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4 Born Boots That Should Be In Your Closet

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Last week, we gave you some helpful tips for wearing your boots this Fall (see HERE) and now we want to give you four boots from Børn that should find their way into your cool weather wardrobe. Børn is a leading manufacturer of genuinely superior comfort footwear for men, women and children that makes products with the upmost care and attention to detail.

Looking for a striking and dramatic look? The Marjorie boot is exactly what you are looking for! The Marjorie is part of the Børn Signature Brown Series and features leather uppers with luxurious patina effects and authentic hand sewn moccasin-inspired details. The leawood-wrapped 2.5-inch heel with lightweight rubber forepart and outside heel make for improved durability. The tall shaft Yvette boot proves that fashion and comfort can go hand-in-hand. This boot features vegetable leather or suede upper (depending on colorway) with overlay at the vamp, creating a refined appeal. At 1.5 inches, the Yvette can be a comfortable option for getting around the city comfortably.

Command attention with the Evelyn boot from Børn. The gorgeous buckle serves as a dazzling detail to an already fabulous boot. If you prefer less heel, the Alissa Grey is a classically inspired riding boot from Børn. The full-grain leather upper with side zipper allows for easy on/off wear while providing excellent protection in the elements. Don’t forget to tie your riding boots together with colored denim, floaty blouses and an accent, like a cape or vest. Our stylists, Brooke and Kaya, have put together several picks that can help you find inspiration this Fall HERE and you can stay up to date with current trends on our Trends page.

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Every Season is KEEN Season

Keen Footwear is notorious for being comfortable, high quality and stylish regardless of your activity level. Whether it’s there fashion-forward boots in the Winter or their comfy sandals in the Summer, Keen delivers year-round. This season, Keen is offering a wide range of products for men, women and children to protect your toes and tie together your attire.            

Capable for year-round performance, the Alta Mid by Keen is stylish and functional in a variety of settings. The waterproof full-grain uppers offer lasting comfort, flexibility and style. The Alta Mid features the KEEN.DRY waterproof membrane to assure that your feet stay dry throughout the day, regardless of the conditions.

A slip-on ready for the winter weather shoe, the Hoodoo Slip-on by Keen is the practical choice for comfort and durability. The Hoodoo also features KEEN.DRY as well as waterproof full grain leather uppers for added durability. The Hoodoo is also available in mid and high styles. If you are leaning toward boots this Winter, the Bern Baby Bern Boot will set your style on fire. The waterproof smooth leather upper is designed to last. Enjoy the comfort of KEEN.CUSH cushioning all day long. KEEN.CUSH is a blend of recycled PU, cork and memory foam that contours to feet and adjusts to give you the cushioning you need throughout your day.

Check out the upcoming styles coming out from Keen in the video below and make sure you shop at for all of your Keen products.

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Cool Winter Coats

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It’s quite possible to stay trendy while enduring below-zero conditions this Winter. Whether you are looking for something light to get you from your car to office or you are looking for a jacket that can keep you warm at the summit, we have all your cold-weather products to get you through the Winter in warmth and style.

Check out the Columba Heat Elite, a lightweight fleece with Omni-Heat® breakthrough thermal technology that maintains warmth while preventing heat loss. If you prefer a bulkier jacket, the Marmot Zeus will keep you incredibly warm with its 800-fill power goose down. Not to mention, if you are all about going all out in the snow, you can machine wash the Zeus to keep you looking fresh.

For the ladies, the North Face Women’s Recycled Denali jacket is one of our most popular jackets. The tried, the true, the one-and-only Denali Jacket is a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts. The abrasion-resistant fabric overlays at the shoulders, chest, and elbows to increase durability in high-stress areas. Made from 100% bluesign® approved fabrics, a standard for environmentally-friendly production methods, the Denali is a staple for every closet. Also, the Patagonia Rain Shadow Trench Coat is a sleek raincoat with technical features that will make a rainy day one to look forward to. This coat features 2.5-layer ripstop nylon with H2No® waterproof/breathable barrier and Deluge® DWR (durable water repellent) finish to keep you dry all Winter.

Head over to for all of your Winter clothing needs. Stay warm and don’t forget to bundle up this Winter.

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World Snowboarding Championships Will Be In Norway

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When Tryvann Vinterpark resort opens for the World Snowboarding Championships in Oslow, Norway in the winter of 2012 it will be sporting a huge expansion that just got approved by the Norwegian government. Norway is getting behind the competition that will surely attract the sports’ best men and women from around the world. Oslo is pumping over 20-million Euro into the project that will be the very first World Snowboarding Championship. TTR founder and pro-snowboarder Terje Haakonsen said that the event was developed with the athletes in mind to become a cornerstone for the sport. You can get more info on the event at and if you are planning on entering the competition or attending, make sure you get all of the essentials in the Rideshop on

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Emu Australia Comes To Zappos

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Emu Australia is dedicated to creating premium quality sheepskin footwear. Founded in 1994 by surf veteran Andrew Raggett, EMU is known globally for its tradition of offering the most comfortable footwear in the world. Emu has expanded its collection with inspired designs and direction for both adults and children, now offering new concepts and use of original Australian design & aboriginal art. Check out the EMU Australia Tundra, a water resistant Australian double-face sheepskin boot with asymmetrical lace positioning that has been engineered to follow the natural curves of the leg. We gladly welcome Emu Australia to


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Slip Into A Pair of Handcrafted Clogs From Sanita

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Since 1907, Sanita® has embraced the Danish word "hygge" (pronounced hue-guh) in the construction of each and every pair of Sanita clogs. Loosely translated, "hygge" means "making everything cozy". Clean design, natural materials and fine craftsmanship are just a few things that make Sanita® clogs so special.

