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New Brand Spotlight: Pro-Tec

new brand spotlight,pro-tec,action sports,helmets,skate helmets,sporting goods.skate accessories,skate,elbow pads,knee pads,protective skate gear,Founded in 1973, Pro-Tec is the original action sports protective gear brand. Today Pro-Tec provides innovative technology while still maintaining their classic style. Pro-Tec continues to support and protect riders around the world with the very best in protective equipment, so they can keep expressing and progressing. ...Ride On.






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New Brand Spotlight: Destroyer

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Destroyer produces some of the most technologically advanced kneepads and protective equipment on the market. With innovative air-flow foam, perforated neoprene straps, and heavy-duty nylon caps, pads from the Destroyer professional series has upped the ante, allowing amateurs and pros alike to sharpen their skills with lessened worry of injury.

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The GoldCoast Hanzo Board

goldcoast skateboard,hanzo board,hanzo skateboard,kill bill,ABEC 7 Bearings,skate,skaters,skateboards,zappos rideshop,

GoldCoast has created a skateboard for fans of Quentin Tarantino’s cinematic double feature “Kill Bill”—the Hanzo. This killer 24” board really packs a punch with its 79mm Century Trucks, genuine GoldCoast ABEC 7 bearings, and 60mm GoldCoast “Cherry Bombs” wheels.

This extremely portable board offers a smooth, carvy ride that’s perfect for quick trips around the block, or quick getaways from the “Crazy 88s”! Check it out HERE.

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WeSC: We are the Superlative Conspiracy

street,wesc,we are the superlative conspiracy,jason lee,skate,skateboarders,

WeSC Tee, WeSC Overlay Tee and WeSC Icon Tee

After a brief hiatus, we’re excited to announce that WeSC is back on!

Created by avid skateboarders, snowboarders and creative, out-of-the-box thinkers, WeSC lives by a philosophy of inclusion and acceptance.

In 1999, the brand broadened its reach to like-minded people both within and outside the skateboarding community. WeSC is a self-proclaimed “street fashion brand for intellectual slackers”. However, we think they are definitely not slacking in the style department.

Check out WeSC today!

WeSC Skatecamp 2011: Jönköping! from WeSC on Vimeo.

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Style Personality of the Day: Young Men

shop by personality,reef,oneill,DC,L-R-G,LRG,skate,skater style,juniors men,men,mens,mens style,mens fashion,

Reef Umbrella Drink Tee, O'Neill Hudson Walkshorts , DC Block Spartan High sneakers, L-R-G Core Collection Tree New Era ® hat

He lives to ride and loves the laid-back life. Whether he’s in SoCal, the Midwest or the East Coast, his style is uncompromisingly chill.

Today’s outfit was put together by our stylists with the board-riding dude in mind. The beach-inspired tee, comfy shorts and high-top skate shoes are all about California style, no matter where you may be.

Cruise into the new and improved Shop by Personality pages for even more men’s outfits to make shopping fun and easy.

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Macbeth Footwear x The Keep A Breast Foundation

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The Macbeth Footwear partnership with The Keep A Breast Foundation™ was fueled by the desire to help eradicate breast cancer and educating younger people to prevention, early detection and overall awareness.

For every pair of Macbeth Manchester (men’s) Keep A Breast or Macbeth Newman (women’s) Keep A Breast sneaker, $3 will be donated towards KAB support, education and prevention programs. Now that’s something we can all feel good about!

Pick up your pair (or a couple) today to support this amazing cause.

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The Newest 12'er Sneakers: DVS Shoe Co. x Almost Skateboards

almost skateboards, daewon song, DVS collaborations, dvs shoe co., dvs shoes, DVS Sneakers, skate, skate shoes, skate sneakers, skateboarding

You may remember a few months back when we featured the DVS Daewon Song 12’er sneakers. Recently, pro skater Daewon Song partnered up with DVS yet again, this time in collaboration with Almost Skateboards, to create the latest version of the 12’er.

This new colorway features the same sleek, simple design as the original, with a custom-designed lining and flag label. Two skateboard power houses in one superbly classic skate shoe! Pick up your pair before they’re long gone.


DVS | DAEWON X ALMOST | DAE vs DAE from DVS Shoe Company on Vimeo.

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Emerica x Toy Machine

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Ever since its inception back in 1993, Toy Machine has become a household name of sorts in the skateboarding world. Last month, Emerica launched its much-anticipated collaboration with Toy Machine with the awesome China Flat collection.

We’re all about the in-your-face Toy Machine graphics and sleek, streamlined slip-on design of this collaboration. Pick up a pair today! Better yet, mix and match these bad boys for extra pop as you cruise around this summer.