The Class Everyone At Zappos Takes

Everyone at Zappos takes an intensive CLT (customer loyalty training) course. Here’s more about that.

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Where's Tony? Etsy

Tony visits the office where most things handmade are sold on the internet – in Brooklyn, NY. Arts and crafts time anyone?

What's a Day in the Life at Zappos Like?

What’s a “day in the life“of a Zappos employee? Here’s the answer!

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Where's Tony? Pilot Episode

Our CEO Tony Hsieh gets around – around the globe, that is – and there’s no telling where he’ll be next. Tony is so busy flying around, speaking at conferences and meeting with other cool companies that Twitter has a hard time keeping up with all of his @zappos updates, and honestly, Twitpics just don’t give a visit to the White House any justice.

So, we decided that the only way to truly know where Tony is at any moment in time was to hook him up with a tracking device and to set up hidden cameras around his cubicle and implant a micro camera in his forehead.

However, due to the economy being down and the fear of being let go or having a restraining order placed against the Zappos Blog Team, we decided to do more with less and settled with just giving him a Flip camera to carry around with him everywhere he goes.

So, here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for (drum roll) Where’s Tony!

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Speed Walk Walk Off!

The speed walking event for this year’s Corporate Challenge was a lot more popular than we thought it would be. So, in order to decide who gets to represent Zappos at the speed walking event, we held a walk off. Our first group of walkers fighting for the spot in their age group really weren’t bringing the heat, but when husband and wife duo, Rebecca and Alfred started their time trial they cranked the competition up to an 11 – an 11 minute mile that is.


Look deep into our eyes, and we will hypnotize you. (And by eyes, I mean our Real Time map of where purchases are being made, and by hypnotize, I mean not allow you to get anything else done because you’re staring at this map)

Here is what happened in the offices when our CEO Tony Hsieh sent out the real time purchases map.

Zappos Box Breaking 2....Electric Boogaloo!

At the 2009 SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, TX, Zappos invited a number of influential and talented bloggers to let us film them opening their Zappos boxes and showing their excitement that came along with the Zappos Experience. And since then, we have invited you to do the same by recording your box break and uploading to for a chance at a $100 Gift Certificate.
Today, we wanted to show you the excitement even in the corporate offices with every order that is delivered to employees.
Check it!
And Submit your Videos!


At Zappos, we are always trying to come up with ways in which to Do More With Less, which is one of our Core Values , and we feel that Space is a valuable commodity. So, we have come up with a new way to fit more people into the offices here in Las Vegas, NV – Bunk-Desks.

The actual idea came from our CEO, Tony Hsieh , while he was thinking about ways to improve our office space situation. We have grown at such a rapid pace, that it’s easy to fill up to capacity before you even know there is a problem. Tony commissioned Warren and Associate Builders, here in Henderson, to build this innovation aimed at maximizing the office space available. After seeing the finished product, Tony actually requested that he be allowed to move his spot in the office to the top bunk.

Alfred Lin, COO of Zappos, after seeing Tony’s new toy, requested that we have another built with a bed on top so he can just crash out right here in the office when he works too late.

Tony is considering mass producing the Zappos BunkDesk and providing much needed space to office buildings around the world. Comment below and let us know what you think!