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Skate Item of the Week: Vans Classic Slip on Core Classics

Who in their junior high and high school days didn’t at least own one pair of slip on Vans shoes? These comfortable, long lasting and easy to slip-on shoes are a part of our national heritage. Sitting in homeroom, doodling in pen on the rubber edge of your Vans is possibly the most 80’s of memories.

Well, now you can relive those glory days even in some of the retro-80’s checkerboard styles with the Vans Classic Slip On Core Classics . These shoes are guaranteed to bring back memories and make your life a whole lot easier. Because let’s be honest, who has time for shoelaces? You didn’t have time for them back then and you definitely don’t have time for them now.

Vans Classic Slip On Core Classics are so affordable you could easily buy a different style to suit your every mood or one for each day of the week. There is the retro checkerboard in black/white, red/white, pink/black and red/black. For more of a preppy look go for the blue, white or black. There is even a version so white that you could probably hit the skate park in the dark and the cops could still see you.

These shoes come with classic Vans EVA insole support to help cushion heavy landings when grinding, shredding or just jumping off the roof. They have a cotton drill lining for extra comfort and breathability. The sole is Vulcanized to repel heat and to make it durable. And as always there is the gum rubberized outsole that is a Vans trademark—you could probably even still write in pen on it.

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