The Zappos Outlet Store set a record of $500,000 in sales for the month of October, and celebrated this week with a surprise team party on Wednesday, November 11th. The team was treated to breakfast from Panera Bread, as the managers dressed in 70’s costumes, presented each team member with Stress Relief Kits and gift certificates to the store, all to the theme of Kool and the Gang’s “Celebration!”.

Sue Maurer, Outlet Assistant Manager, commented on how awesome the team has been at displaying Core Value #2: Embrace and Drive Change

“The Outlet Store has been transformed since August with the help of our Fulfillment Center friends! We have increased our display capacity on the sales floor and our back stock area by at least 30%. We have also changed our pricing structure and have increased our marketing efforts in order to pump up the volume of our sales. Our team has definitely driven and embraced the many changes that have come our way over the past few months and their dedication has paid off in a big way! Special thanks to our fellow team members in Finance, IT, Maintenance, and all of the people in the FC who have helped us with their expertise!”

Shepherdsville Outlet Store is Having a Sale!!!

OMG, how we all love a good sale! Just stopped by the Zappos Outlet Store located at 376 Zappos.com Blvd in Shepherdsville, KY to see what’s going on; the super heroes were busy stocking the store for a big sale coming up October 15-31.

Despite how busy we were, we took a few minutes out of stocking and straightening to show what we would pick out if given the chance to buy ANYTHING we want!

For more information on the sale, please call 1-888-927-4114.

Enjoy our wish list!

Alfred the Easter Bunny

I’m at the Zappos outlet store in Las Vegas right now (Dean Martin location) and Alfred (COO/CFO of Zappos) is dressed up as an Easter bunny, handing out candy to the kids!