Vacations for the Outdoorsy: Forks, Washington

Just a few years ago, Forks, Washington, of the Olympic Peninsula, was just your average tiny American town, a hub for fishing and logging but otherwise unnoticed by the rest of the world. Then, in 2005, a writer named Stephenie Meyer published the first of four books in the Twilight series, each of which takes place in Forks.

Suddenly, little Forks, Washington, became the object of much scrutiny and fascination. Although it is still a small town with a relatively tiny population, the tourism in this city has grown exponentially, along with the outdoorsy activities offered to visitors.

Fishing, for example, is no longer simply a commercial pursuit. Thousands of fishermen travel to Forks every year to try their hand at catching as many steelhead trout and king salmon as possible. Guided fishing expeditions are available for the Quillayute river system, which encompasses four major rivers.

There are also activities for Twilight fans who want to see the Forks depicted in Meyer’s quadrilogy. You might want to visit La Push, where Bella Swan meets her Quillayute friend Jacob Black, or the Forks hospital, where a parking space is reserved for Dr. Cullen , Edward’s “father” in the series.

Also on the Twilight tour are stand-ins for Edward’s and Bella’s homes, restaurants, the Forks High School and other notable institutions in the quadrilogy.

Of course, the outdoorsy vacation isn’t complete without some fun in the sun, which is why many people visit La Push. Here, swimming, water-skiing, surfing and other oceanic activities are all part-and-parcel of the Forks experience.

If you’re going to visit Forks, you should know that rainfall is more common here than in any other area of the United States. Make sure to bring an umbrella and a trusty waterproof jacket.

Even with the rain, however, Forks can be a fun outdoorsy adventure, particularly if you enjoy the weather in the Olympic Peninsula and are a fan of the Twilight series.