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New Brand Spotlight: Freebird

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We all seek moments in life where we can truly spread our wings; Where we can soar to new heights, explore new depths, and experience true adventure.

FREEBIRD by STEVEN joins you on your personal mission, as you dare to make those crucial leaps. Life is a journey unlike any other. FREEBIRD by STEVEN knows that every adventure begins with one step.

Their vintage-inspired boots have a decisive edge while still being totally wearable. Featuring perfectly-worn finishes and unique designs, FREEBIRD will be the boots you reach for all season long!


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New Brand Spotlight: Arc'teryx

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Born in the Canadian Coast Mountain wilderness, Arc’teryx is built on the principle of obsessive, precise design and production, creating products that deliver unrivaled performance at the point of extreme need.

Crafted with experience and refined over time, new ideas are developed in-house, from concept to realization. Intelligent, simple solutions that move how you move, field tested to exacting standards. This is why our designs are timeless and uncompromising.

Evolution in action.


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Emerging Designer: UURMI

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UURMI is a fresh new line of scarves and women’s clothing designed by Parsons graduate emerging designer, new brand spotlight, Zappos Emerging Program, Zappos Emerging Designers, Uurmi, Uurmi scarves, . Inspired by her Indian heritage and diverse upbringing, Sumanta founded UURMI (pronounced oor-mee) as a source for modern South Asian-inspired eveningwear.

The success of the collection has allowed UURMI to diversify into scarves, and more recently sportswear, featuring the designer's own photography throughout her travels in India. This unique collection focuses on vibrant prints and rich colors, creating an unparalleled balance between cultures.


Check out the step-by-step on how to rock your UURMI scarf below:

emerging designer, new brand spotlight, Uurmi, Uurmi scarves, zappos emerging designers, Zappos Emerging Program

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New Brand Spotlight: Italia Independent

New Brand Spotlight, Italia Independent, Italia Independent eyewear, Italia Independent sunglasses, fashion eyewear,

Italia Independent™ is a creative and stylish eyewear brand for independent people combining fashion and design, tradition and innovation. Italia Independent updates "Made in Italy" by revisiting classic icons, operating in the eyewear field and creating lifestyle products belonging to different sectors, exporting the Italian style into a global world.

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New Brand Spotlight: Trukfit

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TRUKFIT™ is the new skater-inspired signature line of Lil' Wayne. TRUKFIT, The Reason U Kill For IT, represents a street style for those who like to live on the edge and takes influence from musicians and artists alike. TRUKFIT is all about fun, freedom, and being yourself.


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New Brand Spotlight: Cheap Monday

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The name Cheap Monday is based on the idea that Monday is the cheapest day of the week because you’ve spent all of your money after a long weekend of fun. But "Cheap" is more than a part of the name. The high level of design combined with low prices is what the brand is all about. You should always be surprised by the Cheap Monday prices and even be able to afford them on the cheapest day of the week! Cheap Monday makes jeans and fashion clothing for the people and believes that great design should be available to everyone.


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New Brand Spotlight: Josie

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Josie is designed for the modern girl whose confidence and breezy attitude make her a trendsetter without trying. She's perfectly imperfect.

Their adorable line of sleepwear embodies her trendsetting ways with fun pops of color and interesting details. Bedtime can be a stylish endeavor!

The Josie girl knows that style is fun, and that fashion doesn't mean breaking the bank or back-breaking stilettos. Josie's eclectic, bohemian styles capture a youthful but edgy spirit. Josie is a state of mind with endless possibilities.


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New Brand Spotlight: Townsen

Los Angeles-based designer Emily Elliott got her introduction to fashion while working for Southern California surf companies. Today, she is the founder and design director for Townsen clothing, a collection of knits with a fresh vibe and a sophisticated edge.

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Educated in Paris and drawing from the L.A. fashion scene, Elliott blends femininity with classic style in each of her designs. With silhouettes to suit all types, Townsen apparel will be a happy addition to any woman's closet.

Elegantly feminine silhouettes in breezy, easy-to-wear fabrics, Townsen by Emily Elliott will fit in seamlessly into your wardrobe. Elliott infuses basics with subtle design details that are both sexy and noteworthy.

Shop Townsen on!