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New Brand Spotlight: On Footwear

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In January 2010, David Allemann, Olivier Bernhard, and Caspar Coppetti collaborated to found On™ running footwear. Their mission was simple: to bring awareness to the highly enjoyable side of running instead of focusing solely on the healthy-for-you aspect of the sport. Together the three cofounders worked to craft a running shoe that would boast superior cushioning without sacrificing efficiency. The Swiss footwear company has since come a long way from the brand’s very first prototype, which involved slicing and adhering garden hose to the bottom of a shoe’s outsole.

July 2010 saw the brand’s premier launch, when the Cloudsurfer became the very first On running shoe to hit the shelves of European specialty running stores. Today, whether you are a seasoned runner or a newbie to barefoot-inspired running, you are sure to find your sole mate among the brand’s five core styles: Cloudster, Cloudrunner, Cloudsurfer, Cloudracer, and Cloud. On footwear provides its wearer with all of the benefits of natural-inspired running, without compromising comfort or protection against injury.

Each and every On shoe features CloudTec™ technology; it is a revolutionary cushioning system that activates during the foot’s landing phase, then becomes firm to encourage an effective toe-off. With each foot strike, the highly adaptive rubber “cloud” outsole pods provide both vertical and horizontal cushioning for a soft landing. Once on the ground, the clouds interlock, forming a solid foundation that promotes a natural, powerful takeoff.

Embrace a new running experience that is fast, light, and agile. Embrace the innovation of On running shoes.


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New Brand Spotlight: Rogue

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Established in 1999, Rogue™ began a men´s collection with edgy downtown influences. Tailored around the lifestyle of New York based designer Jimmy Reilly¸ the casual masculine line gained prominence in top retail stores across North America.

For more than a decade Rogue´s distinct identity¸ fit and market leadership inspired its designer to further develop the vision. The brand´s identity embodies its classic beginnings with new developments inspired by the designer´s hobby of racing cars or motorcycles and the ergonomic wear associated with the sport. Every piece is constructed and treated to have a worn look and personality.


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New Brand Spotlight: KAS New York

new brand spotlight, KAS New York, KAS New York apparel, KAS New York Women's Apparel, tribal prints, go global prints, KAS designer and founder, Kirat S. Anand was and raised in New York with no formal training. He knew that he wanted to make an imprint on the fashion world. He began his career as an investment banker at JPMorgan, but it wasn’t long before he left to follow his heart and become a designer.

Growing up in the industry, where his father was a self-made manufacturer and mother a designer, he didn't need to look far for inspiration or support. From an early age, Kirat would visit India months at a time and spend countless hours at the factories and sampling rooms. He was surrounded by artisans, pattern makers and tailors, making his transition into fashion almost inevitable. After a few years of learning the craft of tailoring, attending to details and understanding key components of the production process, he set off to embark on his own endeavor.

Realizing a void in the affordable luxury and contemporary woman's ready-to-wear market, he launched KAS New York in 2007. The disparate influences of his life experiences and cultural heritage formed an aesthetic that combines nontraditional urban style with luxurious bohemian vintage accents to create urbane lux sophistication.

"My desire was to create a lifestyle brand, which wasn't ageist or restrictive. There were so many options for the younger girl, but a modern sophisticated woman either had to go couture, missy or moderate. My goal was to create a brand for women who embrace their style and dress with the 3 Fs in mind; having fun, being fashionable and not spending a fortune."

With striking silhouettes, a vibrant color palette and inventive patterns which transition from day to night, KAS’ versatile pieces have become must-have staples in women's closets. In 2008, Kirat was nominated by The International Design Awards for the Fashion Designer of the Year award in the Prêt-a-Porter category. In addition to a celebrity following, KAS has been featured in fashion magazines worldwide for their appealing tribal prints, glorious adornments, handcrafted embroideries and appliques.


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New Brand Spotlight: SOLD Design Lab

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Discriminating, Decisive, and in love with denim.

