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The Amazing Easter Hunt

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Here at the Zappos HQ, we love to celebrate every holiday. Actually, we love to celebrate just about everything, and always manage to find reasons for celebrations. Since Easter is coming up this weekend, we held an Amazing Easter Hunt yesterday. What is the Amazing Easter Hunt you ask? It’s a crazy combo of Minute To Win It, The Amazing Race and a good old-fashioned Easter Egg Hunt.

Each team had to complete Minute To Win It-style games such as strapping on a belt with a tissue box filled with ping pong balls and shaking and shimmying like mad in order to get all the balls out of the box as fast as possible.

After teams were eliminated, three teams were left standing to do the actual Easter Egg Hunt. The premise was like The Amazing Race in that they had to complete challenges to get clues about where the eggs are hidden. In the end, Team "Egg-cellence" (Corey B., Jesse C. and Maureen S.) reigned supreme and took home 1st place.

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Five Juicy Gifts For Your Little Fashionista

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Surprise the little fashionista in your life with a cool gift from Juicy Couture. Juicy Couture is embraced by fashionistas from all walks of life, and is also a celebrity favorite. Juicy Couture started out as a women’s sportswear line but quickly branched out and began offering a full line of products. For girls, Juicy Couture offers a wide array of sandals, ballet-flats, slippers and boots. But the holidays are all about fun. Trendy young girls can enjoy a wonderful selection of Juicy Couture toys and fun clothing

She’ll enjoy snuggling with the Juicy Couture Kids Plush Scottie in PJ Shirt & Eye Mask, a super cute plush dog dressed in a Juicy tee and eye mask. She can fall asleep listening to her favorite music being pumped through the Juicy Couture Kids Mini Bear Plush MP3 Speakers. These two plush, bear-shaped speakers crank out the jams and look super adorable at the same time. If she’s more into mice than bears, she'll be the center of attention whenever she steps out in the adorable Juicy Couture® Kids Mouse Hat with Ears. She’ll love the heart-shaped applique on the front and the charming ears on the top. Pair her hat with the Paws Pop Top Mittens and she’ll be all set. Since the holidays are all about family togetherness, add some Juicy Couture fun to game nights with the Four in a Row Game. And remember parents - she gets to be PINK every time.

Juicy Couture embodies all that is chic and glamorous, but lends itself to a relaxed and comfortable way of dressing. Juicy Couture is all about being happy, feeling comfortable and looking gorgeous. Give her the gift of Juicy Couture this holiday from

Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt Clues

Looking to hold a thematic treasure hunt this Thanksgiving for your kids?  Here are clues to get the Turkey Hunt going:

Pumpkin Pie: Orange and spicy, with a dollop of whip, I sure am yummy!

Turkey: Stuffed and roasted, I crown your table where I am toasted!

TV: All day abuzz with the latest scores, I also take in those after-dinner snores!

Football: Tossed in the air from side to side, the winner I’ll decide!

Leaves: Colorful and crisp, I fall to the ground with no more than a whisper!

Pilgrim: With a black and white cap, I extend my hand and say thanks with a laugh!

Indian: Bearing maize and good will, let’s join together with friends far and near!

Parade: Large giant balloons afloat; if you attend don’t forget your coat!

Hope these clues help get your treasure hunt off to a great start and keep the kids busy too!

Will Halloween Overshadow Your Baby’s First Birthday?

When your child’s birthday lands on or close to Halloween, it is almost inevitable to have a Halloween themed party, or even an autumn themed party. If you have only a few little ones attending, your child will not be overwhelmed. Most often, one year olds are dressed in a little soft pumpkin outfit as their costume…so, I don’t think that will be too much to take in.

One year old parties are really about the parents and the family there, your child will have a wonderful time playing with his little friends in free play activities, eating some cake, and taking it all in. Decorate with orange and black streamers, balloons, and tableware, put on some spooky music. Perhaps read some Halloween softy books to the little ones. It will go off well.