Their Fall collection is their finest collection to date, featuring specially designed soles to create a subtle rocking motion that actually propels you forward. And with a host of styles and colors to choose from, you’ll be fashion forward to boot. The boot styles for women are gorgeously crafted to be versatile for any winter function, indoor or outdoor. Sanita® is coming out with new lines in each of their styles including the much-anticipated Sangria series where urban meets luxury. Check out the full line of Sanita® products on

A Winter One-derland First Birthday Party

If your little one is soon to turn one and it is cold and wintry outside, a perfect theme for your party may be a fabulous Winter One-derland! If it is December, January, or February and you are sure to be throwing an indoor party, here are some ideas to pull this theme together. It will work well if older children will be attending the party. Otherwise, if you want to host a Winter Wonderland party, just drop the play on the words and you have a great party for many ages!

For your invitation, cut out an array of mittens, snowballs, scarves and snowflakes in your party colors and place all of the pertinent information on the cut outs. Use cookie cutters as guides; they can pull double duty later for craft projects or treats.

Another invitation idea is to paint Styrofoam balls with your party colors, for snowballs, and attach a tag with the party details. These invitations will need to be hand-delivered.
For the decorations, use white for one color, for snow of course, and pair it with another color you would like to use as well. Since you are emphasizing the winter time frame, if you go with a 1st Birthday theme, you may want to keep it on the generic side.

• Hang snowflakes from your ceiling at different lengths.
• Decorate the party walls with big snow people that you cut out from large cardboard and other wintry items, i.e. mittens, hats, scarves, etc.
• Cover your furniture with white sheets
• Place Styrofoam packing peanuts around the party room for the snow
• Create the look of a frozen lake by placing clear plastic bags on the floor.
• Place a sign stating, Danger: Thin Ice!
• Hang twinkly lights all over the party room.
• Make snowmen out of balloons; taping three different sizes of balloons together and decorating their faces with markers.

Craft Ideas: Make Snowmen

You will need:
• 1 cup flour
• 1/2 cup salt
• 1 cup water
• 2 Tbs. Veg. Oil
• 1 Tbs. Cream of tartar
• 1/3 cup silver glitter
• 1/4 cup white powdered tempera paint.

Mix all ingredients together. Cook over medium heat, stirring until ball is formed. Knead dough until cool. Provide bowls with bits of cloth, paper, beads, pipe cleaners, felt, etc. Have the guests sculpt their own snow dough snowman and decorate it.

Make Snow Globes: Use baby food jars and fill the jars almost to the top with water and stir in a few drops of glycerin and 1/2 a teaspoon of glitter and star and moon confetti. The glycerin increases the density of the water and causes the glitter to fall slowly. This is a great party goody for the kids to take home!

For Activities:
Hopefully, you will have snow and your party guests can make snow angels, build real snow people, go sledding, go on a winter nature hike and/or simply play in the winter wonderland!

Have a Race to the Pole.

Set up different stations in the party room and have the kids complete a different task at several “places” as they make their way to the North Pole. As example, go to Klondike, where the kids wrap up yarn into a coil, which they take to Greenland, where they dress in heavy winter clothes, to go to the Arctic Circle, where they map their progress by drawing a circle with a compass, and finally reaching the North Pole.

Play Hot Snow Ball as you would “Hot Potato.”

Have a Blizzard. Blow up a large amount of white balloons, e.g. the snow, and provide small fans to the two teams. The purpose is to fan as many of the balloons to their designated goal areas in the room. First team to get the majority of balloons in the designated area wins!

Hide icicles of various lengths around the party area. Have the two teams hunt for as many as many as possible and then, as a team, piece them together. The team to form the longest icicle wins!

For the Menu:
Make Snowman Pizza, using cheese, olives, and other veggies for the toppings!
Make Snowman Pancakes using different sizes of pancakes and have the kids decorate them with chocolate chips.
Pigs in a Blanket, to keep the piggies warm!
Ice Chips: Use any type of chips with a dip
Snowman Crackers: use cream cheese and veggies to decorate.
Make a batch of sugar cookies and cut them out into different winter shapes and have the kids decorate with sprinkles, candy, and frosting.
Serve mud and snow, hot chocolate with whipped cream
Serve little donuts rolled in powdered sugar, mini snowballs.
Serve a Polar Ice Cap. You will need: Blue Kool-Aid, ginger ale, vanilla ice cream, clear glasses, and straws. Refrigerate the Kool-Aid and ginger ale. Fill a glass almost halfway with the blue Kool-Aid. Add ginger ale almost to the top of the glass. Drop in one big snowball (scoop of vanilla ice cream), and enjoy with a straw!
Send home the Snow Globes as the favor!

Holidays At Zappos

What are you thankful for this holiday season? Comment below to let us know!