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New Brand Spotlight: De Soto

De Soto, new brand spotlight, De Soto apparel, De Soto triathlon apparel, De Soto triathlete apparel, De Soto triathlon clothing, triathletes, Founded in 1990, De Soto Sport has established itself as one of the most visible brands of apparel in the world of triathlon. Owned by a triathlete husband and wife team, every product has undergone hours of conception, design, testing and production, right here in America. 

De Soto makes technical garments, designed with comfort and style, for men and women that can be used for swimming, biking, and running, eliminating the need to change. De Soto also offers a complete line of workout apparel, accessories and gear, all of which transcend well into other sport or exercise. 

Furthermore, De Soto backs up each product with a satisfaction guarantee. After twenty five years in business, you can trust De Soto and its products.


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New Brand Spotlight: NUX

Made in the USA | Worn with pride | Worldwide

NUX apparel, NUX clothing, yoga clothing, workout clothing, yoga apparel, gym clothing, new brand spotlight, activewear, Today’s woman lives an active, diverse, and rich life. More than ever before, the balance between an active life and her sense of style is difficult to achieve.

NUX™ aims to provide a stylish and soulful balance for any activity. They call it, “Lunge to Lunch” styling. NUX delivers a fresh approach to activewear with a collection of engineered designs that combine fashion and performance with comfort and freedom of movement.

Their unique body engineering process allows the fabric to contour to your body’s every curve. The seamless designs are manufactured as one piece to provide comfort, and its moisture management fabric helps wick away moisture from your body—acting like a second skin. NUX athletic apparel classifies garments by levels of compression (i.e. the amount of support the garment offers).
High Compression—Tighter fit and maximum support &  Low Compression—Looser fit and little to no support.

NUX proudly supports local manufacturers, as all of the garments are made in the USA.
Nux specializes in spinning clothing, hot yoga clothing, cover-ups, and seamless activewear.


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New Brand Spotlight: Stylestalker

Coveted, The Seam, Fashion brands, new brand spotlight, stylestalker, Rachel Zeilic, Sue-Ann San, fashion bloggers, contemporary fashion

It was a meeting of the minds by two self-described fashion junkies that led Sydney friends Sue-Ann San and Rachel Zeilic to launch their label Stylestalker in 2008. What began as a small online boutique that served to fuel the duo’s insatiable appetite for all things fashion has evolved into a burgeoning fashion brand with over 200 stockists worldwide including top retailers and legions of fans courting their instantly recognizable designs.

With a background cemented in marketing and business coupled with their street-smart savvy, the pair bring a fresh approach to the fashion landscape creating a unique brand that blends fashion with pop culture. With their fingers firmly on the fashion pulse, Zeilic and San’s constant search for fresh inspiration ensures that their designs are of-the-moment: cutting-edge while maintaining the accessible, wearable appeal that has been key to their success.


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New Brand Spotlight: Alo Yoga

alo yoga, yoga, yoga clothing, yoga apparel, yoga pants, yoga jackets, workout clothing, new brand spotlight

Alo™ Yoga is inspired by life in the fashion and healthy lifestyle mecca of Los Angeles, California, where they are based. Their high-performance line exceeds the standards of LA's most committed yogis who demand maximum quality, innovative fabrics, and on-trend styling.

Each and every garment is created by a design team of yoga enthusiasts—and tested and retested on real yogis—to ensure the best, most slimming, move-with-you fit that will elevate your every asana. Namaste.


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New Brand Spotlight: WILL Leather Goods

new brand spotlight, will leather goods, WILL leather totes, WILL Leather Goods, WILL Leather Goods tote bags, canvas totes, messenger bags, women's bags, men's bags, WILL® Leather Goods, a family-owned company based in Eugene, Oregon, believes that everyone has a journey, and WILL is dedicated to providing quality leather products that inspire and enhance those journeys. The company is now a leading American men's and women's lifestyle brand recognized internationally for its use of high quality, handcrafted materials, and distinguished artistry.

Founded in 1981 by William Adler, a former actor who appeared with pleasing regularity in popular films and television shows in the 1970s and '80s, WILL® Leather Goods is one of three leather companies created by Adler who has since garnered over thirty-five years of experience in the leather craft industry. WILL® Leather Goods belts, bags, wallets, and accessories are built to last a lifetime of class, style, and function.


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New Brand Spotlight: Beach Bunny

beach bunny, beach bunny swimwear, beach bunny swimsuits, fashion swimwear, new brand spotlightThe Beach Bunny customer knows that with a Beach Bunny swimsuit and a smile, she can go anywhere and feel like a goddess. Known for staying ahead of the curve through cutting-edge styles and innovative luxury fabrics, this brand is designed for the woman who revels in turning heads and appeals to glamorous girls around the globe. From brazenly embellished bikinis to timeless mix and match pieces, the brand’s flirty-fun attitude—daring, confident, independent, and ripe with feminine allure—is a celebration of each woman’s own unique spirit.


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New Brand: Hanwag

new brand spotlight, hiking shoes, hiking footwear, hunting shoes, hunting footwear, outdoor footwear, trekking footwear, outdoor shoes, women's hiking shoes, men's hiking shoes,

Hanwag® has made high-quality and long-lasting hiking, trekking, and hunting footwear at their headquarters in Vierkirchen, near Munich, Bavaria since 1921. Throughout their 90-year history Hanwag has combined constant innovation with premium craftsmanship and durability. Hanwag boots are primarily made in Europe in areas renowned for their history of quality shoemaking.

While Hanwag is known for their boots being lightweight and flexible, they are also famous for their double-stitching technique, which few contemporary shoe makers master, making their boots incredibility durable.

Sustainability is also extremely important to Hanwag – as they consider nature and the mountains everyone's playground. This is why Hanwag is committed to using resources efficiently, keeping transport to a minimum and working with materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible.


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New Brand Spotlight: Faviana

new brand spotlight, faviana, faviana eveningwear, prom dresses, homecoming dresses, cocktail dresses, evening dresses, Faviana evening dresses, party dresses, Special occasion dresses, gowns, evening gowns, Created with the fashion girl in mind, Faviana leads the industry in eveningwear must-haves. Headquartered in a state-of the-art facility in the heart of New York City’s Fashion District, Faviana offers the perfect dresses for every special occasion.

The collection is designed with current trends in mind and includes innovative prom, homecoming, and special occasion dresses featuring daring cutouts, elegant beading, and other high-fashion details. Quality craftsmanship, exceptional fit, and meticulous attention to detail ensure every girl looks and feels her best.

Faviana gowns have been featured on television, in print ads, and in fashion blogs and have been worn by countless celebrities, including actress and brand ambassador Ashley Benson. Dress like a celebrity and feel like a star on your special occasion in a Faviana dress.