Our Creative Services Graduates!

Today was an exciting day here in Creative Services; three of our
fellow CS’ers completed their last day of CLT training, and we couldn’t
be more proud of them! Fabio A, Kris K. and Phil S. completed their
last day in the four week training course.
CLT (Customer Loyalty) Training consists of three weeks of classroom
time and a full week on the phones that trains all of our fine CLT
Staff! All Zappos employees, no matter what their position, go through
the training. This allows us all to see into the world of CLT and the
WOW that they deliver on a daily basis.
Phil, a graphic designer, Kris, a production assistant, and Fabio, a
web producer, graduated in style, and all of us in CS would like to
say: “Right on, fellas! Proud of ya!”
And to all of our new CLT team members, for those about to WOW, we salute you!!!!!!
-Brett H.

Graduation Parade

We had another training class graduate today. Everyone at Zappos goes through the CLT training program and learns firsthand how to WOW the Zappos way. It provides a shared experience for us all and keeps us grounded to the importance of our customers. I went though it almost a year ago and I had a great time. Our training department is simply superb.

Here’s a picture and a YouTube clip of the new graduates on their traditional parade. Yeah, I got a little misty.

Congratulations to the new graduates!