The holiday will not overshadow his birthday celebration. As long as there is cake and balloons, everyone will understand that this is a birthday party, with a Halloween theme. Many kids love the fact that their birthday lands around such a cool holiday and as they get older you will be able to do fabulous Halloween parties in future. Yet, sensitivity to “Is this holiday overshadowing the birthday celebration?” is quite good. However, in future times, your child may want to do something totally different off of Halloween and you will be ready for it

Hula Hoop Contest at Zappos

Funny Hula Hoop Contest at Zappos! We like to call it a HOOP OFF!!!

Win a Trip To NYC Contest!!!

Do you have what it takes to beat Stuart in Ping-Pong? Upload a video response and show us why and you can win a trip to NYC!!!

Below are the contest rules:

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Inside Zappos: The Ultimate Pixie Stick Challenge!

This ruthless challenge between Tiffany G. and Stephanie S. all started last week with two packs of Pop-Rocks and Coca-Cola:

“What do you do when your parents send you a birthday package full of candy?? You share it with your coworkers. What do you do when others realize 2 packs of Pop Rocks are in this collection of candy? You allow them (Dave aka “EL IT” and Stephanie aka “Sims”) to talk you into testing out an urban legend…downing Pop Rocks with a popular soft drink that comes in a shiny red can. If you turn up the volume, you can really hear the Pop Rocks crackling”

Well, the competition continues this week with the ultimate Pixie stick chugging challenge! Here’s how the game’s played, the competitors take a shot of the ever so popular powdered candy and then chug a coke as quickly as possible. Sounds simple right? Well rumor has it that pixie stick powder and coke don’t mix as well as cookies and milk…hope nothing comes up in the middle of this one.

Lets see who’s the victor of this week’s challenge.

Stephanie Sims, you are one hard core pixie pixie chugging, coke drinking, crazy lady! Tiffany, you too are crazy, but better luck in next week’s candy/coke competition.

Encouraging Excercise: Spray Bottle Race!

To keep kids active and promote physical fitness, strive to provide more than just an exercise routine. You can make it fun at the same time. When you transform exercise into an active game, a child will show far more interest.

To keep kids active and promote physical fitness, strive to provide more than just an exercise routine. You can make it fun at the same time. When you transform exercise into an active game, a child will show far more interest. Because of the element of fun, kids may not even realize, or care at all, that they are participating in a form of exercise.

One fun, active game to play is what I like to call “Spray Bottle Relay Race”. It’s a game I have always played with my own kids, but have also recently seen used in schools as part of Field Day or just as a fun activity. In Spray Bottle Relay Race, the kids will work pretty much the entire body. Spray Bottle Relay Race should be played in an open field, such as one at a school or park. It’s a team game, but can be easily modified for fewer kids. This game is fun for school-aged children of all ages.

The only materials needed to play this active game are batons and large spray bottles. The spray bottles should be ones that can spray a straight line of water, not a mist. There should be 2 batons and 1 spray bottle for each team. Setting up the game is fairly simple. First, determine how many teams there will be. Then, split up the kids accordingly. Determine where the start and finish lines will be and place a baton at each to mark the spot. Alternatively, a chalk line can be drawn to mark the start and finish lines as well. Have the kids line up behind both the start and finish lines. Give each of the kids located at the start lines a spray bottle, filled with water and ready to spray.

To start the game, blow a whistle or shout “Go!” The children who are first at each of the start lines will race to the finish lines and then squirt their next teammate with the spray bottle (no face shots allowed) and hand off the spray bottle. Then, that child will run to the start line and spray the next teammate and hand off the bottle. This will continue until all of the children have run at least once. Ideally, each child should run more than once. Splitting the children into small teams can help make that happen.

This active exercise will give the kids a great cardio workout, as well as help them cool off on a hot day. It works the entire body while running and also increases the heart rate. The action of squirting the water also gives an added bonus of using the smaller muscles in the arms, hands, and wrist. Not every kid likes every activity, but I have to add that no child I have seen play this one has ever complained. It makes for a great last minute opportunity for getting kids active, as the supplies are ones that may already be on hand.