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New Brand Spotlight: Yumi

boho style, british style, new brand spotlight, UK style, women's fashion apparel, women's fashion clothing, Yumi, Yumi apparel, Yumi clothing, Yumi fashion clothingFor the past 10 years, Yumi has been in tune with the heart and soul of British lifestyle. Their unique vintage-inspired look with a contemporary twist has established their brand as a must-have globally.

Yumi stands for quirky young design and attention to detail. Their feminine shapes are fun, easy to wear and are always offered at very attractive price points.

For the Yumi girl, being on trend and having fun are top priorities. Yumi’s boho-chic girl appreciates quality and design, and comes to Yumi for her quirky wardrobe staples that she will wear again and again.

The design-led collections focus on easy-to-wear dresses, blouses and knits, but also offer separates to complete the look. Thanks to unique prints and original detailing, Yumi’s in-house design team creates one-of-a-kind ranges that truly stand out on the high street.



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New Brand Spotlight: Denim & Leathers by Andrew Marc

Denim & Leathers, new brand spotlight, Andrew Marc, Denim & Leathers by Andrew Marc, men's fashion clothing, men's fashion apparel, americana style, men's apparel,

Andrew Marc is a designer brand renowned for premium leather jackets and high-end outerwear. As the fashion-forward division of the brand, Denim & Leathers builds upon this tradition of luxury with a modern approach to sportswear and premium denim.

Inspired by the rebellious side of Americana, the collection is defined by the moto-chic style of the ‘40s, ‘50s, and ‘60s. Denim & Leathers begins with denim—built from premium rigid denims from Japan, Turkey, and Asia, each jean has a modern fit and details but a timeless look and feel. Similarly, each classically styled leather jacket is carefully crafted from high-grade leathers and has a young, modern fit.

Denim & Leathers offers classic leather jackets and expertly crafted jeans that bring together modern style and functionality and the authentic character of vintage. While each fit, fabric, and wash is different, the brand’s commitment to design and construction ensure every piece is built to last and will look great until the bitter end.


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New Brand Spotlight: Publish

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Publish exists to stir the imagination of the people who wear its clothes and to be inspired them as well. Considering themselves part-time clothiers and full-time bridge builders, the Publish team aspires to refine daily life by delivering timeless clothing, accessories, and ideas that transcend the realms of art and fashion.

The collection includes pieces that are utilitarian yet refined—an orchestrated ensemble of premium outerwear, tees, cut-and-sew pieces, and denim showcasing innovative fabrics, treatments, and construction. Publish is a company established around the principle of manufacturing fashion-forward goods that have a timeless sensibility. From laid-back sweatshirts to elevated joggers—Publish brings an air of sophistication to casual apparel.


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New Brand Spotlight: GANT Rugger Sportswear

new brand spotlight, GANT, GANT Rugger, GANT Rugger Sportswear, GANT men's clothing, GANT Rugger men's clothing, GANT Rugger men's apparel, men's fashion apparel,

GANT™ is a lifestyle brand, with an American sportswear heritage, offering modern high quality casual wear with a European touch. GANT's values are based on the brand's authentic history dating back to the company's inception in New Haven, CT in 1949.

The brand has since been further developed, taking influence from Europe. This combination of influences is at the core of what GANT stands for, and is a continued source of inspiration behind its key values: Integrity, Refinement, Character, Understanding, and Optimism.

GANT is responsible for introducing button-down collared shirts to American consumers, is credited with inventing the locker loop, and famously spread in popularity across the country through Ivy League campuses. More recently, the company has revived its archival GANT Rugger label, and has launched a successful designer collaboration with Michael Bastian. GANT is considered to be one of the first great American sportswear brands, and is the epitome of contemporary American style.


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New Brand Spotlight: Descendant of Thieves

new brand spotlight, descendant of thieves, Dres Ladro, men's fashion apparel, men's fashion clothing,Descendant of Thieves is designed by the pseudonymous artist Dres Ladro. Ladro translated from Italian means "thief"—as the root of this nom de plume implies, he is a Descendant of Thieves.

As a young man, Dres Ladro would sneak into his father’s closet and steal his traditional shirts in order to de-seam and re-engineer the entire garment. Dres designs from the inside out, paying relentless attention to intricacies of the interior first. He distorts aesthetics by cutting the silhouette slim and integrating his distinct detailing, including hidden messages and signature yellow taping in the finished interiors.

Once he joined the art world, his unique attire continued to set him apart. Dres designed, constructed, and wore only his own clothing, so as to never be seen wearing the same thing as anyone else. Despite the attention his singular button-ups and jackets received, he had no interest in starting a brand or selling his designs: he planned to design these limited edition clothes for himself and himself alone.

Over time, Dres was convinced to develop a line of clothing including shirts, pants, and outerwear based on the blueprints of his uniquely engineered designs. Descendant of Thieves is manufactured in a small-scaled sample room rather than conventional high output production lines. His philosophy translates to no more than 400 units per style being cut and each care label including that unique garment’s number in the limited production run. From laid-back reversible shorts to tailored jackets, Descendant of Thieves is designed for men who are effortlessly stylish rather those who seek attention.

(traditional clothes - Dad) x eccentric artist = Descendant of Thieves


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New Brand Spotlight: Heather Grey Active Sportswear

new brand spotlight, Heather Grey Active Sportswear, Heather Grey women's sportswear, women's active sportswear, women's sportswear, Heather Grey sportswear

Heather Grey™ is a contemporary women’s sportswear brand that caters to the savvy, fashion-minded, modern woman. Each design is understatedly chic and timeless, to provide a fresh look to the active wear industry.

The Heather Grey customer enjoys wearing casual, comfortable clothing that can transfer easily throughout her busy day, yet still keep her feeling current and stylish.

Unlike most women’s sportswear offerings that are either too boxy and masculine, or skintight and uncomfortable, Heather Grey has tailored a modern fit for the active woman that incorporates relaxed silhouettes with cut and details to accentuate the wearer’s natural figure.


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New Brand Spotlight: Randolph

fashion eyewear, new brand spotlight, randolph eyewear, randolph sunglasses, sunglasses


Famed for its classic designs and impeccable quality, Randolph eyewear has been handcrafted in the USA since 1972.

Timeless sunglasses styles are available for men and women, backed by a limited lifetime warranty. A true American heritage brand, Randolph began as an engineering firm in the early '70s building machinery for the then thriving US eyewear industry.

Randolph remains one of the few eyewear manufacturers left in the US and has been a proud supplier of the US military and air forces worldwide for over 30 years.


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New Brand Spotlight: Tolani

new brand spotlight, Tolani, Tolani clothing, Tolani apparel, women's fashion apparel, women's fashion clothing, printed dresses, Indian prints, go global trend, Growing up in the mountain region of Northeast India, designer Alka Tolani had the opportunity to travel extensively through the rural areas and was exposed to the rich culture and heritage of those exotic places. Through her travels, Tolani grew a deep love for design and the fashions of different cultures.

Using global cultures as inspiration, Tolani has created a clothing and accessory line which diffuses native design elements with the elegance of contemporary day-to-day wear. Full of eye-catching prints, bohemian aesthetic, intricate detailing, and vibrant blends of color, Tolani™ captures a variety of styles while maintaining its essence, the combination of modernity and tradition.

Due to the beautiful designs and luxe quality, Tolani has gained popularity in Hollywood and has become the favorite accessory to celebrities.