Peak Season at Zappos!!!!!

It’s officially peak season here at the Zappos Fulfillment Center, and peak season= craziness. But of course we have some AWESOME Zapponians that will step up and get the job done. We want to highlight our rockin’ Receiving Department and all of their hard work as they kick off the peak season. They truly are superheroes. Great job you guys!

Zappos Fulfillment Center

The Blogs team is responsible for putting content on the blogs page, but that’s not all we do. We are actually known internally as the A/V or “Audio Visual Club” We film product knowledge seminars for our CLT counterparts, as well as create videos for the presentations of our fellow Zapponians. Recently, we were asked by Craig A, our VP of Services and Operations to produce an updated video of our FC to show in the front lobby of our Henderson, NV office. We were happy to do so, and we hope everyone enjoys the new video.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, The Fulfillment Center!

Kentucky Warehouse names their Kiva Robots!

The Kiva robots in our Kentucky Fulfillment center aspire to be Kentucky Derby winners, and also have very unique names. The 70 employees in Kentucky with the longest length of service were given the honor of selecting names for all 70 of the Kiva Robots that we house in our Shepherdsville Facility.