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New Brand Spotlight: Goodhew

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Goodhew is committed to crafting lifestyle-inspired products with high-performance technology and yarns. Their patterns and colors spin a fresh, optimistic design aesthetic while its custom-crafted yarns provide unsurpassed natural performance. One pair of socks, one complete package.

All of Goodhew’s products are made and crafted in the U.S.A. using only the finest quality raw materials, including homegrown, superfine merino wool (Cashmerino), alpaca, and bamboo. Cashmerino and alpaca provide natural thermoregulation and moisture management so your feet stay dry and comfortable all day, while Bamboo adds softness and additional breathability. Don’t sacrifice beauty for performance.



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New Brand Spotlight: MSP by Miraclesuit

MSP by Miraclesuit, New Brand Spotlight, MSP by Miraclesuit workout clothing, women's performance apparel, women's workout clothing, gym clothing, active lifestyle,

MSP™ by Miraclesuit® is a performance wear line inspired by women who are passionate about living an active, healthy lifestyle. Keeping it simple in solid-to-the-core essentials or looking chic in beyond-the-core seasonal styles, MSP™ takes fabulous women from the street to the gym and anywhere in between.

MSP™ has been designed with MIRASLIM™ technology, a uniquely constructed fabric that provides 360° of control engineered to shape without confinement. A true blend of fashion and fit, MSP™ will lift you up, tuck you in, and slim you down exactly where you need it most. Why pray for a miracle when you can wear one®?


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New Brand Spotlight: TAVIK

men's fashion, new brand spotlight, TAVIK, TAVIK men's apparel, TAVIK Men's clothingTAVIK® is an original lifestyle brand cultivated from modern beach culture. Recognized for redefining and uniting the modern age with beach heritage, Tavik creates, designs, and connects subcultures through premium clothing and accessories collections for men and women.

TAVIK was formed in 2004, based around the unique subculture in Southern California, and the connection of beach culture to the uprising of music festivals worldwide. Early on, the brand became a standout with fashion-forward pieces designed to take you through day to night in effortless style. With the introduction of women’s swimwear in 2009, and accessories collections in 2011, TAVIK became a true reflection of the well-rounded youth culture. The brand stays true to its roots, while keeping a keen focus on producing the best shirts, sweaters, pants, boardshorts, and T-shirts for the modern world by stocking and inspiring a network of TAVIK visionaries worldwide.


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New Brand Spotlight: Liebeskind

liebeskind handbags, liebeskind,liebeskind berlin, new brand spotlight, liebeskind bags, fashion handbags, stylish bags, Take the chic, quirky casualness of Berlin, the piety for innovative style, and affection for the little details, craft it from fine materials and rich leather, and you have Liebeskind Berlin. It’s no wonder that Liebeskind Berlin has managed to establish a distinct prominence with retailers and fashion revelers around the globe; the brand crafts exceptional bags, belts, and accessories from naturally finished leathers in casual, sophisticated looks that manage to be both elegant and accessible.

Bold and bright, flavorful and decadent, Liebeskind Berlin uses colors that draw the eye, but never with the intent of harassing. Fuchsia, black, scotch, pistachio, stone, asphalt, grey, and beige are the colors of the latest collection, but the brand produces seven collections per year and is constantly inspired by new hues and textures.

The Libeskind Berlin woman values her individuality above all else and takes pride in the fact that each piece is handcrafted and one of a kind. She is confident, likable, flexible, humorous, clear, direct, and as innovative as the Liebeskind Berlin brand that she adores.


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New Brand Spotlight: Picnic Time

at home, cheese cutting board, entertaining, new brand spotlight, picnic baskets, picnic timePicnic Time® is unyieldingly focused on combining innovation and quality to create lifestyle and home products that help bring family and friends together. Picnic Time's picnic baskets, cutting boards, cheese and wine utensils, and a range of useful kitchen gadgets and serveware give customers an excuse to get together with their closest kin.

Pioneering the most innovative picnic and lifestyle products for over 30 years, Picnic Time is dedicated to the belief that picnics are a joy to the soul; they allow us to reconnect with nature and savor the company of friends and family.


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New Brand: Zumba Fitness

Are you a total Zumba fanatic, but often find yourself in haste for something to wear? Yes? Well say hello to Zumba Fitness™! A collection of vibrant and comfortable footwear, Zumba Fitness makes dance-goers want to get up and move!

new brand spotlight, zumba, zumba fitness, zumba shoes, zumba fitness shoes, zumba fitness footwear, workout shoes,

As a global lifestyle brand, Zumba Fitness fuses fitness, entertainment, and culture into an exhilarating dance party workout! Founded in 2001, the company is the largest branded fitness program in the world—reporting more than 15 million weekly participants in over 200,000 locations across more than 180 countries.

Known as the ultimate “fitness party,” Zumba® classes blend upbeat world rhythms with easy-to-follow choreography for an effective total-body workout. You may have heard your friends raging about it, and you’ve probably witnessed countless success stories from it! After all, who doesn’t like having fun while working out? In fact, it’s so fabulous it doesn’t even feel like working out. It feels like a celebration!


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New Brand Spotlight: ANYI LU

Anyi Lu began her career in the fashion footwear business after attending her sister’s wedding. Her quest for a dress was the easy part, but pairing up with a shoe was nearly impossible! At that moment, ANYI LU FOOTWEAR was born.

new brand spotlight, anyi lu, anyi lu footwear, anyi lu heels, anyi lu wedges, women's footwear, women's fashion footwearANYI LU was founded on a simple premise—women have the right to shoes that feel as good as they look. Combining a modern, feminine aesthetic with old-world Italian craftsmanship and high-end performance technology, ANYI LU shoes are designed and engineered for maximum comfort as well as style, striking a perfect balance between fashion and function.

The ANYI LU Spring/Summer 2014 Collection is a celebration of modern femininity inspired by the French chic of the 1960s. Like the women of that era, the silhouettes are demure with an undeniable undercurrent of strength and quiet confidence. The effortless simplicity of these tried-and-true styles is countered by exotic materials and innovative components that keep the shoes flexible, cushioned and lightweight. This carefully curated collection is designed to fit effortlessly into any woman’s wardrobe.

Fuse style, comfort and functionality into your wardrobe with a pair sandal, pumps or wedges from ANYI LU.


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New Brand Spotlight: Yummie by Heather Thomson

control tops, new brand spotlight, shapewear, three-panel tank tops, yummie by heather thomson, yummie tummieLaunched in 2008, Yummie by Heather Thomson is a continuously evolving collection of modern, everyday, form-flattering women's essentials, designed for comfort and confidence. The genesis of the brand came from Heather's own personal desire for shaping comfort post the birth of her first child.

She insightfully recognized that the shapewear industry was lacking in products that met women's daily needs, a hybrid of fashion meets function.

The first product to demonstrate this insight was the groundbreaking three-panel tank. Since then, Yummie by Heather Thomson has gone from shape to strength and has now expanded beyond its shapewear roots into new categories like denim, bras, leggings, and hosiery.