Don’t get caught spectating on the sidelines! Get in on the action and join the pack sporting modern oxford-inspired shoes. Oxfords, once thought of as stuffy shoes only to accompany suits, now dresses up jeans or adds a funky twist to a button down and slacks. Our favorites: Harrys of London Reagan .


The lovely shoes of Stuart Weitzman are always in the news, what with all of the bevy of beauties that wear his shoes, how could they not be. One of the latest sightings were Angelina Jolie leaving Nobu in New York City, sporting a pair of Weitzman’s hummus patent Sashay peep-toe pumps and Mrs. Jay-Z (Beyonce, of course) rocking a pair of Stuart’s pewter Wicky sling-back peep toe platforms at the Bermuda Music Festival. So, how lucky are you that we carry those very shoes? Um, very.


Wore heels continually for all of fashion week? Check. Breaking in new shoes all day at work, and now your feet hurt? Check. The prescription used to be a few days wear of ballet flats, those soft, flexible slip ons that gave instant relief to aching feet, that is until now. French shoemaker, Repetto, has released an updated version of the jazz lace up shoe, incorporating the same flexibility, kid soft leather and the versatility of the classic ballet flat. The original jazz lace up was created by founder Rose Repetto for her daughter-in-law, ballet dancer Zizi Jeanmaire, but found its true iconic status in the ‘70s when Serge Gainsbourg — famous French Musician, lover of Bardot and Birkin, father to ‘It’ girl Charlotte —was introduced to them by his then girlfriend Jane Birkin. However, the ongoing celebrity love affair with the jazz shoe did not stop with Serge. Modern-day fashionistas like Kate Moss, Agyness Deyn and, of course, Charlotte Gainsbourg keep the cool cache of wearing them alive. Repetto ’s modern take has funky, vivid colors, patent and kid leather options, but keeps the original concept in place with the same lace up design, flat heel and light as a feather feel. Should your aching feet desire to be ensconced in a pair of these shoes, they are available at Open Ceremony in NYC and Comme des Garcons in Paris.


Sharp, bold, unconventional and retro, a architectural heel is a edgy twist on a traditional heel pump. These Robert Clergerie Jul Pumps , for instance, give a pencil skirt or jeans a playful yet sophiscated feel.


Need a serious splash of color? Put hot pink on your feet. These pumps by Kate Spade make any little black dress or monotone outfit stand out instantly in a crowd.


Remember when ‘duck’ boots were a Darien, Connecticut style staple? Remember when they were worn with curduroy pants, puffer vests and Fair Aisle sweaters? Well, neither do I, but that is what I am told. Fast forward to today and the steadfast staple of yesteryear is making a very chic come back. Designers from DSquared to Michael Kors , to a few mass retailers, injected the shoe/bootie with a much needed style cache with improved upper materials, playful color combinations (think tartan and tweed), and a fashionista’s best friend, a high heel. However, some design detail echos of the past are still visible within the new incarnations, the rubber sole, the lace-up and hook-and-eye closures, along with the constrast stitching. Oooooh la la!

Clothing from Around the World: Asia's Shoe Addiction

I’ve travelled in Asia for the last five years and have visited many countries including Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. All of these countries are vastly different in culture and tradition, and to some extent, in fashion. But one thing I discovered in all of them is the Asian women’s addiction to shoes. Sure, Sex and the City’s Carrie had a shoe obsession, but most Asian girls easily have her beat.

In Thailand, girls are obsessed with high-heel, strappy sandals. They’re available everywhere and come in every color and design you can imagine. No fashion-conscious Bangkok girl will ever have less than 30 pairs of shoes, and many have a lot more. One of my Thai friends, Tua, has over 60 pairs of shoes and adds to this collection every week. She loves the pointy-toed shoes, the sling-back sandals and even the peeptoe shoes. She also has a pair of Mary Jane’s that is to die for. Tua loves shoes so much she actually gets a rush of excitement when she finds another cute pair and can’t wait to try them on. If they fit, she’s transported to a place of unimaginable joy. Now that’s an obsession with shoes!

In Japan, a lot of Japanese girls are really into boots of all lengths (ankle boots were popular when I was there) and stylish flats that they can walk in. Japanese girls definitely seem to be more concerned about comfort than Thai girls, who will stagger around in the highest high-heel shoes just to look sexy. Funky Mary Jane’s in moss green, brown and black are a big hit in Japan, and paired with the typical Japanese flair for fashion, they do look cool.

In Hong Kong, women seemed much like the Japanese during the day. Trendy, yet comfortable seems to be the order of the day; probably because Hong Kong is a walking city. So flat shoes, low-heeled boots and Doc Martens abound. But at night, even though you’ll still see many of the flat shoes around the shopping areas, if you head to the Hong Kong nightclub or restaurant scene, designer high-heeled, strappy sandals hold sway.

If you’re ever in Asia and you love shoes, you’ll fit right in. For Asian girls, the shoe is often more important than the clothes.


Zappos has been in the news a lot lately. First our wonderful segment on Oprah, then a little dollop of cream on top with our shopping shout out during a segment on E! News’ November 2 edition for great shoe finds under $100. Ms. Giuliana Rancic was going down the list of names, places and faces and then low and behold, a Zappos plug for our very own Steve Madden Arizonna purple fringe suede boot. Mrs. Rancic added another little ‘get thee to the site’ shopping twist, by mentioning that the shoe is a favorite of everyone’s teen queen favorite, Miley Cyrus. So folks, when you are making your list and checking it twice, noting who is naughty and nice, remember it’s Z to the A to the P to the P to the O to the S, which of course, means sanity for all, that and your shopping can remain stressless.