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New Brand Spotlight: A Gold E

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The A Gold E trademark was first used in the early 1990s. It was the brand name selected for what was the premier Los Angeles based denim brand at the time and sold in stores throughout the United States.

A Gold E has been revived for a new line of denim--a brand that meets the needs of today--high quality denim products at very affordable prices. The line was developed in Los Angeles by a team of leading denim designers and is manufactured exclusive at the brand's own manufacturing facilities. It is "born and bred" exclusively in Los Angeles from design to sewing to the wash process.

A Gold E is a unique combination of soft fabrics, perfect fits, contemporary design, and great value.


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New Brand Spotlight: RED Valentino

New Brand Spotlight, Zappos Couture, RED Valentino, new couture brands, ValentinoRED Valentino tells a contemporary fairytale - one that combines freshness and classic style. Symbolizing a glamorous, romantic, and playful parallel world where anything is possible, RED revisits, through innovative visual language, the timeless beauty of Valentino.

RED Valentino dresses a modern girl who hails from a long lineage of iconic ladies, from the delicate princess of the best-loved children’s tales, to the shy, well-behaved debutante of half a century ago. Each would hardly recognize herself in her modern counterpart, yet they all undoubtedly share the same dreams, aspirations and longings of any young woman.

RED Valentino dresses a girl who is naturally feminine and confident, yet retains a delicate innocence. One who dares to be romantic, while playfully investigating her darker side. One who exudes the fragility of youth, while dramatically aware of her power to seduce. One who sees life – and style – as a game - a funny one, a serious one.

Inspired by the exciting new world unfolding around her, she borrows bits and pieces and makes them her own. RED Valentino mixes various influences, from a myriad of places and eras, allowing this girl to experiment to her heart’s content, daring her to wear couture with an edge. Textures, innovative accessories and unexpected ornaments further enrich the collection, emphasizing its fresh, feminine individuality.


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New Brand Spotlight: Gaiam

gaiam, new brand spotlight, gaiam yoga, gaiam yoga accessories, gaiam pilates accessories, workout gear, workout accessories, yoga, Founded in Boulder, Colorado in 1988, Gaiam® provides premium fitness, wellness, and home products designed for those who value healthy lifestyles, the environment, a sustainable economy, and personal development.

Gaiam (pronounced "guy-um"), is a fusion of the words "Gaia" (Mother Earth) and "I am.” At Gaiam, we believe that by nurturing, protecting, and respecting our planet, its natural resources, and its inhabitants, we enrich our own lives and those of future generations.

Gaiam expanded their yoga collection in 2012 by introducing the Gaiam Sol Collection, Gaiam's professional quality yoga accessory line. This premium collection, developed by yogis for yogis, is crafted from responsibly sourced materials, and an eye toward mindful design and quality construction. Renowned yogis like Rodney Yee helped design a full collection of yoga mats, towels, slings, and more.


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New Brand Spotlight: Jessica McClintock Kids

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Jessica McClintock is the brand name that, for over 35 years, has been known for its romantic, sophisticated, and elegant designs in special occasion and bridal dresses. The Jessica McClintock Girls’ collection follows closely and in concert with Jessica McClintock to achieve this design philosophy.

Whether it's prom, weddings, birthdays, a night on the town, or any special occasion, these party dresses are perfect for the tween who wants a more grown-up look, while still being age-appropriate and will have mom’s seal of approval! Jessica McClintock dresses promise to make a girl feel like a star and dazzle at any party or special occasion she attends.




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New Brand Spotlight: Nixon Watches

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Nixon, founded in 1997 in Encinitas, CA, is the premium watch and accessories brand for the youth lifestyle market. Focused on making the little stuff better, Nixon began with a small line of team-designed, custom-built watches sold exclusively in specialty boardsport and fashion retailers. 

men's watches, new brand spotlight, Nixon, Nixon men's watches, Nixon Watches, Nixon women's watches, women's watches, zappos rideshop

1. Nixon "The 48-20" Chrono

2. Nixon "The Kensington"

3. Nixon "The Rover" Patchwork

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New Brand: Flogg

new brand spotlight, flogg, flogg footwear, platform shoes,fashion heels, platform clogs,


The New California Dream

In the 1970s the women's liberation movement was born. The quest for equality in society made women also yearn for freedom of expression in their clothing. The Europeans influenced American fashion with sexualized glamour. Style icons Jane Birkin, Bianca Jagger, Brigit Bardot and Farrah Fawcett made miniskirts and platform shoes popular silhouettes that keep reappearing on today’s modern catwalks.

Now with FLOGG, disco dancing can be so much more fun as retro classic shapes are made more comfortable with the flip flop EVA component, facilitating women's agile and upwardly mobile status.

FLOGG is a revolutionary new category of footwear inspired by the laid back California lifestyle and invented for all women who want to feel good and look fantastic without sacrificing design.


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New Brand Spotlight: The Portland Collection by Pendleton

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The Portland Collection marks a new era in the Pendleton story.

The Portland Collection commands center stage with its fresh perspective of iconic textiles and independent design that catapults the brand into the most exciting collection to date.

With the woolen fabrics woven in company-owned Pacific Northwest mills and an emphasis on Made in the U.S.A., The Portland Collection marries the tradition of Pendleton's quality and craftsmanship with independent, contemporary design sensibility.




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New Brand Spotlight: Wildfox Sun

Wildfox Sun is a collection of free-spirited eyewear with a flair for retro design. From summers in Palm Springs to winter getaways in Rio, their glamified sunglasses are sure to grab everyone's attention!

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Wildfox Couture is an American vintage-inspired women's brand. Combining great style and unsurpassed quality, Wildfox quickly gained a following amongst celebrities, trendsetters and top retailers worldwide.

Childhood friends Emily Faulstitch and Kimberley Gordon are the creative force behind Wildfox. Inspired by sleepovers, beautiful books, fairies, dreams, vintage t-shirts, and above all, their friendship, the young designers gave birth to a brand on love and having fun with your best friends! Wildfox is a brand for the dreamers, lovers, skinny dippers, barefoot explorers, and late night chocolate eaters; it's for people everywhere who believe in love and themselves.