Live fully, love fiercely, travel often. That’s the mantra and the mandate of the SOLD DESIGN LAB woman.

SOLD offers a versatile and well-rounded collection of basic denim, novelty wash, embellished and abstract print pants and shorts that range from a relaxed boyfriend to a super skinny fit.

SOLD products pass through many meticulous hands before they reach the consumer. They are sculpted and engineered in Los Angeles by artisans who have worked for generations in the denim industry.


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New Brand Spotlight: Yumi

boho style, british style, new brand spotlight, UK style, women's fashion apparel, women's fashion clothing, Yumi, Yumi apparel, Yumi clothing, Yumi fashion clothingFor the past 10 years, Yumi has been in tune with the heart and soul of British lifestyle. Their unique vintage-inspired look with a contemporary twist has established their brand as a must-have globally.

Yumi stands for quirky young design and attention to detail. Their feminine shapes are fun, easy to wear and are always offered at very attractive price points.

For the Yumi girl, being on trend and having fun are top priorities. Yumi’s boho-chic girl appreciates quality and design, and comes to Yumi for her quirky wardrobe staples that she will wear again and again.

The design-led collections focus on easy-to-wear dresses, blouses and knits, but also offer separates to complete the look. Thanks to unique prints and original detailing, Yumi’s in-house design team creates one-of-a-kind ranges that truly stand out on the high street.



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New Brand Spotlight: Denim & Leathers by Andrew Marc

Denim & Leathers, new brand spotlight, Andrew Marc, Denim & Leathers by Andrew Marc, men's fashion clothing, men's fashion apparel, americana style, men's apparel,

Andrew Marc is a designer brand renowned for premium leather jackets and high-end outerwear. As the fashion-forward division of the brand, Denim & Leathers builds upon this tradition of luxury with a modern approach to sportswear and premium denim.

Inspired by the rebellious side of Americana, the collection is defined by the moto-chic style of the ‘40s, ‘50s, and ‘60s. Denim & Leathers begins with denim—built from premium rigid denims from Japan, Turkey, and Asia, each jean has a modern fit and details but a timeless look and feel. Similarly, each classically styled leather jacket is carefully crafted from high-grade leathers and has a young, modern fit.

Denim & Leathers offers classic leather jackets and expertly crafted jeans that bring together modern style and functionality and the authentic character of vintage. While each fit, fabric, and wash is different, the brand’s commitment to design and construction ensure every piece is built to last and will look great until the bitter end.


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New Brand Spotlight: Publish

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Publish exists to stir the imagination of the people who wear its clothes and to be inspired them as well. Considering themselves part-time clothiers and full-time bridge builders, the Publish team aspires to refine daily life by delivering timeless clothing, accessories, and ideas that transcend the realms of art and fashion.

The collection includes pieces that are utilitarian yet refined—an orchestrated ensemble of premium outerwear, tees, cut-and-sew pieces, and denim showcasing innovative fabrics, treatments, and construction. Publish is a company established around the principle of manufacturing fashion-forward goods that have a timeless sensibility. From laid-back sweatshirts to elevated joggers—Publish brings an air of sophistication to casual apparel.


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New Brand Spotlight: GANT Rugger Sportswear

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GANT™ is a lifestyle brand, with an American sportswear heritage, offering modern high quality casual wear with a European touch. GANT's values are based on the brand's authentic history dating back to the company's inception in New Haven, CT in 1949.

The brand has since been further developed, taking influence from Europe. This combination of influences is at the core of what GANT stands for, and is a continued source of inspiration behind its key values: Integrity, Refinement, Character, Understanding, and Optimism.

GANT is responsible for introducing button-down collared shirts to American consumers, is credited with inventing the locker loop, and famously spread in popularity across the country through Ivy League campuses. More recently, the company has revived its archival GANT Rugger label, and has launched a successful designer collaboration with Michael Bastian. GANT is considered to be one of the first great American sportswear brands, and is the epitome of contemporary American style.