The Secret to the Zappos Quick Delivery

That’s an easy one: Zappos scientists have created a hole in the space/time continuum.

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Be in the Next Zappos Culture Book!

Every year, Zappos puts out a book that publishes what our employees and partners think the Zappos culture means to them. It’s already time for another edition, but this year we want to do something a little different…we want our customers to get in on the action too!

At Zappos, part of what we’re all about is forming personal connections between our employees, partners and customers. So we thought we could use the Culture Book as one of the ways we’ll get to know what you think about us.

Specifically, we’re asking everyone (customers, employees, or partners!) to submit photos that relate to Zappos.

Things we’d like to see:

What you think of when you hear “Zappos”
Your favorite pair of shoes from Zappos
Your favorite piece of apparel from Zappos
Something fun and a little weird
Something that will make us smile
Something you’re passionate about
Your interpretation of one of our core values ( )

Things we won’t like to see:

Your bunions :)
Anything inappropriate
Anything excessively photo-edited or Photoshopped. Feel free to add informative titles, descriptions, your name and where you took the picture (in the email, not on the picture). If you’re submitting a photo, you’re giving us the right to use it in our book and you’re verifying that it’s your original photo (and not someone else’s).

Specs for images:

RGB or JPG format only please
It’s going to be printed in a book, so the higher the resolution the better! 300 dpi 5” x 7” or higher.
Files should be a minimum of 1200 × 1600 pixels. It’d be a shame if we love your picture but can’t use it!

You must own the full copyright
No trademarks (e.g. logos, brands, entities with copyright or trademarked)

Please send your images and questions to: by 

March 31, 2009 (Tuesday). Look forward to seeing them!

Phil Hellmuth Teaches Zappos How To Make The Perfect Poker Face!!!

Poker Star Phil Hellmuth stopped by Zappos to teach us how to make the perfect poker face!!! Think you can do better than us? SHOW US!

Hula Hoop Contest at Zappos

Funny Hula Hoop Contest at Zappos! We like to call it a HOOP OFF!!!

Create a Zappos Comic Book Character!

As some of you might have known, our Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh appeared on The Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday, where he challenged the two teams to create a Zappos Comic Book Character. Now, we’d love for you to have the chance to do the same!

Please do a video response to this post on Youtube or comment below with your idea for a Character that would best represent!

Come Visit Us In Vegas!!!

Why do we treat our customers like friends? Because we want to hang out with you! Come visit us in Vegas!

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Can You Out Finger Dance Tony Hsieh?

That’s right, Tony and Aaron have been practicing their finger dancing skills for years now and well, they’re pretty confident that they’re the BEST finger dancers EVER!!!

If you think you can out finger dance Tony Hsieh, then post your video response on our YouTube channel.

The Zappos Culture Book

Every year, Zappos publishes a Culture Book written by employees. It’s about how everyone feels about Zappos culture and what we think about working here. Here’s a little information about it!

You can buy it online: