spike heel, a full side zipper, and a lace-up front for that flawless fit. As if that weren’t enough, Planet also has leather straps and a buckle, to make every fashionista jealous of the woman wearing it.

Don’t even think about leggings with these. No, lovelies, you want black patterned hose – either a tight fishnet (not the Frederick’s of Hollywood style!), or maybe a pretty floral lace. If you can’t find these, then just choose something sheer.

Next, as we move up your legs, add the ideal skirt. To enhance your Planet look, that skirt is the flirty silk satin skirt from kensie. A short skirt, it bounces from a bright fuschia-pink at the hem to black at the dropped waist. It has a side zip closure, and is gathered below the waist so it swings as you walk or dance. It is 100% silk, so try not to spill on it!

Top the skirt with a cute camisole like the Lucas tank from Joie. Made of black silk, this top features a ruffly hemline to swing away from your body, a tie-back to accentuate your waist, and silk-covered buttons at the scoop neck. You can tie the ribbons above the neck or let them swing free. This shirt is a classic, and it looks just as great with your favorite jeans as it does with the skirt. Top it with a cropped black jacket, left open, and carry a beautiful, elegant, sexy clutch, like the Dina from Nina, in fuschia with black lace, and just enough room for your cell phone, keys and of course your lip gloss!

Dolled from head to toe, you’ll be catching every eye in this ensemble. And to think it all started with a boot!

Celebrity Gossip! Verne Troyer Owes the Government Some Serious Money

What is with all these celebrities (or so-called celebrities) not being able to afford their taxes? I mean celebrities have to have an accountant or financial planner helping them with their money right? The latest celebrity to be hit with back taxes is Austin Power’s Mini-Me Verne Troyer. The actor fell behind on his taxes in 2005 and 2008 and owes the government $10,869.36 in back taxes. I guess this is nothing compared to the millions that Nicolas Cage owes in taxes but still, the guy has to come up with almost $11,000 soon. A few months ago Verne had mentioned that Mike Myers was coming up with an Austin Powers 4 movie. He better hope that Mike writes it awful fast so he can get some money.

Singer Mariah Carey is stepping forward and admits that she was emotionally abused in a relationship. She says that she can relate to singer Rihanna and her relationship with Chris Brown as she too was emotionally and mentally abused. Mariah, who married Nick Cannon last year, says that she has been through some painful relationships in the past. She told Larry King in an interview, “You know, I just think you get into a situation and you feel locked in. If your situation is similar to one of the situations I’ve been in – which I won’t harp on – for me, to really get out, it was difficult because there was a connection that was not only a marriage but a business thing, where the person was in control of my life.” In the same interview, Mariah also denounced the rumors that she was pregnant. She says that she would love to have a child now but with her movie Precious and singing career she does not have the time to devote to motherhood like she wants to. She said, “I wouldn’t be just like, ‘Oh, I’m having a child, Yay! Let me get a nanny so I can give her the baby. Take the kid. That doesn’t work for me. I don’t believe in that.” At least this is one celebrity who takes motherhood seriously rather than just pawning kids off on a nanny.


Incorporating International Fashion into Your Wardrobe: French Berets

We love the French, everything about them is elegant and chic, their culture, their wines, their fashion and the list goes on. One particular fashion that has always been a French staple is the French beret, making its way into the forefront of American fashion trends this fall for women. The beret compliments any layering look.

Juicy Couture has a great selection of berets that are trendy and edgy. The wavy Stripe Ruffle Beret features metallic accents throughout its stripe pattern in a classic crochet beret. It’s also available in Blue/Black or Pink/White to match any cable knit sweater you choose to wear. Juicy Couture Pailettes Beret is perhaps the most modern beret this season. All over sequin is a huge trend this season, forget the sequin dresses and instead choose this wool beret sewn with allover sequins; perfect to pair with a classic white t-shirt, solid cardigan, skinny jeans and boots. But if all of sequins is a little too much, the Juicy Couture Studded Felt Beret might be easier to wear. This classic white felt hat features gold pyramid stud detailing throughout. This beret is another fashionable piece that should be worn with a basic winter outfit.

If you choose to jazz up your attire with an embroidered sweater or a sequin jacket, then keep your beret simple. Nixon’s LA Woman Beanie is available is an assortment of solid colors like yellow or red to brighten up any monochromatic or all black outfit. If you’re looking for something in between flashy and simple, Lucky Brand’s Mosaic Beret is a great choice. The burgundy beret features a delicate floral knit detail that’s like no other. Wear this with a solid black dress over black opaque leggings and black flat boots for a feminine and fun look.

You don’t have to be French to own this look. Just wear your beret in confidence and you’ll look oh la la chic!

Nixon’s LA Woman Beanie

Most Posh Hotels/Spas in the World: A Trip to Venice in Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada is not a place frequently thought of by tourists who simply want to kick their feet up, relax, and rejuvenate. More likely, Vegas is thought of as a party-lover’s paradise, with slamming clubs, bars, lounges, gambling, shows, and rides. Vegas, at least the Vegas strip, is often thought of as a city that never sleeps. However, if combining a vacation of partying hard and relaxing easy sounds perfect to you, a luxurious hotel in the middle of the chaos could be just what the doctor ordered.

The Venetian Resort and Hotel Casino is like a city of its own within the Vegas strip. Stepping into the Venetian transports you into a whole different world— the world of romantic Venice, a city on the east coast of Italy. What makes the Venetian a city of its own? For starters, the Venetian contains a whopping 19 restaurants! These restaurants feature some of the most famous chefs, from Wolfgang Puck to Emeril Lagasse. The Venetian also houses the Grand Canal Shoppes, a massive collection of the best and most prestigious designers in the world. At the Venetian you can enjoy a lovely gondola ride down the reconstructed Grand Canal, an experience which really feels authentically Italian. All this, not to mention a huge casino packed with all of your favorite games and adventures. For all this gambling fun, you’re not going to want to carry around your old and beat up wallet, but a new soft leather checkbook clutch.

The Venetian also houses the Canyon Ranch SpaClub, a gorgeously outfitted center for relaxation. There you can opt for a massage, a facial and a host of other luxurious spa treatments. Or if physical activity is what you want, go ahead and try their 40 foot rock climbing wall, a group fitness class or just a calm swim in the pool.

If you thought the Venetian could not get any grander, just wait until you step inside one of their sparkling suites. The Venetian offers a whole range of suites to fit all tastes, but my personal favorite is the Venezia Terrazzo Suite, with its 100 square foot private terrace and 130 square foot decadent bathroom. It won’t get any better than this!