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Recruiter Spotlight: Kiersten, This Week on @InsideZappos

Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world, she took the midnight train going anywhere…

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Okay, the small town part is true! BUT I am not lonely and it was a 2004 Honda Accord to Las Vegas, Nevada. Ten years ago, this small town girl packed up her bags and headed out west to the glitz and glamour of Vegas. So many stories and such limited writing space but let’s flashback four years ago when my life drastically changed with the introduction of a small, start-up company called Zappos. (Okay, maybe not so small!)


I started with this great company in the Customer Loyalty Team (call center). I then had the amazing opportunity to do a Z’apprenticeship (internal internship) with the recruiting team. To my surprise, they offered me a full-time position after my internship ended. Since then, I’ve had the craziest progression path EVER!


I had the opportunity to work as an assistant and recruiter for numerous departments. Then one day I was asked to join and help build the amazing summer internship program on the college recruiting team. I jumped at the chance and it has forever changed my life. I have always considered myself a hard worker and I enjoyed my job but I never knew I could fall in love with a program and be so passionate about something as much as I have with our College Internship Program. It has been absolutely awesome working with amazing, eager and passionate college students.

#InsideZappos, @InsideZappos, @zappos, inside zappos, summer internship program, Zappos Careers, zappos core values, zappos culture, zappos employees, zappos family, Zappos interns, Zappos Internships, zappos merchandising, Zappos on Twitter, Zappos Recruiters, Zappos Recruiting

We started with 19 amazing interns for the first official internship program in the Summer of 2011 (#zinterns). The program then grew to 30 last summer (#zpc13) and we are looking to have 42 summer interns this year! (We are in the final stages of filling all of our positions as we speak!) This year, we did things a little differently than in years past… okay, completely different. We actually didn’t travel to a single college to recruit interns… say what?!?! Yep, no career fairs, no information sessions and no onsite interviews.


With this new recruiting strategy, every candidate that applies has the chance to complete a virtual interview and technical challenge (in relation to the position they applied for). They are given a couple of weeks to complete both. Once they do, that’s when we kick it into high gear and review their challenges and virtual interviews. Each team narrows their selection down to 3-4 finalists. Those finalists are flown to Las Vegas for a fun and activity-filled two days. They do technical challenges, tour the office, team-building activities and, of course, interview!  And it just wouldn’t be Zappos if there wasn’t a happy hour afterward where we can get to know everyone outside of the office setting!


I will be the #InsideZappos Social VIP this week and the voice of our Twitter Careers page - @InsideZappos. Thankfully, Twitter limits me to 140 characters or I would ramble ridiculously. (I tend to do that!) Thankfully, I will have Jessica Chiu (@ahhchiuuu) as my co-pilot. Jess was part of our very first official internship program (#zinterns), starting as a Merchandising Assistant intern with our Casual Lifestyle team. She is a rockstar and has since received numerous promotions, most recently to Assistant Buyer. Get it girl!


Super excited to represent @InsideZappos and you can also find me at @kiersten34!!

Recruiter Spotlight: Rockne, This Week on @InsideZappos

Picture this. You enter a room full of mismatched colored tiles.  At the end of the hallway, there’s a door. Discovering it’s locked, you decide to turn back around.  But wait! The original door you came from now has a music activated lock? OMG, this place is weird. After playing the password song, the original door opens to a jaw-dropping scene. Everything in this new room is made of sweet treats and sugary delights. Oversized gummy bears and caramel-covered apples hang from trees. Mushrooms covered with whipped cream. Twizzler candies coiled up in fern-like shapes and sizes. Chocolate milk waterfalls adorn the background. This can’t be real… or can it?

To be completely honest, I’ve never come across a place like this unless I’m glued to my TV, watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. In reality, there wouldn’t be such a place. It would attract ants and other bugs. The sugar would probably crystalize over time or just dry out. The realist in me has come to terms that this would probably never happen, yet the feelings I get when I think of such an idea are the same feelings I get here at Zappos.

From the unparalleled focus on customer service and satisfaction, to the opportunities that this company provides to every employee, and not to mention the free happy hours, I constantly question this company’s legitimacy.  Can this be real? Well, in this case, yes it can!

