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Hotdogs! Get Your Hotdogs!

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Our wonderful ZCLT team decided to do "Wacky Weiner Wednesday" last week to thank all the other departments for coming together and helping out during the holiday season and to help answer thousands of customer emails during the security breach.

Hotdogs in the name of team spirit? Sounds good to me!

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Zapponians Go Red for National Wear Red Day

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In honor of American Heart Month and National Wear Red Day on February 3rd, a few Zapponians proudly wore red to work. Our amazing Benefits Team also arranged for free blood pressure screenings and treated the entire Zappos HQ to red-colored foods in our Bistro.

Happy American Heart Month and Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

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Super Awesome Description-December 2011 Winner

The Super Awesome Description award is a way of recognizing a member of the Zappos Development content team once a month. If a product description is particularly witty or creative, anyone in the company can nominate the person who wrote it.  The nominations are then read by other members of the content department and voted upon; the description with the most votes wins. The writer of that description is rewarded with a trophy and a certificate, not to mention recognition from their peers.

Zappos Development, inc.,zappos content team,super awesome description,zappos cultureThe winner for December is Angelina F. Angelina is part of the clothing team and her witty description for the Lucky Brand Café Racer Jacket was too clever to ignore. Congratulations Angelina!

We asked Angelina a few fun questions to get to know her better. Check out her answers below!

What is your biggest Grammar pet peeve?

I used to teach writing and grammar to high school students, so my biggest pet peeve is the use of text message shorthand in formal writing. I can LOL with the best of them, but def not in a professional setting.

What inspired you when writing this description?

My incredibly cool mother and stepfather are avid Harley riders, so they are always my inspiration when I write about moto-inspired looks. Although, to be fair, they are both very punctual people.

What is your favorite Zappos core value?

Pursue Growth and Learning. I love that our culture encourages and celebrates individual growth.  Even better, growth and learning may come from taking one of our Pipeline classes, working through a department progression plan, or just having the freedom to try out that harebrained, but potentially brilliant, idea you just had.  

What's a fact people would be surprised to learn about you?

Even though my stuffed Lewis and Clark are always with me, I have very little interest in that period of American history. My undergrad thesis was actually about Shakespeare and Elizabethan England. The dolls were just a gift from a dear friend who knew I thought they were hilarious.

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Zappos Managers "Arrested" for a Good Cause

For Zappos Alcohol Awareness Week, we continued the tradition of “arresting” our managers to help educate and remind everyone about the dangers of drinking and driving. Remember: A cab ride is way cheaper than a DUI! Always drink responsibly!

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Zapponian Spotlight: Donny G.

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For the first Zapponian Spotlight of 2012, we’re getting to know a little bit about Donny G., a senior User Experience Designer from Zappos Development, Inc.

Donny considers Alaska his home state and moved around the country as a “military brat”.  The self-proclaimed “geek at heart” is also a talented athlete. Donny was an All-American basketball player in college and spent some time playing a little pro ball as well.




Read on to learn more about Donny:

Pick 3 words to describe your personal style

D: Passionate, Determined, Hippie

Who is your favorite musician or band?

D: Dave Matthews Band

Name 3 things you never leave home without?

D: Open mind, kind heart, and my cell phone

If you could have dinner with one famous person, who would it be?

D: Would have been Steve Jobs but now I would say Warren Buffett

What’s the weirdest thing to ever happen to you?

D:  Growing up, for about 3 years straight every holiday (albeit Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving) I ended up in the hospital from things like trying to jump over a car with my bike, playing hockey in the street, tackle football (no pads) with football buddies, etc.

What’s your favorite part about working at Zappos?

The awesome people I get the pleasure of working with!!!

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Goals Coach: Here's to Happiness

Here is your Action Quote For The Week:

Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best.  Strive for excellence, not perfection.” – Musician, Jackson Brown

Your action for this week is to take an area in your personal life where you could be happier.  Ask yourself if you are doing the best you can.  If you are, don’t focus on the results.  Keep putting forth your best effort.  If you’re not, find ways to apply yourself more. 


Core Value #4:  Be Adventurous, Creative and Open-Minded

Core Value #9:  Be Passionate and Determined


Yours in being happier,


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What's Your New Year's Resolution?

Darren walked around Zappos HQ to ask a few folks what their New Year’s resolutions are. What’s YOUR resolution for the coming year?

Happy New Year everyone! See you in 2012!

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A New Year's Eve Wish Granted!

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As part of our Zappos Wishez program, one of the teams in our ZCLT department decided to grant the New Year’s Eve wish of one of their team members, Amber W.

Amber is getting married on NYE day in a simple courthouse ceremony. They wanted to celebrate the special day by watching her and her soon-to-be-hubby’s favorite band NOFX at the House of Blues. So, her team decided to spread some holiday cheer and grant Amber’s wish to make her special day even more memorable!