Commute in Functional Style with Chrome

If you’ve ever lived in a bustling metropolitan area like Los Angeles or New York, you know that long commutes are the norm and public transportation is gold. It’s much easier to take a bus or train downtown and walk a few extra blocks to the office than it is to fight highway traffic and waste gas. But power heels, business footwear and briefcases aren’t ideal for this sort of weekly travel. You need a sturdy bag to carry your necessities (like those stylish office shoes) and durable yet comfortable footwear to get you there. Chrome products have you covered for both.

Chrome messenger bags are made for your commute. Originally big on the urban cycling scene, these travel bags gained huge popularity for their well-sewn, well-made designs. Whether you’re into a minimalistic pack or a larger, high-functioning bag, Chrome ensures all styles have the same features. Waterproof fabrics, quick-release shoulder straps and functional pockets are in every bag, with some having built-in bottle openers and military grade liners added on.

A highly functional, ultra-durable design is put into Chrome’s footwear too. Antimicrobial insoles and skid resistant rubber bottoms are standard, making each shoe tough enough for all sorts of weather. Cool materials like fire hose canvas, fiberglass and reflective coating are used in their shoe construction, and some footwear is even made completely by hand. This attention to detail proves Chrome is dedicated to creating top-quality goods for city commutes, travel-heavy weekends and any unexpected event in between. Check out some of their unique craftsmanship and urban styles below.

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shoes, messenger bags, daily_commute, commute. function, style, durable goods, city style, bags, computer bags, cycling fashion footwear, fashion footwear, casual, functional, on the go

  1.  Chrome Kursk
  2.  Chrome Chekhov 
  3.  Chrome Dima
  4.  Chrome Mini Buran 
  5.  Chrome Ishak
  6.  Chrome Mini Metro Messenger

Mastering the Black Boot

Black boots are an absolute wardrobe must-have and there are tons of gorgeous style options out there. Still, many of us tend to purchase a lackluster pair because they’re a popular style or on sale. Can we make a pact, girls? No more blending in with the crowd or choosing the safe style option, okay?

Treat your black boots like a high-fashion accessory. They should add interest to your outfit in an edgy yet classy way and the look should seem effortless. Avoid anything overly ornate or too sleek. You don’t want to be too trendy or conservative. The best option is a boot with hints of detail to draw attention without distracting from the rest of your outfit.  

Ready to master the black boot? Here are a few tips and options to consider:

Timeless Details

Fringe and buckles have been popular for decades and will always be in style. Choose a boot that keeps this trend to a minimum so you can dress it up or down easier. They’ll look great with skinny jeans, leggings, and dresses.



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Universal Heights

Heel and boot shaft heights matter. A lower height for both is universally flattering and versatile. Low, chunky heels are timeless and provide excellent support for your feet. Ankle boots or booties look sleek and can be worn with wider leg pants. 



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Wood Toned Heels

This color combination is great because it’s subtle and feminine. Wooden heels also hide scuffmarks well. Wear them with floral dresses to add a hint of bohemian style or with all black attire to soften your look.


boots, black, style, edgy, timeless, buying boots, fall fashion, winter fashion, fringe_boots, buckle boots, stylish boots


Remember impeccable style is found, not forced. But, you can’t discover it if you’re not willing to have fun with fashion or try something new. So go forth and look fierce, my friends. It’s totally allowed.

Swimsuit Chic by Mikoh Swimwear

As a born and raised Southern California girl I grew up loving two things, fashion and the ocean. I lived (and sometimes slept) in swimwear, and it wasn’t uncommon to go from all-day beach lounging to dinner wearing it. It was actually kind of chic to do so. Tousled salty sea hair, a lightweight maxi dress and a tinted lip gloss was all I needed for a laid-back, cool look.

The right swimsuit cuts, patterns and colors were the secret to that effortless bohemian style, and I’m loving the version Mikoh Swimwear is bringing to the swimsuit world! Their bikini tops and bottoms are fashionable yet totally functional, meaning you too can go from daytime beach play to chill dinner in style.



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Mikoh Swimwear’s print and color options are subtle. They mix deep hues with neutral tones that are flattering on every skin tone. Their bikini bottoms are low slung across the hips and show a little cheek, which is actually much more flattering than a full-coverage bottom. Playful straps and macramé designs spice up their swimsuit tops so you stand out in a tasteful way. Mikoh’s cover-up options are also stylishly subtle, making them easy to wear.



                                        bathing suit, beach, bikini, fashion, pool, style, swimsuit, swimwear 


If you’re ready to capture some of that laid-back, California-chic style, check out Mikoh Swimwear. I’m a fan, and being an actual SoCal beach girl, that says a lot.



