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Tony's New Years Gift: Pencil Holders!?!

Oh, that Tony Hsieh. He knows that no New Years would be complete without a limited edition “pencil holder” (as our legal department would say) or a “measuring glass” (as Grandma calls it), but this New Years gift really can be used for all types of things. I’m gonna try to put some liquid in it, just for kicks.

Thanks Tony for our New Years multi-purpose Zappos glasses! I’m sure we’ll all put them to good use.

Happy New Year, One And All!

Tony on Fox News!

Our CEO, Tony Hsieh, appeared on Fox News to talk about’s successful holiday season!

Tony and Fred Spread Some Cheer!

Fred M. and Tony H. spent the afternoon on Christmas Eve spreading some Christmas cheer throughout the office, as you can see below. They handed out candy canes to employees in both buildings. Thank you, T and F!

Alfred and his Day at UPS

Our CFO/COO, Alfred L., was asked by UPS to spend a day doing the job of a UPS Delivery Worker, and he gladly obliged!

On the last Friday before Christmas, if you live in the Southern Highlands part of Las Vegas, and you had a package delivered by UPS, there is a good chance that Alfred was the one that dropped off your package.

And, since this was a long, hard day of work, Alfred decided to take a dip in a customer’s pool at the end of the day to relax. But relaxing is hard when it’s 40 degrees outside….don’t try this at home, kids.

We captured it all on video…enjoy! Alfred, take it away….......

Twitter Music Video, starring iJustine!

Zappos Presents a Music Video about Twitter, starring iJustine

Happy Birthday Tony!

Happy Friday! Today started out very Happy as we started off the morning with a very special Happy Birthday Jingle to our CEO presented by our very own in house Trio, the Zappettes! This may have been their biggest gig yet! The Zappettes have been delivering sing-o-grams non-stop for all occasions. Not only are they talented and beautiful, but very humble and generous…all proceeds gained go to the Zappos charity of the month. What a way to start your special day, Have the best birthday ever, Tony!

Christmas Music: The Lowdown from Zapponians

Maybe you’ve worked in a retail situation before where you had to hear Christmas music on a loop for two months. Maybe you are a Christmas nut and listen to it in the shower, at work, in the car, lunchtime, bed time, nap time…..either way, we all have an opinion about the tunes that hop on the radio waves and the department store speakers the day after Thanksgiving, and we explored the opinions that fill the halls of Zappos.

For better or worse, here you go: )

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