Globe Superfly x Puzzle Edition

In continuing with Globe’s ongoing Puzzle Series as part of the Limited Special Projects they produce, this time around Globe asked the skaters what they wanted for their next Limited model and they got back different answers from each of the guys. Each of the featured riders has a distinct style and personality and thus the new Puzzle Series all have completely different models.

David Gonzalez skates Globe’s popular Hi-Top, the Superfly , so he picked out the best action leather, patent leather and shiny snake skin leather for his vulcanized Superfly Puzzle and added the fire red touch. Click here to check out the newest puzzle editions from Globe and be sure to check out all the latest and greatest from Globe in the Zappos Rideshop !

Osiris Rhyme x Del Tha Funkee Homosapien

You’ve rocked dunks, the Skytop , the TK Society , and you’re looking for the next big thing; something with larger-than-life style, fresh streetside appeal, and kicks that are higher than high.

Meet the Rhyme from Osiris , a fresh fusion of classic skate style and progressive sneaker design. Armed with a staggering high top silhouette, the Rhyme also features a wraparound hook-and-loop strap that can be worn strapped or loose. Need that extra kick of swagger? Then the flap on the back of the shoe folds down, creating one big ‘n bold look. The Rhyme also features a special collaboration with Del Tha Funkee Homosapien from the now legendary Hieroglyphics hip hop crew. With colors that are Del to the floor, custom logo hits on both sides of the fold down flap, and custom artwork on the insole, these kicks are funky enough for even the funkiest.

Plus with the EVA drop in midsole, a heel insert that offers added impact resistance, and a padded tongue and collar, the Rhyme has all the support and comfort you’d expect in any Osiris shoe.

Kicks this fresh won’t be around forever, so check them out on the Zappos Rideshop now!

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Does Rob Dyrdek and His Dyrdek's Collection Secretly Rule the World?

Well, with sales of his all encompassing skate apparel line booming, Mr. Rob Dyrdek might be getting seriously close to being able to buy the whole world, Dr. Evil style. We all know he at least has his “Fantasy Factory“ on MTV where each week the man shows off his toys and how he likes to abuse his staff. (Only in Jest, to be sure! The fights on that show are more staged than the plot of “The Hills.“)

In just a few short years, the interlocking D and C for “Dyrdek Collection” has become one of the most sought after logos in the entire clothing industry, to say nothing of skate apparel. To put it in perspective, the Dyrdek Collection’s DC has almost become as recognizable as the two GGs were for Gucci in the 1980’s. And just as Gucci did in the 1980’s, the Dyrdek Collection is also trying to branch out from a previously successful logo into an entire brand filled with fashionable goodies. Because life unfortunately sometimes requires more than just a hooded sweatshirt.

Oh, but DC does make a great hoodie now doesn’t it? First is the“Electric Blue Dimensional Fleece Zip Hoodie” (perfect for winter) featuring a totally unique design over the front but the usual Rob Dyrdek quality. No interlocking DC logos here but it somehow still looks like a piece from this skate company.

Now the Dark Gray “ Regain Fleece Zip Hoodie “ still features the well known logos but this time styled much differently almost as if someone had put a hand-full in a blender and hit puree. Again, this is one warm and stylish hoodie.

Marc Frank Montoya's new DVS Paradox Snow

Once again Marc Frank Montoya has delivered us a pre/apres shred shoe from DVS ! This time he uses the Paradox and gives it some technical features for your way to the hill, and those after-shred festivities. Introducing the DVS Paradox Snow by Marc Frank Montoya!

This shoe features a slimmed down technical silhouette with a combination upper consisting of leather, textile and synthetic materials as well as added tongue and collar. Durable welded TPR toe cap. Sidewall TPR inserts. Welded TPR badging. Weather protective tongue gussets. Moisture wicking lining. Sure-fit elastic support. Lightweight EVA midsole and a grippy rubber outsole.

Buy the Paradox Snow now and see all the styles DVS has to offer from the Zappos Rideshop !

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Skate Item of the Week: The Matix Asher Rasta Black Hoodie

While it is never in good taste to generalize about people there is one undeniable trend among those in the Skateboarding community. Not only do they generally love a good session of shredding and grinding at a local skate park but they often times turn to snowboarding during the winter months. Oh yes, and one more thing. They usually love Bob Marley. I mean, who doesn’t love Bob Marley?