@InsideZappos, @Zappos, inside zappos,zappos core values, zappos culture, zappos employees,Zappos Family,Zappos Recruiters,Zappos Recruiting, Zappos Merchandising, Zappos on Twitter, #InsideZappos, Zappos careers, For five years now, I’ve been part of this amazingly quirky and passionate company.  I’ve been fortunate with many growth opportunities, from customer service to new hire training and now recruiting. Through it all, I’ve realized one thing: When it comes to this company and where you want to go, literally the sky’s the limit.  Each day brings a bountiful amount of challenges, opportunities and rewards. So much so, that you constantly find yourself editing your professional and personal roadmap. Just like the dead end hallway in Willy Wonka, you sometimes realize that a path you may have taken might not be the right one for you and that’s alright. Zappos supports your mistakes and encourages you to turn around and try a different path.

When you find that right one however, you’re not welcomed with gummy bear trees or chocolate waterfalls or even Twizzlers.  Even better, you’re welcomed with the opportunity to love the job you’re doing. Don’t worry though, I promise there’s still chocolate here! Above all, this company makes you realize that the experiences you encounter here will only bring out your very best potential.

Speaking of Willy Wonka, wasn’t that a crazy character?!  So much quirkiness, so much pizazz.  In a strong way, I can definitely identify with him. Seven years ago, I took the chance and moved from Hawaii to Las Vegas to create my vision of who I wanted to become. My eclectic taste in reality shows, music and Spam very much mirrors Wonka’s diverse outlook in life. It’s almost like I’m the quirky carbon copy of Willy Wonka himself. There is one thing, however, that I can’t agree with: that hideous top hat! LOL.

With that being said, I’m super excited to announce that I have the amazing privilege of representing @InsideZappos this week! My job is to share the wacky, the zany and the sometime whimsical environment known as! I promise I’ll try to include my crazy personal antics as well! It’s time to take that leap, open that door and see what #InsideZappos is all about.

First things first! Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Thursday 4/17 at 10am PT / 1pm ET for our next  #InsideZappos Twitter chat, hosted by yours truly, Rockne Henriques @Rockne808 , the Merchandising Recruiter for Zappos and Tyrone Holokai @tyroneholokai, one of our future Fashion Footwear Buyers. We’ll be sharing our Zappos journeys with the world and answering all of your questions.

The best part? We will be joined by all of our recruiters at @InsideZappos. Trust me, you don’t want to miss it! See you there!

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Maui Jim Spreads the Aloha Spirit to Zappos HQ

2,681 miles. That’s the distance that separates the islands of Hawaii from Las Vegas. But at the beginning of this week, the aloha spirit was only yards away when our friends from Maui Jim dropped by to spread a little Hawaiian love to Zappos HQ.

Aloha Spirit, hula, maui jim, Maui Jim polarized sunglasses, maui jim sunglasses, zappos campus, zappos family, zappos hq

The lifestyle eyewear brand handed out close to 500 Maui Jim blue leis, brochures about their amazing sunglasses and flip-flop bottle opener key chains. They also let Zapponians try on the latest styles of Maui Jim Polarized sunglasses to show off their beautiful color clarity and glare protection.

Aloha Spirit, hula, maui jim, Maui Jim polarized sunglasses, maui jim sunglasses, zappos campus, zappos family, zappos hq

The best part of the Maui Jim visit, however, was arguably the three beautiful hula dancers they brought along, accompanied by live Polynesian drum beats! They even did some impromptu hula lessons for brave Zappos employees who didn’t mind getting down Hawaiian style in front of co-workers!

Aloha Spirit, hula, maui jim, Maui Jim polarized sunglasses, maui jim sunglasses, zappos campus, zappos family, zappos hq

A big “mahalo” (thank you) goes out to the Maui Jim Ohana (family) for visiting our campus and spreading the aloha spirit!

Aloha Spirit, hula, maui jim, Maui Jim polarized sunglasses, maui jim sunglasses, zappos campus, zappos family, zappos hq


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Introducing: The New Z-Bistro

Hi everyone! Zappos L.E.A.F. is psyched to introduce you to our brand new “Z-Bistro”! It’s a great addition to our LEED-certified (pending) campus and fits well with our overall sustainability initiatives. To start, we renovated one of Clark County’s oldest libraries into this stunning new employee dining room we call the Z-Bistro.

LEED Certified buildings, LEED Gold Certified office, sustainable workplaces, zappos campus, zappos family, zappos hq, zappos office, Zappos Sustainability

We preserved and refurbished the old concrete floors and wooden ceiling trusses to create an awesome, eye-catching exposed floor and ceiling. We cozied up a traditional looking dining room with comfortable furniture, a reading lounge and warm color tones. When it’s nice outside, Zapponians can hang out on the lighted outdoor patio and enjoy the beautiful desert weather.