National Splurge Day: 10 Ways to Reward Yourself

Are you tired of budgeting and opting for frugality? If so, you will be pleased to know June 18th is National Splurge Day! It’s a guilt-free shopping day to treat yourself and others! There are endless ways to celebrate this occasion from a day spent at a luxury spa to a day filled with online shopping.  Don’t know where to begin? We’ve got 10 ideas to splurge on style from a trusty go-to city chic bag to a fashion investment piece like a Michael Kors watch.

10 Ways to Reward Yourself

10 Ways to Reward Yourself

1. Mara Hoffman Easy Dress

2. Joe's Jeans Markie Skinny Crop

3. Ray-Ban Original Aviator 58mm

4. Vince Camuto Cabash Stripe Top

5. Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack

6. Michael Kors Slim Runway Double Wrap Watch

7. Aldo Okelani Sandals

8. Nike Racquette Leather

9. Rebecca Minkoff Unlined Clutch

10. gorjana Taner Interlocking Cuff

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Weekly Trends: Printed Denim & Colored Bottoms

This week, we’re focusing on the bottom half of our ensembles. If you’re looking to freshen up your wardrobe, a pair of fresh printed denim or, for the guys, a colorful pair of pants or shorts, are easy options.

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Printed denim is popping up all over the place, particularly this season. There are so many options to choose from. When you opt for a bolder print, stick more subdued, basic tops. If you choose a more subtle print, try mixing it with a complementary printed top to add interest and dimension to your look.

For the guys, colored bottoms are an easy way to infuse some color into even the most casual ensembles. Try a pair of brightly-colored shorts with boat shoes for effortlessly cool summer style.

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Adventures in Dressing: Mother-Daughter Bonding, 21st Century Style

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There are a few different kinds of moms -- the baking kind (Martha Stewart), the singing kind (Maria von Trapp), and the shopping kind (Kris Kardashian).  I have the shopping kind. These mother-daughter relationships tend to be vain (albeit a lot of fun). Spa days, shopping trips, at-home fashion shows, hours spent going through Grandma's old jewelry...but what happens if the mother/daughter pair don't live in the same city anymore? What does one do without the joys of mother-daughter vanity? 

Have no fear, the VIP Dress Me App is here! From the comforts of their own computers, mothers can dress daughters to their hearts' delight in frilly, furry, frothy costumes, and if one so pleases, daughters can even purchase the selections on the website and wear them to the next family get-together for that euphoric feeling daughters get when they make their moms happy.

And daughters can dress their moms too! My sassy mother is quite fun to "dress" , so to introduce her to the new Dress Me app, I created an outfit for her that she can wear during the blustery Canadian winters she endures.

Daughters, dress your mom, and moms dress your daughters on the Zappos VIP Dress Me app today!

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Fresh Picks: Chic Summer Shorts

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We like to think of shorts as that happy medium between pants and skirts, a versatile warm-weather essential that we wouldn’t want to be without. Even casual shorts can look impressively put together when done right.

Here are just some of our current picks:

1. Trina Turk Aero shorts: The refined pleating and chic khaki color give these shorts such a tailored feel.

2. Lilly Pulitzer Callahan shorts: Pair these pristine navy shorts with your nautical-inspired tops this summer!

3. Brigitte Bailey Nikki pleated shorts: This high-waisted number is sassy enough for a night out on the town.

4. Calvin Klein Jeans linen Bermuda shorts: Quite possibly the perfect vacation shorts.

5. Juicy Couture Bedford sailor shorts: The brass sailor-inspired buttons add a simple yet noteworthy touch to these shorts.

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Style Personality of the Day: The All-American Woman

7 for all mankind, all-american woman, all-american women, calvin klein, clothing, fossil, lucky brand, personalties page, shop by personality, style, style expert brooke hyden, trends, woman, women, womens, Style Expert Brooke Hyden

Lucky Brand Laguna Madras Plaid Cami, 7 For All Mankind The Skinny Bermuda shorts, Calvin Klein Blaire wedges, Fossil Liberty Hobo, Lucky Brand BFF Summer Floral Necklace, Fossil Watch 

In the midst of the extra-hot summer temps most of us are experiencing as of late, we thought it would be fitting to feature an outfit that embodies an All-American summer.

Our stylists have put together this particular summer ensemble with easy, laid-back style in mind. From the lightweight plaid cami, to the comfy Bermuda shorts, to the neutral wedges, this outfit is as American as apple pie.

To shop more outfits hand-picked by our stylists, check out the Shop by Personality page on We’ve made it easy for you to shop by different style personalities, even if you’re known to change up your style from day to day!