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(A Very Special) Product Description of the Day

Sort of like a ‘very special episode’ on an 80s sitcom when a special guest stops by, our CEO, Tony Hsieh, stopped by our Product Video Department while attending the Kentucky Vendor Fair at the KY Fulfillment Center .

CLT Happy Hour!

Over drinks and Karaoke at a Zappos Customer Loyalty Happy Hour, we discuss what CLT means to us.

Life at Zappos

A glimpse into what it’s like being at Zappos.

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Zappos Customer Loyalty

Around Christmas 2008, we had this story come through our Customer Loyalty Department.

Jeanette called on December 22 to order some Ugg boots for her close friend, who had just lost all of her and her family’s belongings in a house fire. She had explained to the Customer Loyalty Representative that she was very happy she found these boots in stock, as it was the one thing her friend’s child really wanted for Christmas. She was really floored when the rep offered to upgrade the shipping free of charge so the boots would get there overnight. Her friend called her the next day and was very happy with the gift.

Jeanette then left to go to Florida. Once there, she received a call from her friend who was in complete shock because of an additional Zappos Box that showed up on her doorstep.

Inside was a culture book signed by the call center, Zappos t-shirts, bags, a Zappos monopoly game and a gift card for shoes. Her friend’s children were thrilled.

So, Jeanette decided to make this video to show her appreciation.

Stupid Human Tricks At Zappos II: The Return

There are so many freaks at Zappos we needed to make a second video.

Ask Zappos: Rappin' 'Bout Da Sky

Why is the sky blue? We answer: through hardcore hip hop.

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Where's Tony? Skatin' Around Meetup.com Headquarters

While Tony was in “The Big Apple” he met up with the founder of Meetup.com for a tour around their headquarters and to challenge whomever is daring enough in a razor scooter competition. Tony has obviously been practicing.

Oh…and did I mention that Tony is now a cartoon? Check it out.