LEED Certified buildings, LEED Gold Certified office, sustainable workplaces, zappos campus, zappos family, zappos hq, zappos office, Zappos Sustainability

In an effort to be more sustainable, we implemented numerous initiatives aimed at reducing waste and water consumption. We have washable plates, cups, and utensils that can be washed over and over again in our water efficient dishwasher (a change from our last campus dining room) and for meals “to-go” we provide 100% compostable utensils, cups, plates and bowls.

LEED Certified buildings, LEED Gold Certified office, sustainable workplaces, zappos campus, zappos family, zappos hq, zappos office, Zappos Sustainability

To reduce waste we have single-use napkin dispensers, bulk condiment dispensers and we went trayless to reduce food waste (even though we would have loved to use the trays for sand dune sledding!). We continue to compost our food scraps with a local composter, keeping tons of food scraps out of the landfill by repurposing them for tasty mulch. Most importantly, the new Z-Bistro has transitioned toward healthier and seasonal offerings, including fresh local ingredients; we even started growing herbs in our own backyard herb garden!

These are just some of the awesome features of our new Z-Bistro. We’ll be sharing more updates soon about the sustainable features of the entire downtown campus, so please stay tuned!

Check out more exciting news from LEAF on Twitter: @ZapposLEAF and on Instagram: #zappos_leaf

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Power up! Zappos Supports Electric Vehicles

On June 14, four electric vehicle charging stations officially came online for usage by our employees and guests in the south garage of Zappos’ new LEED® Gold (pending) downtown campus!

As electric vehicles (EVs) have steadily gained popularity over the years, installing these stations was a perfect opportunity to encourage our employees to commute to work in a more eco-friendly manner. Although the big move downtown to the campus is still more than a month away, the chargers have already been put to good use; one of our friends in IT department has been plugging in his Nissan Leaf, while a member of the construction project management team has used the chargers for his Chevy Volt. There have even been sightings of Project 100’s Tesla Model S powering up! 

electric cars, sustainable offices, zappos campus, zappos downtown campus, zappos family, zappos office, LEED Gold Certified office

The four charging stations are also part of Zappos’ commitment to the Department of Energy’s Workplace Charging Challenge, a collaborative initiative to increase the number of U.S. employers offering workplace charging by tenfold by 2018. This means that Zappos will soon be included in their Electric Vehicle Charging Station Location registry, which is widely considered to be the most comprehensive database of charging stations available. But the coolest part is that Zappos is currently one of only 48 companies in the country to join this forward-looking program!

As part of this partnership with the Department of Energy, we also surveyed interested Zapponians on their attitude towards electric vehicles. Results showed that 60% of respondents are considering purchasing an EV, which indicates good things for the future. Another question on the survey asked what they thought about the installation of the four chargers – only 2% considered them a waste of a parking space, while an amazing 55% of saw it as the right thing to do and thought more should be installed.

electric cars, sustainable offices, zappos campus, zappos downtown campus, zappos family, zappos office, LEED Gold Certified office

This all ties in to Zappos’ commitment to a healthier, more livable downtown Las Vegas. Currently, our fleet of vehicles has a compressed natural gas (CNG) powered minivan and moving forward, we’re looking to replace our existing fleet with electric vehicles, as well as hybrids and additional CNG vehicles.

Check out more awesome news from LEAF on Twitter: @ZapposLEAF and on Instagram: #zappos_leaf

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Zapponian Spotlight: Beth M.

Today's Zapponian Spotlight, Beth M., is a ZCLT rep on the graveyard team. So, if you happen to call our customer service lines at night, you just might get Beth helping you on the other line!

We decided to get to know Beth a little bit by asking her a couple of questions:

  zapponian spotlight, zappos customer loyalty team, Zappos customer service, Zappos Family,zappos graveyard team, zappos hq,ZCLT, What brought you to Las Vegas?

B: I was living in Portland, OR and had just lost a job of 8 years. I came here to visit my mom at Thanksgiving, shortly after my Dad had passed away. By the time I left, I decided that there was nothing holding me in Portland, and job opportunities were probably better in Vegas. Plus, I was a little worried about my mom being alone, and I wanted to live closer to her. I moved here in January of 2009, and got hit with the lucky stick by Zappos in August.  Surprisingly, I love it here. I grew up in So Cal, and came here a lot on weekends, but never imagined I'd live here!

What is your favorite musician or band?  

B: I love classic rock, like Santana, the Stones and Eric Clapton. I also love Kid Rock!

