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Coolest Skateparks: The Shred Shed, Austin, TX

If you live in, or plan on visiting, Austin, Texas, then you will want to bring your board to The Shred Shed. This indoor skate park can be found at 2009 Ranch Road, Suite 530, 620 North, Austin, Texas, which is inside of the Vineyard Business Center. This is one of the best skate parks in the city, and one where you will find both great skating terrain and other recreation opportunities.

The Shred Shed – The Basics

The Shred Shed only offers about 9,000 square feet of skating terrain. However, within this modest square footage, you will find vet ramps, pyramids, hand rails, spines, death boxes, hips, a mini-ramp complex and rollovers. What is great about the ramps in this skate park is that they are all made from Skatelite, so they are sturdy and smooth. Most of the time this skate park is only opened to roller bladders and skateboarders. However, there are special sessions for bikers. If you are interested in biking here, you will need to check the schedule.

The Shred Shed – The Rules

To skate at the Shred Shed you will need to sign a liability waiver. This waiver is standard issue, and it basically says that you won’t hold the skate park liable if you are injured. This waiver is just like the waivers required by other skate-at-your-own risk skate parks found across the country. If you are under 18 years of age, your parents will most likely need to complete this form for you. After you have signed your waiver, you will be able to go skateboarding or in-line skating in the park. However, you are required to wear a helmet at all times.

The Shred Shed – Miscellaneous

There is a lot to do at the Shred Shed. Not only can you skateboard here, but you can also take lessons and play in the second floor arcade. There is also a pro shop on site where you can find boards, safety equipment and skating clothes . You can also find equipment rentals here, so if you are having a party at the skate park, or if you need a helmet or board, you can rent one at the pro shop.

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Best Vacation Spots for Skaters: Minneapolis

Whether you are in Minneapolis for business or pleasure, this is a great city to go to if you are a skateboarder. The city government has recognizes that skateboarding is a growing sport, and boarders of all ages need a safe place to skate. In response they have create six city-sponsored skate parks throughout the city. This means that no matter where you are in the city, you won’t have far to go to find a great skate park. Pack your rash guard and skateboarding shorts and get ready to have fun in the Twin Cities.

Skate Parks in Minneapolis, Minnesota

There are six city skate parks inside the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Each of the following parks is an outdoor park found inside a larger recreation center or city park. They each have several skating features including pyramids, ramps and hand rails.

▪ Armatage, 2500 57th Street West, Minneapolis, Minnesota

▪ Bottineau, 2000 2nd Street North East, Minneapolis, Minnesota

▪ Brackett, 2728 39th Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota

▪ Creekview, 5001 Humbolt Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minnesota

▪ Elliot, 1000 14th Street East, Minneapolis, Minnesota

▪ Morris, 5531 39th Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Skateboard Shops in Minneapolis, Minnesota

If you are looking for new boards or new skateboarding clothing , Minneapolis is a great shopping destination to visit. This city is chalked full of skateboard and sporting goods shops. Here are a few of the shops found in and around the city of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota:

▪ Erik’s Bike Shop, 501 Country Road 42, Burnsville, Minnesota

▪ 3rd Lair Skate Park and Skate Shop, 850 Florida Ave. S., Golden Valley, Minnesota

▪ Adrelanine Skateboards and Snowboards, 893 Robert St. S., Saint Paul, Minnesota

▪ Alternative Bike & Board Shop, 3013 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minnesota

▪ Familia Skate Board Shop, 647 Snelling Ave. S., Saint Paul, Minnesota

Outdoor Activities in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Outdoor activities are big in Minneapolis. Throughout the year, you will be able to find special events that celebrate the skateboarding lifestyle. When you are planning your vacation to Minneapolis, talk to your travel agent or read local newspapers to see if a skateboarding demonstration, competition or event is scheduled and how you can attend or participate in it. Minneapolis is waiting for you, so grab your board and hit the road!

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Featured Skateboarder: Rune Glifberg

Rune Glifberg, a Copenhagen native, enjoys riding few things more than his skateboard; However, he owns what he describes as a “small collection” of BMW models that he gladly gets off his board for. His top-five desired rides include an E60 M5 touring car, a Lamborghini, a BMW M1, an E30 M3 and a Porsche GT.

Glifberg, who turns 35 in December, took up skateboarding as an 11-year-old when a friend brought him a wooden skateboard after a vacation in the United States. He was competing within four years and turned pro at age 17. By the age of 22, he gained fame with a victory at the 1996 Slam City Jam.

He experiments with all terrains, but his signature style is vertical.

“Front side, all day man, it’s the best trick,” Glifberg says. “It sets you up for anything you want to do. It’s a nice, raw feeling. You can tweak a little salad in there, or you know, you can point it down towards the end on it, get a little smith end on it. It’s just a great feeling trick. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be tech to feel good.”

He is known among his peers as versatile and flexible. Until his first X Games gold medal this year, he had won the most medals without claiming a top prize. This reflects his rare combination of performing risky tricks while still remaining consistent. He is one of the first skaters to pull off a kick flip backside lip slide, and it now is his signature trick.

Rune’s peers also speak of his love for skateboarding. They say he skates just as hard in tight backyard pools, as he does in front of huge crowds on enormous half pipes. He recalls practicing during sub-zero Danish winters at a ramp covered by a tent. He has donated funds to refurbish his childhood Faeled Parken in Copenhagen.

Glifberg spends family time with his girlfriend and two daughters. They live in Costa Mesa, California, but they return to Copenhagen at least twice a year.


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Best Vacation Spots for Skaters: Colorado

Colorado is home to many great vacation opportunities including world class whitewater rafting, shopping and backcountry adventures. However, this state is also a great vacation destination for skateboarders as well. If you want to stay away from the crowds found in Denver, then consider the quaint town of Longmont, Colorado. This town has six skateparks, a great little skateboard shop and it is the home to several annual skateboarding events.

Longmont, Colorado – Skateparks
The first thing that skateboarders want to know about a city is where its skateparks are. Longmont, Colorado has six free skateparks. These skateparks are usually found within larger recreation areas and family parks. This means you will not only have easy access to great skating, but you can also try out some of the other activities found at the park complex.

If you are a novice skateboarder, or if you are skating with young kids, then you will want to stick to the Clark/Centennial Skatepark, located at 1100 Lashley, and the Stephen Day Skatepark, located at 1340 Deerwood. Both of these parks have a great selection of skateboarding features, and Centennial Park also has a roller hockey rink you can play around in.

If you are an intermediate or advanced skateboarder then you will have four skateparks to choose from. For intermediate skaters who are just moving up from the beginner rating, you will want to try out the Longmont Rec Center Skatepark found at 501 Quail Road. If you are an experienced skateboarder looking for both intermediate and advanced skatepark features, then you can try out the Blue Skies Skatepark, located at 1520 Mountain Drive, and Sandstone Ranch Skatepark, located at 2525 E. Highway 119.

Other Skateboarding Attractions
In addition to an amazing collection of skateparks, Longmont, Colorado also is the home to Sol Skateboards. This funky little skate shop can be found at 627 Main Street, and it is a great stop for skateboarding clothes and equipment. If you are interested in skateboarding events then you will want to visit this city during the summer. This is when the Mountain Madness Skateboarding Competition and the U.S. Nationals of Slalom Skateboard Racing are held.

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Coolest Skate Park: Coronado Skate Park

Learn all about the Coronado Skate Park in Coranda, California.

If you happen to be roaming around near Coronado, Calif., and you are a skater then you are in luck. One of the coolest skate parks in the country is located in this city at 2000 Mullinix Drive. It opened back in 2001 and offers skaters 16,000 square feet of skateboarding fun. This park is designed for skateboarders and in-line skaters who want a safe place to skate and a park that offers a variety of skating formations.

General Attractions

There are four main skating formations in this skate park. The first formation is the Street Plaza. It is a shallow bowl with wall heights between 2 and 3 feet. This is a formation for beginners; if you are looking for a place to work on basic skills, this is a great formation to work on.

Intermediate skaters are going to enjoy the second formation, which is called the Clover Bowl. This bowl has wall heights between 5- and 7-feet tall. This is a great formation for skaters who are trying out new tricks and are not ready for the challenge of the Teardrop formation.

The Teardrop formation is designed for experienced skaters. It has walls that are up to 8-feet tall. This formation is great for air tricks, though some skaters criticize the height limitation of this formation.

The Street Course is the final skateboarding option that you can explore. It includes pyramids, banked hips and a fun box. This is the formation that you will want to try out if you are interested in a variety of skating terrain and formations. This course is great for breaking out of a rut.

Coronado Skate Park Costs

To start with, everyone will need to pay a one-time annual waiver fee of $10. This fee applies to everyone. In addition to the annual waiver, you will also need to pay an admission fee. There are several different admission passes that you can buy. Your first option is to pay a $5 daily admission each time you use the park. This is a great option for people who are in town on vacation or who don’t plan on using the park that much. Your second option is to buy a Youth Year Pass. This pass costs $60 a year and is sold to kids between 6 and 17 years of age. Adult Year Passes are for adults, ages 18 to 54, and they cost $100. Senior citizens receive a discounted price on their year pass. The Seniors Year Pass only costs $60.

If you need to rent your safety equipment then you can do that right at the park. It will cost you $1 for a basic safety equipment rental package, which includes a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads. You can also rent a skateboard for $2; however, the parks supply of skateboards is limited.


The rules for this skate park are designed to keep skaters safe. The first rule is that you have to wear safety equipment if you want to skate here. As mentioned above, if you don’t have your own safety equipment you can rent it at the park. Next, only skateboarders and in-line skaters are allowed in the park. No bikes are allowed. Spectators are also not allowed in the park. Rule three is that you have to sign a liability waiver in order to skate at the park. You only have to do this once. Your waiver will then be kept on file. The final rule is that you need to be at least 6 years old to skate here, and you will need to have proof of your age.