This is where the Matix Clothing Company’s Asher Rasta Black Hoodie comes in. Warm enough for the coldest winter yet breathable enough to be worn in the fall or early spring, the Asher Black Hoodie really is a jacket for all seasons. Not only does this hoodie look cool and keep you warm but it also makes a statement for anyone out there who loves to skate, snowboard and rock out to Bob Marley’s seminal album “Rebel Music.”

The Matix Clothing Company Asher Rasta Black Hoodie has Kangaroo pouch pockets on either side and is fully lined with nylon to help keep you cool. For a textured look and feel the Asher Rasta Black Hoodie has banded cuffs and waist. Why is that important? So many hoodies are loose around the wrist and waist that they make people who may be physically fit look fat. Always remember that wearing loose clothing is not a cover up—it will just make you look overweight.

This hoodie is also 100% machine washable, available only in black with a small red, yellow and green rasta emblem, this hoodie is sure to sell out quickly. So, regardless of where you are or what you are doing, the Asher Rasta Black Hoodie will not only keep you warm it will also express your vast and varied interests.

Emerica Launches "Review Tube"

Emerica has been noticing a “product review” trend lately on YouTube. More specifically skaters making their own personal reviews of skate shoes on the web to let their voices be heard. These reviews are straight from the skaters mouths (literally). They are not sanctioned by companies, and are a clear example of skaters empowering themselves to speak out individually and independently to let there voices be heard. So, Emerica just launched a blog on the Emerica site called Emerica’s Review Tube ! This blog will seek to collect this information in one place on the Emerica site, via YouTube, for Emerica users to see, get inspired, and create their own personal reviews. It will also promote even greater integration and connection with Emerica , and allows them the opportunity to learn invaluable insights directly from the skaters themselves. Take a minute to check out the blog and for all your Emerica shoes and clothing needs be sure to visit the Zappos Rideshop !

DC Launches the Dyrdek Collection!

DC is proud to announce the release of Dyrdek Collection from pro skateboarder Rob Dyrdek. Dyrdek’s collection is a first for both himself and the brand, as its premiere athlete designed collection. The Dyrdek Collection includes footwear, apparel and accessories, all which feature signature branding and a custom print. The collection will launch to retail stores beginning October 1, 2009.

The collection was designed to fit perfectly in Dyrdek’s life, with custom fit denim for skateboarding, lightweight zip fleece, T-shirts, hats, wallets, a leather jacket and a new footwear model. A “water” pattern, representing the collection’s theme of “Fantasies Run Deep” is used across the collection as the lead print on t –shirts, fleece, and hats, as well as on interior linings of jackets, accessories, and footwear.

“After nearly 15 years with DC , I am excited to launch my first full collection of footwear,
apparel and accessories,” said Dyrdek. “I wanted the Collection to reflect my life, so I incorporated everything from pieces for skateboarding and everyday wear to aspects of my history, like a completely updated model of my first ever shoe with DC .”

Dyrdek’s latest shoe, the RD1 Mid, sits at the center of the collection and draws design cues from Dyrdek’s first ever shoe with the brand. Dyrdek joined DC Shoes in 1995 and set out to design the first-ever skateboard shoe with an athletic shoe’s performance features and look. The result, the Dyrdek1, was the first skateboard shoe to feature protective nylon lace loops. Dyrdek’s signature shoe was met with unprecedented approval by the skateboarding community and sold out in record time.

Fifteen shoes later, the updated RD1 Mid model now comes in two colorways as a mid top with perforated leather and custom lining, but features the same paneling and lace loops from the Dyrdek 1 that revolutionized skateboarding footwear. The code “RD0915AW” is branded into the heel of the shoe, reflecting the original branding on the tongue of Dyrdek’s first shoe,“RD9501AW”, which combined his initials (RD) with the year (‘95), shoe model number (01) and his board sponsor (Alien Workshop).

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Etnies Apparel Welcomes Kyle Loza!

It takes a little extra something to stand out front he crowd these days. And in most cases, those who stand out do it fairly effortlessly. One look at Kyle Loza’s riding style and the innovation and individuality he’s brought to Moto X in the last few years and you instantly realize he’s one of those people. Kyle epitomizes what etnies is and they are proud to welcome him to the etnies apparel team! Check out all the lates etnies gear from the Zappos Rideshop !