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New Brand Spotlight: Boconi Bags &Leather

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Founded by a husband and wife team in 2010, The Boconi® name came about from a collaboration of their two names, Bobby and Connie Williams, but don't let the age of their company fool you. The two are both well-known in the travel industry for their abundant accomplishments in travel gear, bags and leather goods, as well as fitness and well-being. With their combined expertise, they have skillfully crafted exquisite bags and leather goods under the Boconi name to a level that is best compared to high-end brands. Boconi is driven by a passion for one-of-a-kind leathers, custom hardware and of-the-moment linings that are intelligently handcrafted with fusions of classic style and American functionality.

Check out Boconi on!

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How to Pack Neatly for a 10-day Trip with Eagle Creek

Do any or all of these scenarios sound familiar to you? :

1) You’re stuck in the security line with the TSA agent telling you he needs to open your suitcase, and you wish you hadn’t just shoved everything in there.

2) All your stuff fit when you departed, but when you pack everything to go home, they somehow don’t fit anymore. Or you just can’t seem find your toothbrush or underwear when you unpack.

3) You get to your destination with a suitcase full of wrinkled clothes and/or spilled toiletries—causing you to spend precious vacation time cleaning and ironing.

If so, check out this helpful video from our friends at Eagle Creek! With a few handy travel essentials, packing for a 10-day trip becomes less of a chore. Your stuff stays nice and organized, leaving you with less to worry about during your travels.

Bon voyage!

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1. Eagle Creek 4-Wheeled Upright 22", 2. Eagle Creek Pack-It 2-Sided Cube, 3. Eagle Creek Pack-It Tube Cube, 4. Eagle Creek Pack-ItShoe Cube, 5. Eagle Creek Pack-It Sac Medium  6. Eagle Creek Pack-It Folder18 , 7. Eagle Creek Pack-It Folder 15, 8. Eagle Creek Pack-It Wallaby Toiletry Case, 9. Eagle Creek Pack-It Liquid/Gel Set

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Get Ready for Campus Life with STM Bags

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Left: STM Nomad 13"  Right: STM Velo Small Laptop Bag

As a new school year approaches, those of you heading off to high school or college surely have a few essentials to check off your back-to-school list. One of which is a laptop bag that keeps up with your super-packed schedule and personal style.

That’s where STM Bags come in. Their utilitarian-style bags, backpacks and tech accessories are built to last (i.e. they can take any long day a busy student can dish out) so your laptop and other tech toys are nice and protected!

Check out a couple of STM Bags' campus-ready styles:

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1. Convoy Medium Laptop Backpack, 2. Compass 13" Small Laptop Tote, 3. Revolution Medium Laptop Backpack

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New Brand Spotlight: Lilypond

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For the woman who is adventurous, free-spirited and committed to improving the environment, Lilypond bags make the perfect fit. Lilypond is passionate about using recycled and sustainable materials in all their luggage, handbags and travel accessories. Their streamlined designs have a sporty appeal mixed with great organizational features for the woman on the go.

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Missoni for Bric's

Investing in great quality luggage and travel bags should be at the top of every jet setter’s list this summer travel season (and beyond). Why not treat yourself to the luxury of designer travel bags with the new Missoni for Bric’s collection? Its timeless and iconic Missoni print definitely lends itself to stylish globetrotting.

Bon Voyage!

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1. 30" Spinner, 2. 21" Carry-on Rolling Duffel, 3. Medium Traditional Shave Case, 4. 22" Duffel, 5. 21" Carry-on Spinner, 6. Laptop Case

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New Brand Spotlight: Francine Bags

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Founded by designer, philanthropist and CEO Francine Farkas Spears, the Francine Collection was created out of a love of beauty, elegance, functionality and world travel. The founder and CEO of the Women in Business Bag Collection, Francine is an award-winning designer, industry leader, and socialite. Francine believes in the empowerment of women and women's causes.

This line of tailored luggage, business bags and handbags are designed with the modern executive and busy jet-setter in mind.

Check out the Francine Collection on!














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Transforming Travel with Style:Dror for Tumi

Every frequent flyer knows the most common dilemma of packing all too well: by the end of your trip, you end up with more stuff or less stuff than you originally packed, but your suitcase doesn’t accommodate this constant flux.

This is why we love Dror for Tumi, a revolutionary line of suitcases and travel bags that combines sleek, architectural design with smart functionality. The collection is designed by award-winning designer and architect Dror Benshetrit.dror for tumi,Dror Benshetrit,luggage,suitcases,travel bags,travel,Tumi luggage,Tumi,

Each piece has the ability to transform, catering to the demands of the jet-set lifestyle. This line of chic, multifunctional luggage is definitely at the cutting edge of travel essentials—a must for the modern globetrotter.

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New Brand Spotlight: Baggallini

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Designed by flight attendants, approved by travelers.

baggallini, inc. was founded in 1995 when two veteran flight attendants recognized a need for more fashionable and functional tote bags, handbags, and travel accessories for women.

All baggallini baggs are specially designed for women with fey features that are different from most bags on the market. Their organizational features, slots for credit cards, a key fob leash, lipstick or pen holders, and detachable ID holder are just a few travel-friendly features they include.

baggallini also feature plenty of zippered compartments for safe and secure storage of personal items. Another bonus with baggallini bags is the weight. These bags are made from an extremely lightweight nylon and weigh less than 1 pound—perfect for busy travelers, moms, students, etc.

Simple, classic style meets everyday function with baggalini bags.