What 3 words describe your personality?

B: Silly, off-the-wall, and happy.

What do you like to do for fun?  

B: I'm a home body a lot of the time! I like hanging out with friends, going out to eat, gambling.  I love to garden, too, but all I have is gravel now so everything is in pots.

Working the Graveyard shift means I sleep most of the day, and I'm working when most people are out having fun, like on the weekends.

I really look forward to Zappos events like the awesome picnic we just had because I get a chance to reconnect with my Zappos Family!

What is your favorite core value and why? 

B: #3 - Create Fun and a Little Weirdness!  Anyone who knows me understands why. LOL 

What is your most embarrasing moment?  

B: Actually, not too much embarrasses me. However, I went to a Harvest Festival in Oregon with a friend who was visiting from L.A. There was one of those sling-shot things where you launched a pumpkin and there was a target to hit wayyyy off in the distance.  I was pulling it back really hard for a good launch, when my friend thought it would be a good idea to pull ME back (to help). The minute she pulled me, my feet slipped and I was flat on my back in a pool of mud. When I finally got up, there was a line of people who watched it happen. I was horrified! I had to finish the day walking around with the entire backside of me covered in mud!

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2013 Zappos Peeps Contest

bunnies, easter, easter bunnies,easter candy, Easter fun, Easter Peeps,office fun, peeps,zapponians, Zappos emoloyees,Zappos Family,zappos hq,

Just when we thought last year’s entries for the annual Zappos Peeps Contest couldn’t get any better, this year’s 30 “peeptacular” entries proved us wrong!

In the spirit of Easter bunnies, chicks, marshmallows and all things sugar coated, Zapponians flexed their creative muscles to create some impressive Peeps™ dioramas depicting all kinds of pop culture themes—from Justin Timberlake’s hot new “Suit & Tie” video, to the ubiquitous “Harlem Shake” phenomenon and everything in between!

2013 Zappos Peeps Contest

The grand prize winner went to team S.S. with their ode to the classic Converse Chuck Taylor® All Star® sneakers.

Great job everyone! Can’t wait to see what next spring’s Peeps Contest has in store!

Trish C. Wins MOQ Award

Trish C., a Receiving Exceptions Coordinator, was recently recognized as the recipient of the MOQ (Merchandiser of the Quarter) award for Q4. It is given quarterly to an individual who consistently goes above and beyond what is asked to make everyone's life a little bit easier and a whole lot more awesome.  We caught up with Trish and she shared some thoughts on the award and her shrewd thrifting skills, among other things.  She has a big heart, a warm personality and is a real team player.  It's easy to see why Trish was recognized for the MOQ award!

awards, MOQ award, recognition, zappos campus, zappos content team, zappos culture, zappos employees, zappos family, Zappos Merchandiser of the Quarter Award, zappos merchandisingCongratulations, Trish!  How does it feel to be recognized by your Content peeps?

TC: I love Content!  Each department at Zappos is entwined in some way or another, but I like to think of Content as being one of my closest siblings.  It is such an honor to have them say I’m a superstar!

You are part of a very unique team as a Receiving Exceptions Coordinator.  Can you briefly describe what you do and how it relates to the Content and Merch departments?

TC: Briefly?  Oy.  LOL!  Basically, I communicate very closely with our fulfillment centers to ensure that product that gets stuck in the system somewhere gets resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible.  Product comes in that either wasn’t ordered, doesn’t have a PO (purchase order) attached to it, is the wrong color or isn’t even in our system.  I work with both Content and Merchandising to figure out what it is, why we have it and where it goes.

Share with us the single most crazy-busy day you have experienced so far at Zappos and how you persevered, WOWing those around you.

TC: I am nothing without my Peeps... and the ZCafe!  These are the things that keep me sane.  Crazy-busy day?  With 333 unassigned tickets in our queue, every day is a crazy-busy day!  LOL!

What is the coolest thing you’ve ever acquired from a garage sale?

TC: Probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever gotten at a garage sale would be an electrical insulator bought for $2 that I turned around and sold for $2500!  Wooohoooo!

As a fan of the written word, which book has offered the greatest impact in your life?

TC: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Finally, the big question!  NFL quarterback Peyton Manning, actress Alyson Hannigan and actor Steve McQueen all share a birthday with you.  Of these three, whom would you most like to meet and why?

TC: Steve McQueen would be my choice.  He was a great actor, he drove a motorcycle and he starred in epic films like The Blob (1958)!